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  1. The path beyond Minimalism. No pic needed. Only 1 Club. And no bag. 3 balls and 3 tees.
  2. That's 6 too many. How you liking the Jones bag?
  3. What the what? Pure, you're not a Nike Fanboy? That's cold. You just made MT and DF cry. Even Dre is speechless. He can't even type.
  4. Where are you finding these great deals? I'm really gonna miss not seeing to next proto RZN ball or forged blades. Good thing I have 3 sets of VR Pros. Looking forward to seeing how the long neck turns out. Congrats.
  5. A 3 year supply of RZN Proto sounds ridiculously awesome. Where can I sign up for that? + Maybe a 340g 006 or Origin without a sightline.
  6. Rory is searching. Putting is all about feel and visuals. Swoosh or no swoosh I hope he finds something. And goes on a winning streak.
  7. I would think the Nike Vapor Fly Pro LE would be a great fit. One of the nicest drivers Nike has made. Would go great with a Dot ball.
  8. Dave Stockton please help him figure this out. Long game was epic. http://www.golfdiges...-low-experiment
  9. I really hope the logo free hats are a sign of what's coming. Classic VR Pro shape with a black Swoosh in brushed satin. + Hidden Modern Muscle geometry and tech.
  10. Hat'tastic. Picked up the White. The blue is a little conductor like.
  11. After putting with the Anser TR 1966 here are a few observations in comparison to my Anser Milled 0. Sound is lower pitched than the Milled. Less of a click. Also feedback is a bit more muted. Very smooth feeling with great roll. The topline is slightly thicker. It's very close in shape to the Nike Method 006 Prototype. The bronze will take some getting use to. Might be an issue with glare in bright sunlight. It's shorter heel to toe and wider than the Milled with the bumpers being more rounded. SW are nearly identical. As is toe hang. The tri sole doesn't work very well for me as I like to
  12. After driving the green on 3 making Eagle could have started "The Chase". He's very close. + The pressure to complete the career slam must be staggering.
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