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  1. Yup, it's as good as it can be. Fall is always its best time vs spring and def summer, which is always a rough time.
  2. The Srixon F45 3W is 160ish cc but they have a fixed hosel F45 Tour from 3-4 years ago that was a Japanese release which was smaller, or so I thought. I have one, it definitely has a smaller footprint than most others on the market.
  3. And yes, I have mixed irons... TEE 3i, Fly Z 5-6, TM MB 7-PW
  4. Still gotta fix that alignment/camber but my new wheelz...
  5. But did the listing contain pictures of your bare toes?
  6. Golf Galaxy and Dicks just took over like half of Fair Oaks Mall, where the old Lord and Taylor (?) was next to where the old Sears was, now Dave and Busters. Did they not get the Golfsmith memo?
  7. I leave for like 2 years and y'all still couldn't fix the BST? Ugh. "I know your listed price is $100, but will you take $37.93 shipped overnight to Hawaii? That's all I have in my PP and I need your club that I've never tried and have no idea about for a big tournament tomorrow"
  8. Hmmm....it's a one hour drive to 2nd Swing but it might be worth the trip just to unload extra clubs and pick a few things up vs dealing with the BST/eBay, shipping, etc. What's their trade-in rate like?
  9. Don't hate, it takes excellent awareness to feel a sh*nk with a foam ball.
  10. You know that's not how it works... I need to have a new club first, then I'll be like... oh, I really want to use this on the golf course not foam balls in the basement...
  11. We wanted to go with Sleep Number but ironically couldn't find the "feel" we wanted. In other news, anyone try this last generation of Cobra King utility irons? Sounds like TM, Ping, etc is where it's at now. Asking for a friend.
  12. +3 for Tempurpedic here, very happy with it. Definitely paid a premium, but like toilet paper and tires, it's worth spending a little more for something good.
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