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  1. I think it has to do with the length - it’s pushing 7000 from the tips, and if you look at any course around that length, they’re all rated pretty high. But I agree - the rating is close to Ruffled Feathers, and there’s no way BA is as hard as RF. Speaking of RF - took advantage of some nice weather this afternoon. Teed off on 1 at 4:15, but ran into a 2-some on 3. After waiting what seemed like forever on 4, hopped on the back 9 and played it in 1:15. Finished right at 6... Course continues to be in good shape - the low areas of fairways were pretty wet, but otherwise no
  2. Old Oak this afternoon.... “Little” windy, but otherwise quite pleasant. Tito’s and Arnie kept us nice and warm. Course is in great shape - the greens were lightning quick, rolling at least 11-12. We teed off at 1:20pm, and judging by the number of cars in the parking lot, I was afraid we were going to cut it close. Surprisingly, even though it seemed like we waited to hit every single shot, we finished in 4:10. Had probably best day driving the ball (despite the wind), but the rest of the game didn’t comply. Highlight? Hit driver, 7i to the middle of the green on par 5 5th. 2 putts la
  3. Got a call yesterday to play Midlothian CC today at 4pm. Being a nice guy, I figured - why not! With only 2+ hours of daylight, I didn’t think we’d get all 18 holes in, but all was well - played front 9 in an hour (2-some) and after running into some traffic on the back, finished in 2.5 hours. The course is in great condition, but the greens were punched recently (small tines). Speaking of the greens - FAST! Had to be running at least 12 or more. Played like a donkey for most of the round (my range finder battery died and pacing off the yardage doesn’t work - at least for me). Highlig
  4. Played Bolingbrook yesterday morning. Yup - it was cold and windy... Course is in great condition - with some of the nicest greens I played all year long (except the fact some ****** in front of us had to be doing pirouettes around the flagstick).
  5. Bolingbrook tomorrow morning - hopefully the weather will cooperate. It’s been few years since I played it, so should be fun.
  6. PSA!!!! PSA!!!!! To all Costco/KSig 3-piece ball aficionados - it appears the ugly stepsister that followed “THE BALL” is being cleared out. Stock up while you can!
  7. If they did that or WHEN that tree is gone, they might as well turn the hole into a par-4. It would be almost as tough as 5h hole.
  8. Absolutely! Coincidently, hit my best driver of the day, almost running through the fairway on the other side of the “hump”. Nothing like hitting a gap wedge from 125 into a par 5. Too bad I missed the “sweet spot” on the green by couple yards - my yellow ball almost rolled into the hazard.
  9. Last minute 9 at Ruffled Feathers. Got home at 4:10, and was standing on the tee box at 4:25. Since the front was littered with singles/doubles, I asked the ranger if I could play the back, (the course was otherwise pretty empty AND all of my quick 9s have been on the front 9). Played pretty well until the last 3 holes, where some bad luck and poor club selection resulted in bogies - 38. As has been the case this year, the course altogether is in great shape. The walk across the street and back still sucks, though. View from the 15th tee - they sure could do some trimming.
  10. After watching the “masterpiece” by Bears and conclusion of US Open, decided to get quick 9 at Ruffled Feathers. Went out as a single at 5:20 and finished in just under 1.5 hours. Since our league conclusion is this coming weekend at Dubs, I decided to head to the furthest teeing ground on every hole. What a different course it is from there. The only club I didn’t use was my 3h (hate that thing) - otherwise went through the entire bag. Course dried up quite nicely, the greens were relatively quick and rolled true (considering the time of the day).
  11. I played there couple weeks ago. It’s not a bad layout, with some decent holes throughout. Conditions are generally pretty good, as well. You do need to be careful, though - errant tee shots are basically “goners” on quite a few holes. Also, IMO - it plays shorter then the stated yardage.
  12. Got a chance to play the jewel of Lockport - no, not Big Run - the one and only Lockport Golf Club. For those not familiar with the course, it’s a 9 hole private course, measuring whopping 2700+ yards from the “tips”. Oh, boy.... where do I start??? The greens were running anywhere between 5 and 8 on the stimp, The fairways were actually decent, but rough was probably faster then the greens. The tee boxes? Well - after a while I stopped using my “good” plastic tees, since on few occasions I was unable to pull them out, especially when using an iron off the tee. We played the 9 twice
  13. I would just get a foursome to eliminate the possibility of being paired up with some undesirable(s) ?.
  14. This was only the 3rd time I’ve played it, so I don’t have any strong feelings about it, but i can see how it can cause some strong emotions especially when the pin is in the back left corner.
  15. Harborside Port yesterday morning. Weather was perfect, the driver - not so much. Course is in good condition and the greens were running about 10. The “signature” anchor hole played 170 and thankfully the pin was on the right side. After a spectacular snap hook into the left side of the “anchor”, pulled off a Philly Mick’s special flop shot to about 3’ and walked away with a par. Unfortunately, 3 doubles from the middle of the fairway and no birdies left me with an 82.
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