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  1. The fact Stricker is heavily involved this week does not exactly give a ton of confidence for next year's Ryder Cup.
  2. Well there we go from Ernie. "Cold morning and Tiger looked stiff walking around."
  3. That's perfect, haha. At least 7-8 of his teammates completely failed to show up this week. No sense in him pushing his body if there is soreness. Reason to believe that he does have some soreness at this point. 4 rounds of tournament golf last weekend followed by a 25 hour plane ride and 2 more rounds of tournament golf
  4. And benching himself. Seems to be waiving the white flag. But I am glad if he's looking out for his health. That is way more important than getting 1 point in this silly event.
  5. Wow, Thomas with Fowler instead of Tiger for the afternoon match. Wonder if Tiger sitting to rest his back.
  6. Safe to say Tiger and JT are partners moving forward. Sorry Spieth, lol
  7. Finau was one of the only guys who bothered to show up in Paris last year.
  8. I am curious to see how the JT & Tiger thing plays out. If they keep winning this week, I would guess there is a pretty good chance they are paired together in the next Ryder Cup. Reed and Bryson are both black sheep. It seems they put them with the nicest guys on the team (Simpson/Finau). Fowler is another option to pair with those guys, since Rickie is a really nice guy and seems very patient. Tiger being a black sheep in his own right, it makes sense that he is one of the few who actually gets along with Reed & Bryson.
  9. LOL, yet Reed went out there in Paris and played like a 15 handicap on his own ball in Tiger's group.
  10. The Americans are a lot better in alternate shot for Presidents Cup. My guess: the language barrier is a problem for the International team in Presidents Cup alternate shot. Not so much a problem for the European team in Ryder Cup alternate shot. So once you have a more level playing field on the language issue, the question becomes team chemistry and whatnot. Europe is clearly a lot better than the Americans in this regard.
  11. It's a good question. Rickie is a pretty good wind player too, which would be helpful on this golf course. Also I think putting DJ and Woodland together was a mistake. Gary is a rookie, so bound to be nervous in his first match. DJ as we know is not healthy and hasn't been playing well as a result. Then mix in the type of golf course. Doesn't seem like great strategy to put two bombers together with questionable short games on a golf course that has similar greens to Augusta.
  12. He played very well today though. 6 birdies and carried a pretty worthless Justin Thomas to a full point. The other guys failed to show up. Maybe the jet lag is getting them. Guess we'll see if they can figure it out in the next few days, lol
  13. Might need to give Tiger another back surgery after he carried Thomas around that course today.
  14. I like the fact he's finally embracing his biggest strength, which was always his iron game and course management. Now he finally gave up on trying to hit the ball as long as the younger guys. He can still beat them with the rest of his game. And it's interesting to see the contrast between old man Tiger with the young pups.
  15. Tiger's 8 iron went higher than the 9 irons by the other guys. Pretty impressive trajectory and a great shot overall.
  16. Not too surprised by that. This is the one time in his career where he has skin in the game for a team competition. He's not really a leader, so it will be interesting to see what happens if they lose 4-1 today.
  17. Rory is a very classy guy. You're not going to hear him bashing other players in the media. He took the high road. I don't blame him for that.
  18. Reed sure knows how to rile up the masses.
  19. Tiger putting himself in Match #1. That seems like it could backfire. Luckily for him, Thomas is pretty strong in team events.
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