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  1. Thanks to all that voted in the poll!! Results will be published next week.
  2. We are troubleshooting this now and hope to have it resolved soon. Very sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Please ignore this comment. Testing some UI flows.
  4. Hello - Commenting bug fix has been implemented and you should be able to post without the workaround again. Very sorry for the inconvenience. -Aaron
  5. Hi All - Wanted to clear this up for everyone. SSL (https) will be put in place on the Front Page (http://www.golfwrx.com) within one week. It is already in place for the forums https://forums.golfwrx.com).
  6. Thank you for the descriptive information. Can you confirm that you are using the mobile theme on your tablet? As a quick way to tell if you're not sure, the mobile theme uses the color blue a lot. Also, what tablet (iOS or Android) are you using? If you are using the mobile theme there is a temporary work around; you can switch to using the full site on your tablet and then sign in. Once signed in you can switch back to the mobile theme if you prefer.
  7. To rule out any link issues here is the full url for the reporting form: http://www.golfwrx.com/bad-ads/
  8. Hello - Sorry for the trouble. We are actively trying to hunt these down. The more information you can provide the better. We have created a form with one of our ad partners to help with this. It can be found HERE. --Aaron
  9. We are chasing them down. Should be a lot better now than it was, but please report back if you continue to see them. I know it's a pain but if you can also grab a screenshot and/or url that would be a huge help. Thank You.
  10. Noted. Thank you for the feedback. A fix has been implemented but may take a little bit to reflect as the css file is typically cached.
  11. Hello - Thank you for your feedback. We have every intention of dedicating a channel for each of our "shows". They are currently all under the one GolfWRX Radio umbrella while we explore options for how to best do that. Can I ask: what platform do you utilize to listen to the podcasts? We are currently publishing them to: iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play and a few smaller platforms. Curious to learn how listeners prefer to tune in. Thanks again for the feedback!
  12. This was in fact a separate issue. A fix has been implemented but please let us know if it shows up again. The screenshot is very much appreciated!
  13. Hello - We have applied a fix for this issue. Thank you for letting us know about it.
  14. noted; implemented. thank you for the feedback. :nyam:
  15. Thank you for the feedback! We'll be refining some things over the coming weeks so be sure to keep checking back. ;) The white space is designed to hold an ad unit so will have to look more into that to find out why it's just blank for you. As for the links or menu: To make the most out of limited screen space on mobile devices there is a link to the left of our logo in the top "bar" that looks like three horizontal lines. Clicking that will open up the navigation menu for you. *for anyone else reading this here that might be wondering what the heck we're talking about; these upgrades are
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