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  1. So Reed 1-putts over 60% of the greens for the week and still doesn't win. That's pretty amazing, lol
  2. When he says Tiger wouldn't be able to play in Hogan's era, I believe he's referring to racism/segregation. Tiger would not be allowed on the course as a player during those days.
  3. Tiger wouldn't even be allowed on the golf course in Hogan's era.
  4. He only worked with Foley for about a year before he started winning tournaments. That's pretty similar to the 2004 season where he struggled with the Haney swing changes and then started winning big in 2005. Also similar to 1998 swing changes before a really strong 1999 with the 2.0 Butch swing. Guess what I'm saying is I don't think it was unusual for him to need a year with Foley before results showed up. Now the bigger question is whether the Foley swing caused his back injuries. Brandel Chamblee has argued pretty strongly that he believes this was the case. That guy really dislikes the Fo
  5. 70 out of 78 is pretty rough. But I guess now he knows TV is the better path for him.
  6. I don't think the back injuries were avoidable. He had a naturally violent golf swing and it was eventually going to cause him physical ailments. Honestly, he is probably lucky he was able to swing like that for 30-35 years before it became a problem.
  7. Sucks for Ernie. Always a bridesmaid with Tiger. Ernie's team fell apart in the final two sessions. Justin Thomas handed them 1.5 points via choke job and they still got steamrolled for those two sessions.
  8. Well at least it's not a blowout. Was heading that way for the first 27ish holes of the event.
  9. Thomas getting bailed out big time on his choke job (both Round 3 & Round 4) by guys like Finau, Bryson, Reed, and Cantlay.
  10. Thomas and Hideki are two peas in a pod the last couple days. Big leads choked away.
  11. Tiger's putting today looked like the 24 year old version of himself. Very impressive.
  12. He was putting like a 20 handicap the first 3 rounds. Can't blame him for trying something else, lol
  13. Crazy how quickly things can change. We all thought he was a surefire 40+ winner a few years ago, but now people are wondering if he'll even get to 20. That's a wild turn of events.
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