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  1. 1. Westminster, CO 2. 4.6 3. King Supernova 4. Odyssey Stroke Lab 2-ball 5. Alignment, feel and forgiveness. 6. I agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos.
  2. 1. Westminster, Colorado 2. 4.6 3. Vokey SM7 54 and 58 (I200 set P and U). 4. T-Grind, 58 degrees. 5. I'll test it within a day of arrival and play multiple times within the first week. 6. I absolutely agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos.
  3. So I went and rolled some putts with the various two-ball ten options at PGASS. Is it just me, or do the balls on the ten seem smaller in diameter than the ones on the last several versions of the two-ball fang?
  4. So here's my question. The buzz last year was that Ping shelved it's 2020 releases due to COVID. That would imply that something was ready to release. Are we thinking all they ever planned to release last year was the G425 line and that the i59 (and any i500 and i210 replacement, if different) were always intended for 2021 or later? I just got the impression that they had something in the pipeline that they delayed. And if that's true, it kills me as there is just something that fits my eye about Ping irons, but my i200s are getting very, very long in the tooth...
  5. same (plus or minus 1 mph) swing speed on both. That's why I'm so blown away by the difference. Just shouldn't be a 5mph ball speed difference on a good for good comparison...
  6. My G425 max came a week and a half ago. Finally got to hit it this weekend side by side with my SIM Max (same shaft, same loft setting) on our Club's indoor trackman. Ping launched and spun noticeably lower and was consistently 3-5 mph slower ball speed on good strikes. That's 6-10 yards of distance lost... Anyone else seeing this kind of slow face on the Ping?
  7. Did anyone look at the launch monitor data for the MGS test? The data set is essentially at 140 mph ball speed. Launch angles and spin are both generally too low for that speed. Wondering why they didn't get these testers into a little more loft to address that issue...
  8. Right now the Gen 3 irons are $200 a stick on PXG's website ($240 if you want any shaft other than the elevate or elevate tour). You think we'll see that number drop to, say, $150 or $175 when the Gen 4 actually become available?
  9. Where is the PGA Superstore you saw this at? Not on their website yet... Did they have the ten with the two ball alignment system?
  10. Your local green grass shop should be able to submit a custom order. Our pro shop put mine in for me. Expected ship date of 2/22...
  11. Anyone have any ideas about when this might be available to the public?
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