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  1. I stuck with S400 in my wedges mostly out of familiarity. I have a Tour V Wedge shaft in a spare 60 deg and it's fine, but not enough of a difference for me to switch all my wedges.
  2. And I can't believe all these years working in DC and I've never played EPP. I've run around it many times though haha.
  3. Unless you want go fishing too, I hear the you get some decent sized fish around there after rain and at the changing of the tide.
  4. Very cool to see hidden gems like that. Also, that ballwasher looks like it could take half your hand off if you're not careful. I thought Postage Stamp might be inspired by Royal Troon, but it's actually pretty different. "AO water glass" might be an apt name, as you say. https://www.royaltroon.co.uk/the-courses/old-course/hole-8-postage-stamp/
  5. And you still gotta ask for 5x refils because you keep finishing the water, and every time they fill them, they give you more ice...
  6. @ALTSean @Ocgolfrick so sort of the opposite of TGIFridays/Chilis/Ruby Tuesdays/insert any chain here, where they give you those 30 oz red plastic cups with 80% ice 20% water...
  7. I looked it up and I have indeed been to Amber Ox. You're right, the beer was not memorable, but the food was good.
  8. You had me at "whipped butter". Just kidding. Not really. Pierce's has been a regular stop for me whenever I'm close, but it's kinda hit or miss for me. Overall I've always enjoyed it, I just feel like some meals/meats have been better than others. I'll still go though, I like enough. The hush puppies and greens alone are worth it lol. The Cheese Shop is always solid, and there's a place across there with a good variety of roasted nuts...
  9. Very similar golf career and timeline here. I still have two sets of Eye2s stored at my parents' house, the steel set is the "+" version and BeCu is non "+". I think both of the sets are 1-SW, assuming nothing has been garage-saled off w/o my knowledge. Tons of Burner Plus with various steel and graphite shafts... DG, HM-40, Flextwist, etc. Part of the fun in this game is equipment, I realized that from a young age, unfortunately. I've enjoyed tons of recent equipment from putters to drivers, but there is something so satisying about taking out a set of your favorite old clubs fo
  10. You've always had some of the best color coordination. Good to see that hasn't changed over the years.
  11. Not gonna debate grass vs mats, will just say at this point, the quality of my practice depends more on my goals and practice habits/focus. Intentionality is required no matter what you're hitting off of. Side note - remember those old mat set ups with the black rubber all around and the one cutout with the turf mat? The foot area would be all worn down by the metal spikes and the turf would be so hollowed out you had to hit from the edges. I remember just learning to hit mid irons off the black rubber because there was never any decent mats.
  12. Yeah when I've played with randos, a lot of times they look at me funny when I'm repairing a few extra ball marks per green in addition to my own.
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