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  1. I would like to see Kokrak get the victory. It's been a good battle between these two guys.
  2. Vijay must be in the 2nd category, because it's definitely not a money issue for him.
  3. Spieth must be cussing quite a bit. The audio keeps cutting out right when he's reacting to poor shots.
  4. Paul Azinger said it years ago when Rory was about to win the 2014 Open in dominant fashion. “He’s an ordinary kid who is blessed with extraordinary golf talent.” I think that fits very well with your analysis.
  5. I did not come up with that comparison myself. The CBS people made a big deal of it on the TV broadcast. Now if you want a pro comparison, the cut streaks to start pro career is a good place of comparison. Tiger had 25 and Morikawa was 2nd on this list with 22.
  6. Tiger's 29th start was the 1997 Masters. Morikawa's 29th start was this week. That includes PGA Tour starts during their amateur careers. Nicklaus won the PGA Championship at age 23 and so did Tiger. Morikawa just did it at the same age. Who knows where it's heading, but I think the kid's ballstriking and course management is built to compete in the majors for a long time.
  7. Morikawa is 23 and doing stuff at this age that Tiger/Nicklaus were doing at a similar age. Koepka was a late bloomer and has been amazing in his late 20's. He's now past age 30. It will be interesting to see what happens with Morikawa. I think he will be a problem for Koepka and everyone else in golf over the next 15-20 years. His accuracy with the ballstriking is no joke. And he's already showing serious clutch factor at a young age.
  8. Koepka has been on an incredible run in the majors the last few years. But majors are not everything. If he put in the same effort at the regular events that he does at majors, he might not have the same amount of wins in the majors. It takes a ton of energy to win any event on the high level pro golf tours. That's what was incredible with Nicklaus & Woods. They showed up ready to win every single tournament they played and both ended up with 70+ wins. That means putting your mind & body through the stress of contending every week, instead of the "save energy" approach that Koepka is u
  9. The tone of it was absolutely intended as a put-down towards all the guys. Age 23 Morikawa just might end up with a better career than Koepka, which is the hilarious thing about those comments. Nicklaus & Tiger never spouted off like that to their peers. They let their sticks do the talking. Golf gods gave Brooks a pretty serious piece of humble pie today. It seems he didn't take it very well judging by his refusal to speak to media.
  10. Agreed. Feels like Morikawa's golf swing is built a lot better to hold up over time. He does not need miracle scrambling to put up good scores. When he does have the A game on his putting/scrambling, he is gonna be extremely difficult to beat. The ballstriking is rock solid.
  11. Saturday night he pretty much trashed everyone on the leaderboard, including his "friend" Dustin Johnson. Check out the scores today... 64 by Morikawa 66 by Casey 68 by Dustin 65 by Wolff 66 by Day 66 by Bryson 66 by Finau 68 by Scheffler 67 by Rose 67 by Xander 67 by Dahmen ...74 by Koepka after talking smack about the guys above.
  12. Honestly I'm surprised Morikawa is not completely dominating the tournament. #1 in fairway accuracy, #1 in putting, and we know he's one of the best iron players in the field every week. Given his putting and driving stats this week, the rest of the field is pretty fortunate that he was not able to separate himself on the scoreboard until the very end of the tournament.
  13. Golf gods did not appreciate the arrogance last night. Now here's a funny thought. Morikawa is a heck of a player who could be a big time winner over the next 20 years. What if he ends up with more majors than Koepka?
  14. Golf gods did not appreciate the arrogance from Koepka last night. +4 in 9 holes today. I love the leaderboard. It will be interesting to see which one of these guys is able to close the deal.
  15. USGA press release says they are getting paid the full amount of their original deal. It appears that FOX is eating 50% of the annual cost to get out of this deal, and NBC is gladly paying the other 50%. "While the details are confidential, the term of the agreement between NBCUniversal and the USGA will be the same as the previous agreement with FOX Sports, carrying through December 31, 2026, and the financial remuneration for the USGA will remain the same for the duration of the agreement." Link below... New Media Rights Agreement With NBCUniversal Takes Effect
  16. Notre Dame & Western Michigan? Sounds like a pretty crummy game. They should push that to NBC Sports channel. Wouldn't be the first time a Notre Dame game ended up there. Meanwhile, NBC now has 4 of the 6 biggest golf events in their back pocket. The two oldest majors, the Ryder Cup, and Players Championship. Pretty nice little collection for them.
  17. U.S. Open has been trending the wrong way lately, that's for sure.
  18. Heck, I'm in the U.S. and I would like to see the PGA turned into a world major. Take it to Asia, Australia, South Africa, Latin America, mainland Europe, etc. I feel the PGA Championship does not have a strong enough identity compared to the other 3 majors, so moving it around the world would help give this tournament a more special feel to it. Masters - Augusta National, the jacket/dinner/tradition. Very special Open Champ - links golf in the British islands. Oldest major. Very special U.S. Open - "hardest" major played on the toughest American courses PGA Champ - watered down version of U.
  19. I don't buy your theory on Tiger. He couldn't play 52 weeks even if he desperately wanted to. That body is pretty worn out at this point. Anyway, I think Rory issued a pretty serious body blow for the PGL. If Tiger also turns them down, that's the end of this silly bunch of speculation we've been seeing.
  20. He's right that Tiger won't want to be forced into playing 18 events. If both of these guys want nothing to do with it, that is a huge win for the PGA Tour. Those are the 2 biggest stars (by a long shot) in the top 10 of the rankings. I am curious to see what Koepka might do. I could see him having a similar view in terms of not wanting to be forced to play ANY event. We all know Koepka thinks the regular events are pretty much meaningless next to the majors.
  21. Really nice long iron at the 6th hole by Tiger. Needs to hole the putt for eagle!
  22. Rahm is making a mess at the little 3rd hole. Yikes.
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