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  1. I usually stick with what works, but sign me up for some TS4s.
  2. Great afternoon @ Oak Park CC. Course is in fantastic shape, despite fairly recent aeration of fairways and greens, which were not terribly fast (maybe 9-10), but rolled very true. Bunkers were probably the finest I’ve played all year, with plenty of white sand. In typical fashion, played pretty solid golf (wind and temperature were definitely a factor). Essentially 3 3 putts on front (2 were off the fringe) and 2 birdies on par 3s (here’s a shocker), left me with a 37. Not bad for first time playing the course (although my boss, the member, gave me a pretty good scouting report on every hole). Not sure if it was the accumulation of Zombie Dust, or just typical brain farts, made couple terrible swings on back 9, which resulted in a double (short par 3) and a triple (18) - 42, for another meh 79. Ruffled is free to play all day for Arcis Prime members - let’s see how long the weather is going to cooperate. Interesting tidbit of information - at the end of the season, the driving range is converted into a trap shooting range. Not typical to hear shotguns blasting when you’re hitting your shots .
  3. Looks like the weather is going to cooperate tomorrow, so our “outing” at Oak Park CC is on. Teeing off at 1:10, so should be able to finish.
  4. We were supposed to play Oak Park CC today (small company outing - 2 foursomes), but unfortunately the weather won’t cooperate. Always willing to play private courses on someone else’s dime.
  5. Would have, could have, should have…. That about sums up our afternoon round at Prairie Bluff. Course is in very good condition, with greens running about 9-10. Started out strong and was 2 under through 7, bogeyed 8 (stupid, after great drive), and parred 9 for a 1 under 35. That was about it - didn’t make a single par on back 9 - couple birdies coupled with 6 bogeys and a triple () - 43.. Bad swing after bad swing - ill blame it on the 4 or 5 IPAs I consumed during the round. Pace was decent - 4:20, but I expected better. There was a foursome in front of us that included a lady (wife/girlfriend, I assume) that generally took about 4 or 5 swings before getting out of the firing range. Oh - did I mention the weather? Simply PERFECT, with mild 1 club wind (it’s always windy at PB).
  6. Silver Lake North early afternoon. Probably the longest 4:40 round of my life - felt like 5:30+. Basically, every time we pulled up to the next tee, the group in front of us was either just teeing off or still waiting to tee off. Just your run of the mill weekend round of golf. Course was pretty soft - lots of mud balls off the tee. Greens were also quite shaggy and soft - running maybe 8-9. Game is still in mid season form - playing well, and all of the sudden bad decision after bad decision. Result? 1 double, 1 triple, 2 birdies and a 78.
  7. Some last minute golf at Ruffled Feathers. Teed off as a single at 4:15 (hole 10) and got around the front in 1:20. Having another hour or so of daylight left, decided to see how many holes I could get in before darkness. What do you know - finished the front in 1:10, but on the last hole couldn’t even see where the flag was from 150 yards out. Greens were in pretty good shape (maybe 10-ish), and downhillers were rolling out more than usual. One gripe - the fairways were mixed bag. Some were quite firm, but most were soaked to the point that a well struck drive would hit and roll out a whopping 1-2 yards. Average heart rate for the round - 120, with peak of 137 .
  8. We played the Bull, Meadow Valley, and Erin Hills earlier this year. For the money, the Bull is a no brainer and definitely worth playing. MV is nice (some holes on the back are quite interesting), but I’m not sure it’s worth the price of admission (we took carts).
  9. Last minute decision to play this morning, and the pickings were rather slim for early morning tee time - Broken Arrow to the rescue. Teed off at 7:30am and finished in 3:55, which was rather shocking. Course was in decent condition, but for Christ sake - turn the freaking sprinklers down a notch or 10. The balls landing on greens with any velocity would leave craters as ball marks. Bunkers? Haha…. Even though they were groomed, they looked like mud pits. I actually came home with wet shoes. Game was off to say the least, even though I only hit couple loose tee shots. 3 putts galore (tough to judge uphill 50 footers with dew and wet greens). Only one birdie on 9 south).
  10. Dubsdread yesterday. Course was in ok condition tee to green - my only beef was with the bunkers. Not sure when was the last time they were groomed, but despite having plenty of sand in them, they felt like hard pan (bounced the wedge couple times, resulting in screamers over the green). What a start to the round, though. Hit the opening tee shot OB right (didn’t think it was possible to hit the ball that far off line, but I managed). Reload wasn’t that much better, but playable. Once the dust settled, carded a smooth 9. Note to self - if you’re going to miss at Dubs, miss short, Added another triple on 8 and a bogey on 9 would have put me at 50 for a first time in a VERY long time. Luckily, my driver woke up and hit driver /4W pin high into the green side bunker, almost holed out for an eagle and had to settle for a birdie - 48 - yikes! Things did get better on the back and if it weren’t for couple bad club choices should have shot even par or maybe 1 under. 2 birdies and an all world par save on 18 - 38. The tale of 2 very different 9s continues. Oh - did I mention the weather? PERFECT!
  11. Cog #2 last Saturday - surprisingly, the course was in decent condition and the greens were actually rolling close to double digits (it not right at 10). Just finished afternoon 9 at Ruffled Feathers - again, course is vey playable with greens (while pretty beat up in the afternoon) still rolling right around 10. Played solo - teed off at 5:10pm and finished in 1:45. Still struggling with “swaying” in the backswing, but made a conscious effort not to - results were encouraging, with only couple loose shots. Our bi-weekly league’s season ending tournament at Dubs this Saturday. No chance to win it all, but pending disaster, should finish third.
  12. Per Britt’s post on their forum, they’ll be releasing a Maltby stand bag in October.
  13. While the TS3s look promising, my next purchase will be a carry bag that they’re supposedly releasing within a month or so.
  14. RE: PTM5 putter - I’ve always been a “budget” golfer, who never spent more than $100 on a putter, so it’s tough to compare it to some of the higher end ($$$) putters, but this thing is SOLID. It’s stupid easy to align, and the feel is incredible. Reading Popeye’s posts, it looks like our games are very similar - if I could putt, I could probably be scratch or better.
  15. I’ve had the KE4 TC driver in my bag for over a year (replaced a trusty R11). I had an old Rapport Projec R TW6535x shaft that I really liked years ago in an FT3, so I put it in. The combo might spin a little too much on occasion, but with a good swing it’s a canon. I don’t hit the ball very high, so I have it set at (IIRC) 11*, 1* open. My good swing is a little over 110mph, with ball speed in the low to mid 160s (again, solid contact). Iirc, you’re in Chicagoland - if you’d like to try it out, shoot me a pm. I’m hanging around Cog/Ruffled Feathers.
  16. Pleasant afternoon 9 at Ruffled. Teed off at 5:30pm and knowing it was going to be slow (at least for a single), decided to play the “tips” (read: did’t feel like teeing off with an iron on half the holes). Finally birdied the first hole, but that was about it. Wasn’t wrong about the pace - after the first hole wound up waiting to hit almost every single shot. Course was pretty wet in spots (so were the bunkers) and greens were rolling quite a bit slower than in the past. Finished in 1:50 - 2 birdies and 4 bogeys (missed 3 foot slider on 9th) for a so so 38. Our league’s next tournament is in couple weeks(Cog #2), so with the long weekend ahead, looks like more afternoon RF for me. Gotta put that Arics Prime membership to good use.
  17. Yeah, that was a total head scratcher. Despite driving the ball really well, decided to take out the fairway finder -4i and promptly pushed it into junk on right. Drop. Next shot - bunt 6i to get the ball inside 200. Nope - snap hook right into the junk in left. Drop. Frustration 3h resulted in another aqua ball and another drop. What a great game.
  18. Couple spectacular crashes over the weekend. Friday at Old Oak - 35/44. Sunday at Harborside Port - 37/45, which included 10 on 18 .
  19. Got out to RF for quick afternoon 9. Course is in pretty good shape and greens were rolling surprisingly well. After an obligatory bogey, bogey start, turned it up a notch and finished the remaining 7 holes 3 under for a smooth 1 under 35. Could have been better, but left makable 15’ eagle putt on 4 and another 15’ birdie putt on 9 foot short . I’ve been fighting a double cross most of the year, and remembered a tip I got from our caddie at Erin Hills about gripping the club (my left hand tends to be too weak and my right too strong). What a difference it made - every tee shot after the “enlightenment” moment was a nice 5-10 yard draw. Our club’s BIG tournament this Friday at Old Oak (73 last year only got me second place) and our bi-weekly golf league starts playoffs on Sunday at Harborside.
  20. Wilmette tomorrow afternoon. I think I played it once or twice, but can’t remember a single thing about the course. Played Ruffled Feathers yesterday. There was an outing right in front of us, so not surprisingly the round took almost 5 hours. Luckily we started at ~2:50 - I guess only 1 or 2 foursomes got a chance to finish after us. My game is a complete mess. Literally nothing is working! Only positive was the birdie on 15, promptly followed by a triple on 16.
  21. Mistwood Saturday afternoon. The course, as usual, is in great condition. The only “problem” we’re the spike marks around the flags, but that’s to be expected at that time. Another case of few too many bad swings. On a bright note, the “Kelpie’s Korner” was really good to me this time. Stuck a 7i to 3 feet on 14, cut the corner on 15 and had 195 to the pin. Smooth 6i later, I was pin high above the hole and 2 putted for a birdie. Ho hum par on 16 and a little mishap on 17 (bogey), but I don’t remember the last time I played this stretch 1-under. Our annual match play (2 vs 2 scramble) yesterday at Broken Arrow. Unfortunately I lost (couple stupid bogeys and bulky putter), but overall our team came out victorious 6.5 - 2.5. Course was in very good shape. Unless I sneak out during the week to Ruffled, looks like next round will be at Palmira.
  22. Got out to Ruffled for an after work quick 9, or as it turned out, 13. Course is in surprisingly good shape, with only one hole (6) being noticeably wet. With the exception of a chunky chip on 1 (resulting in bogey), everything else worked as well as ever. After the aforementioned bogey on 1, proceeded to play 2-8 in 3 under. Hit a perfect drive on 9, only to push fade the approach 8i way right. Third shot - the Philly Mick special - went over the green on the other side. Chip, putt, putt - double . So much for going under par on front - 36. What happened on back 9 …. will stay on back 9. Mistwood tomorrow early afternoon, and Broken Arrow on Sunday.
  23. Miserable day at Lost Marbles. Got lucky and it stopped raining for a stretch of 3-4 holes on the back. Of course I never invested in rain gloves, so i was more worried about hanging onto the club than hitting the ball. One of the guys in our group wasn’t so lucky - there’s a 2i laying in the junk somewhere behind a tee box on front 9. My bag transformation is almost complete, and the lone holdout is a 3H Adam’s hybrid. The latest addition - the Pure-Track putter is a beaut….
  24. Just the way picture came out - IIRC it's playing around ~45".
  25. And just like that - there were 13 of them in my bag . The Adams 3h has been behaving for now, so it might just stick around for a while.
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