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  1. Hello, looking for a good starter set for my brother in law who is just taking up the game of golf. Doesn't have to be perfect, but also want a set he can keep for a long time as he gets better and grow into. Probably needing a stiff shaft. Let me know what you have, thanks!
  2. Cleaning out the putters that didn't make the cut. Ping heppler ketsch with adjustable shaft. Mint shape. Great putter, just didn't make the cut. SOLD Scotty cameron futura X, 35 inch. Was my gamer for a long time. Great condition, clean. SOLD
  3. Been through quite a few hybrids lately, time to thin the herd. Open to offers 1. Ping g 19 degree tour 90 stiff. $120 now $110 2. Adams dhy 18 and 21 deg. $90 for both or $50 ea. Now $80 for pair $40 ea 3. Adams super 9031 18 deg. Diamana stiff. Clean top line but some grass in the speed slot. Should clean up $45 shipped Now $40 4. Adams super ls xtd 19 dey. Kuro kage stiff. Small chip and small marking on crown. Nothing that affects playability. $45 shipped now $40 5. Titleist 910h 19 deg. Used but still in pretty good shape. $40 now $35 6. Fairway bomber in
  4. That makes alot of sense. I do notice that if I try to slow down my hands on the downswing it controls the severity of the draw a bit. I also try to tell myself to turn the body thru which also has helped. Great explanation, thank you!
  5. Having issues with my driver. I guess I'm not good enough to adjust, but my round typically always goes the same. First 1-3 holes I play a slight fade off the tee which then turns into a straight ball and then baby draw as the round progresses. It typically turns into a hard draw into the left rough by about hole 15. Just curious as to why this happens? Am I just getting looser and swing path changing? Is it just mental? Anyone else have issues with this? The driver used to be the strongest part of my game but now is the limiting factor to getting my hdcp inder 6. Any suggestions or drills a
  6. I played cmb's for quite some time, fantastic irons. Recently was fit for srixon 565 irons and I can't say enough good things about them. I really liked the 765s as well but wanted the extra forgiveness. Pretty easy transition, just took a while to adjust to the increased distance
  7. From a distance standpoint, it's hard to beat the bio cell + driver. I've yet to find anything longer. Awesome stick
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