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  1. Mistwood Saturday afternoon. The course, as usual, is in great condition. The only “problem” we’re the spike marks around the flags, but that’s to be expected at that time. Another case of few too many bad swings. On a bright note, the “Kelpie’s Korner” was really good to me this time. Stuck a 7i to 3 feet on 14, cut the corner on 15 and had 195 to the pin. Smooth 6i later, I was pin high above the hole and 2 putted for a birdie. Ho hum par on 16 and a little mishap on 17 (bogey), but I don’t remember the last time I played this stretch 1-under. Our annual match play
  2. Got out to Ruffled for an after work quick 9, or as it turned out, 13. Course is in surprisingly good shape, with only one hole (6) being noticeably wet. With the exception of a chunky chip on 1 (resulting in bogey), everything else worked as well as ever. After the aforementioned bogey on 1, proceeded to play 2-8 in 3 under. Hit a perfect drive on 9, only to push fade the approach 8i way right. Third shot - the Philly Mick special - went over the green on the other side. Chip, putt, putt - double . So much for going under par on front - 36. What happened on back 9 …. will stay on ba
  3. Miserable day at Lost Marbles. Got lucky and it stopped raining for a stretch of 3-4 holes on the back. Of course I never invested in rain gloves, so i was more worried about hanging onto the club than hitting the ball. One of the guys in our group wasn’t so lucky - there’s a 2i laying in the junk somewhere behind a tee box on front 9. My bag transformation is almost complete, and the lone holdout is a 3H Adam’s hybrid. The latest addition - the Pure-Track putter is a beaut….
  4. Just the way picture came out - IIRC it's playing around ~45".
  5. And just like that - there were 13 of them in my bag . The Adams 3h has been behaving for now, so it might just stick around for a while.
  6. Got out to Heritage Bluffs this afternoon. Such a fun course - I’m surprised I’ve only played it couple times (none in the past 10 years or so). Course was surprisingly dry - no standing water anywhere (even bunkers), no carts restrictions, etc…. Not bad for $59 on a Saturday (early) afternoon. Played pretty well tee to green, except for couple flyers (how did this 7i fly 185 ) which resulted in doubles. Unfortunately, couldn’t buy a putt to save my life. Of course, it’s the arrow not the Indian - new putter is being built by wonderful folks at Golfworks as I’m typing this. When
  7. Putter has been released to production - yay! As far as hybrid goes - I think I’ll hold off a bit. On a whim, decided to reach deep into my stash of old(er) clubs and pulled out the Adam’s Idea Pro 3h. Bingo - for now!
  8. Quick 9 at Ruffled this afternoon. Course is soaked, but the greens were surprisingly quick. Want to destroy a course? Send out your maintenance crew to mow the fairways - right after few days of rain .
  9. Did you check out Bobak’s Signature Events in Woodridge (right by Seven Bridges)?
  10. They should definitely offer a “premium pak” with the neck. As far as stock shaft goes - yeah, I noticed the 1/4” offset is in stock. I’ll be calling them shortly.
  11. Placed the order for the PTM5 putter - and of course the “stock” shaft is on back order till middle of August. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk them into an “upgrade” - even if I have to spend extra few $$$.
  12. How's the distance of the 21*? I assume it's longer than the 21* 4i TS-2 (assuming the same swing). I love hitting the 4i off the tee on any hole under ~370-380, usually leaving me with an 8-9i or less for the second shot, but wouldn't mind getting something that'll give me comfortable ~210-220 (carry). Too bad a 3i is not offered in the TS-2. 21* KE-4 TC or 3i TS-1.... Decisions, decisions, decisions..... Oh, almost forgot - the PTM5 pak is $99!
  13. The Brute this morning. Course is in decent shape, but the bunkers have a LOT of pebbles in them, which was kind of weird. No matter how hard I tried, I could not figure out the greens. The downhillers were lightning quick (not surprising, due to the greens’ slope), but the uphill putts were painfully slow. Didn’t make anything over 5’, and missed couple 3 footers. Way too many 3 putts. Very frustrating, since I think I figured out my driver (yeah, sure!), and only had couple loose tee shots.
  14. Once you’re on, you’re on. Our round took 5 hours 20 minutes, but to be honest - it didn’t feel this long.
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