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  1. Hello folks, looking to sell a few putters. Possible trade w/b Ping G25 4 wood. Bettinardi Queen bee # 9. In very good condition 33" with a Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0 and head cover. Looking for $SOLD TM Spider Tour Platinum. In very good condition, 33" with Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 with head cover. Looking for $Sold. . Odyssey Versa # 9. Used many rounds with many good strokes remaining, 33" with Super Stroke 3.0 and a functional Odyssey head cover. Let's try $60. Lastly, a Scotty Red X. Again, used many rounds, but still lots of life. I believe 35" and
  2. I was in local GG today rolling Spider putters. Decided to pull the trigger on red limited w/sight line. GG only had 35' in store, so I tried to special order a 33" putter. However, to my surprise (and GG sales rep's also), special orders are not an option. You can buy the putter in 35"..... or ......35". Now I know why they named the putter.....Limited !! Apparently, my only option, and what the GG sales rep recommended, was GG simply cut the putter down to 33" and re-install the grip. So, my question.....is it really that simple.....that is what the club tech folks on here would do
  3. I believe TP vs non-TP is in the shaft. This head, paired with the TP shaft I have listed is considered a TP model. However, considering the head only, one cannot classify it as a TP version....then again....a head onlyTP version does not exist...in my understanding.
  4. Looking to sell several items that have been sitting in closet for too long. Continental US only. Trade interest Kuro Kage tini 60 stiff or Callaway Apex hybrid 23. First item Graphite Design AD-DI 7x. From R1 I bought on BST. Looking for SOLD Next item is Titleist 816 H1 23 hybrid w/stiff stock Fujikura Morore Speeder. Very clean head and face. Looking for SOLD Next is SLDR mini head 14 degree. Along w/head, I have pulled x-stiff TP Fujikura Motore Speeded 77 gram shaft. Looking for $55 for head and $40 for shaft. Finally a Versa #9 33" w/Superstroke 3.0.
  5. Adams CMB's. Beyond clubs, I have picked up interesting suggestions....Players Towel, money clip & foot powder spray as impact tape.
  6. Once you start down the road of change it is difficult to turn back. I was in same situation last year...... 4 hndcp hitting R7 Superquad. With all the new drivers out there I just felt the need to change. Went to 2 different fitters (as 1 only sold Wishon equipment). Started with 913 D3, then tried R1 now I am putting a RBZ Tour through a trial run. I have come to the conclusion that I will never find the feel of the R7 Superquad. The mfgrs are all after low spin and with low spin comes a hard, muted feeling feedback. I do believe the new drivers go further and that is why it is diffi
  7. I have the 17* XTD. I have x stiff custom shaft in it. . Like everyone is stating, it is a monster. I absolutely love the club.
  8. [quote name='Oriole05' timestamp='1378154171' post='7786857'] MP 60's? [/quote] Yeah....was running out of my pic quota after creating post title. Looking for $150 for 3-pw with s300 shafts. I will PM you with more detail.
  9. Cleaning out the closet to make room for some new stuff!! All prices are shipped - Cont US First item is a very nice C-130 Cart bag SOLD !! I bought this from GG in late May 2013. It has seen 20ish rounds. I joined another group that walks 9 holes during the week while regular group rides on weekends. So, I need to flip between old carry bag and C-130 cart bag and I am tired of messing with this change. Bag is in very good condition with only a few spots showing slight wear/usage. I am looking for $xxx SOLD for the C-130 shipped. Second is a TM - Ghost Spider S ****SOLD****. T
  10. [quote name='simple36' timestamp='1372908323' post='7385440'] Any Trade interests? [/quote] Sent you a PM about trade interest.
  11. I need to clear some space to buy more stuff !! My first post on BST, so bear with me please? MP29 set - 2-PW ( $225 ). All I can say is that the feel of the 29's is incredible. They are in the condition one would expect after many years of play. The 8 iron is the worst of the lot with faded chrome on the face. Shafts - DG S300 with varying grips (see pics). MP60 set - 3-PW ( $250 ). 60's are also a great set of irons, great feel, but not like the 29's, however more forgiving. Also what you would expect after many rounds. DG S300 shafts. Grips GP New Decade MC's 4-PW and GP Tour v
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