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  1. [quote name='DriveGerman' post='1888833' date='Aug 14 2009, 08:10 PM']You aren't the only one at all...After someone hits their putt, they zoom in on the person instead of the ball?? I don't wanna look at Tiger's sweaty back, I want to see the line his ball is taking and whether or not it GOES IN THE HOLE!![/quote] Exactly. It was very frustrating, especially on that 60 footer for Tiger at the par-5 11th hole. He had just 3-putted the 10th hole so it was an important putt but they didn't even show where it was going. As soon as he struck it they zoomed in on him to show his reaction.
  2. I think Tiger has choked one time in a major: 2005 Masters. He bogied the final 2 holes to let DiMarco into a playoff. But unlike most choke scenarios, Tiger bounced back and birdied the first playoff hole to win the tournament.
  3. [quote name='mat562' post='1888268' date='Aug 14 2009, 02:37 PM']Under the baseball cap, a suspicious barnet lurks. In case of potential libel actions, [i]I am not questioning that the hair atop Kostis' pate is his own.[/i] I'm 100% confident that Kostis paid the going rate for it to its original owner.[/quote]
  4. Some d-bag reporter asked him earlier this week whether he's ever played his best and lost. It was one of those "gotcha" questions trying to get him to say that he never loses when he plays his best (which is the absolute truth and everyone knows it including the jackass who asked the question). Tiger was forced to stammer through the question without actually giving a definitive answer.
  5. [quote name='sandy' post='1877202' date='Aug 10 2009, 11:55 AM']NOPE majorless season coming up. Will still win player of the year though.. Second time no majors in a whole year. Nicklaus went majorless 3 years in his career.[/quote] Just a little fact check on your claims. Tiger has 14 majors, so let's look at Jack's first 14 majors. From the year of Jack's first major (1962) to the year of his 14th major (1975), Jack went majorless in the following seasons: *1964 *1968 *1969 *1974 From the year of Jack's 14th major (1975) to the year of his 18th major (1986), Jack went majorle
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