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  1. As soon as I typed in "new" I figured as much, hence the added "ish" to reduce the embarrassment a little.
  2. That's a fun course. I played it once in a VSGA tourney, in a torrential downpour, and still had a good time.
  3. I will give them the chance to take my money, I still don't like the GG "vibe". Much preferred the GS crew when they were around. Also, there is fantastic Bolivian bakery closer to this location with fresh saltenas and crazy good soups like fricase (spicy pork stew) and sopa di mani.
  4. A couple years ago? Damn... has been that long since I.... had kebabs?
  5. Oh and fun fact, there is a new(ish) Club Champion 3 miles down the street as well, that I only discovered because I went for some Moby Dick's kebabs next door to it... https://clubchampiongolf.com/golf-club-fitting/location/fairfax
  6. Remember the former Fairfax Golfsmith? Apparently PGA Tour Superstore is gonna take the risk on the same retail space this year. And this is with DSG/Golf Galaxy down the street at the Fair Oaks Mall. I guess why not strike while the game is on the upswing, no pun intended. I'mma hit up their sims for the next 9 months before this too goes out of business. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/pga-tour-superstore-announces-five-new-locations-in-new-york-texas-and-virginia-301266941.html
  7. Obviously those fake 1.4 caps are for winning GolfWRX arguments about blades vs CBs and other "magazine racing" debates. Agree with above ^^ that the second time is always better than the first time, then after that it's a lot about execution. In a former life, playing multi round tournaments at an unfamiliar course, the one or two practice rounds was usually enough. After that it more about staying focused and hitting the needed shots, vs "don't hit over there like yesterday". But then some here know that I am one of those paralysis by analysis players, so don't take my word for
  8. Haha Nelson, forgot about them, but they were never a true "hair band" to me. They did remind me that Hanson was also a thing in the 90s, just made me think about sibling groups.
  9. Lol the non-passive call out. Thanks. I've only ever played Tobacco Rd as far as Stranz designs go, but would love to check out RNK some day. Key words being "some day".
  10. @dcmidnight did you ever make it down to Royal New Kent? That was always a 'tweener I've been curious about.
  11. Haha yeah I was noticing that he was aiming for the dude for around the first half of the vid at least, and everyone was just calmly going about their business, no dodging, ducking, or dodging any errant balls. There also appears to be someone else hitting balls in front of Seve as well.
  12. Dug this gem up to watch again, nice to have it playing on a second monitor while working. Heck, even just listening to the strikes is good.
  13. So Disintegration by the Cure was released in 1989, but that was A LOT of my 1990+ listening. Pictures of You, Lullaby, I mean the entire album. However, I will throw in a plug for Burn from the soundtrack of the Crow in 1994. RIP Brandon Lee. I personally loved all of that soundtrack: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Crow:_Original_Motion_Picture_Soundtrack.
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