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  1. I wish Callaway offered the MMT 125TX as a custom option. I would buy a set of the new Apex Pro irons with the 125TX soft-stepped. The C-Taper 125 S+ has always fit me best and I think the MMT 125TX soft-stepped would match up really closely to it. I probably will try to go with the MMT 105TX to see if it works anyway though. It’s only a 12g difference in weight, so that shouldn’t throw my tempo off too much. Thoughts?
  2. I love mine! It is so forgiving that I feel like I can swing as hard as I want and not get into too much trouble. I have mine shafted with the Graphite Design TP6-X, 9 degree head set as open as possible with the weight in the toe. I'm a total club 'ho when it comes to irons and putters, but I haven't even tested any other drivers since I bought this over 18 months ago.
  3. Seems like most of the Callaway pros are playing the regular Epic vs the sub zero. When I tried both, I was getting 6 mph faster ball speeds with the regular Epic vs the sz and I have heard the same from many others who have tested both.
  4. Why stand on a towel when practicing putting? I've seen other pros do the same thing.
  5. I really like this concept but would prefer it with a short slant neck like the Gunboat H.
  6. I went to the PLD website https://puttinglab.ping.com to build my own version of that black beauty with the sight dot and all they have available is the standard milled Anser. I'm so disappointed! I wonder if they will offer more models and finishes down the road?
  7. +1 I love the idea of a mallet with some toe hang. Seeing alot of guys going that route like DJ, Day, Thomas, Howell, etc...
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