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  1. Taylormade P790; PXG 0311 series; Callaway Apex Pro; Titleist t200; Mizuno MP20 HMB--pretty much anything listed in the "players distance" iron category.
  2. It just couldn't kick my Sim Max out of the bag. Prefer to sell head only as I currently play the same shaft in my gamer and I'd like a backup. Asking $300 plus actual shipping for the head and extra weight. Will ship with original headcover, wrench, head and extra weight. Please PM with any questions.
  3. I'm thinking something similar, but didn't love the 6 degree gap from P to a 50 degree gap (which is my preference). I also didn't love the five degree gap between the T200 7 iron and the T100s 8 iron (which is because I'm bending the t100s weak to better gap at the top end). This is what I'm thinking of ordering--biggest concern is whether bending the T200 7 iron 2 degrees strong is too much: T100 W (standard 50 degree loft) T100s 8-P (all bent 1 degree weak in loft) T200 7 iron (bent 2 degrees weak in loft) T200 6 iron (bent 1 degree weak in loft) T200 4-5 (standard loft) This makes your loft gaps 50, 45, 41, 37, 33, 29, 25, 22. Thoughts?
  4. Slight variation here. I want to go T100s in 8-gap and T200 in 4-7, but I want to match lofts of my existing clubs (I currently play i200s gapped at 50, 45, 41, 37, 33, 29, 25). To do this, I will need to bend the t200 7 iron 2 degrees strong. Anyone done that? Do you think it will significantly impact playing characteristics? I'm most worried it will launch too high...
  5. Gapping gets a little tricky on these if you split your combo at the 7-8 slot. Thinking of going 4-7 t200 and bending the 7 one degree weak. Then go 8-w in t100s, all bent a degree weak. Then order the standard t100 gap wedge so my wedge gaps are 45-50-54-58. Anyone else do something similar?
  6. Can we get comparison shots between the i59, blueprint and i210 4 irons?
  7. If one of the best ball strikers on tour says the long irons aren't forgiving enough, I'm out. Big miss if that is the case.
  8. So here is what I want to know. Has anyone hit these? Why are they getting play on tour in the 7-W slots, but not in the long irons? Not forgiving enough? Launch too high? Long iron heads not available? If it was i59 short irons and i210 long irons, we could easily conclude it is a forgiveness or launch issue. But i59 short and iBlade long is just a little odd...
  9. jongalt55

    2 ball ten

    I want to like the 2 ball ten so bad--I love the more square shape. But every time I roll one, I can't get over the fact that the balls on the top of the ten look smaller than those on all (5) of the other 2 ball putters I own. Has anyone else had this experience? Has anyone measured the 2 ball ten alignment vs. prior 2 ball putters to see if they are the same size?
  10. 1. Westminster, CO 2. 4.6 3. King Supernova 4. Odyssey Stroke Lab 2-ball 5. Alignment, feel and forgiveness. 6. I agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos.
  11. 1. Westminster, Colorado 2. 4.6 3. Vokey SM7 54 and 58 (I200 set P and U). 4. T-Grind, 58 degrees. 5. I'll test it within a day of arrival and play multiple times within the first week. 6. I absolutely agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos.
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