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  1. Can a strong right hand grip effect your swing plane? I’m battling hooks/snap hooks and noticed my right has was in a very strong (rotated to right) position. It might have been a coincidence, but it was pointed out to me my swing went from pretty flat to more upright. It felt awkward but the results were much better. Was hoping for any knowledge or effects a strong right grip my have. Thanks for any insight.
  2. Thanks for the response. I guess I was looking to compare it to the lower spinning drivers like the M5 Tour and TS4. But you’re right, it does sound like it’s lower spin than M5.
  3. TheMoneyShot - did you find the SIM to be a low spin driver? Curious how the spin compared to the TS4.
  4. MCC Align Goal: to be more consistent with shot shape and accuracy with help from better alignment grips.
  5. Great report. I was skeptic after looking at the soles. Just looks like nothing is there to grip.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. If you notice any cons as you play, please share your thoughts.
  7. Tried these on recently and wow are they comfortable. However, the new spikeless design on theses shoes are different. Any feedback or reviews with how these shoes grip on the course? Thanks
  8. Surprised there hasn't been more talk about these shoes. Look nice but haven't found my size in store yet. Any reviews for those that might have played some rounds in them?
  9. Current Grip? Golf Pride New Decade Multi-compound Current Handicap? 11.2 Location (City, State)? St Charles, IL If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing Golf Pride ALIGN review thread? -Yes, Thank you
  10. Thanks to all for your reviews. Please keep them coming. For those with a mevo, are you finding the information to be less, equal, or more accurate then other products such as sc200 and es12? Thanks
  11. Unfortunately the rogue shaft I acquired doesn't have the adapter, so have to add one.
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