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  1. I don't think he has ever played this event.
  2. Incredible shot by Stenson for a tap-in eagle. Much rather see him win than Rahm.
  3. It's called a choke. 44 year old Tiger is a lot more likely to choke than the 24 year old version.
  4. So Tiger hit 20 fairways in a row. Now paying a price for missing one of them.
  5. Many years ago, I wondered when his swing would slow down as he got older and if that would help him drive the ball straighter. It seems to be working out for him, although it was forced on him by the back injuries. He's finally taking a less violent swing to the golf course.
  6. Tiger's putting has not been very good this week from what I've seen.
  7. > @grm24 said: > > @"flip flappy" said: > > > @grm24 said: > > > > @"flip flappy" said: > > > > As the Charles Schwab Cup is winding down, I was watching the Invesco QQQ Championship yesterday but got pulled away before I could see who won. I checked the scores today and noticed that Billy Mayfair was DQ'ed. I happened to see Billy in a situation yesterday that was questionable and wondered if that was what got him DQ'ed? His ball was on a steep slope behind a green. He appeared to be sizing up his shot and placed his club behind the ball, down int
  8. > @lowheel said: > > He didnt handle the spotlight well. Tremendous businessman and all that but the ultimate what couldve been golfer. Phil has thrown away tournaments and some majors but hes mentally tough and has closed the deal a ton. He also had to contend with a prime Tiger. Norman came after nicklaus and watson and seve to some extent and had a window where he should have won at least 5-6 majors. I think John Daly is more of a "what could have been" situation than Norman. At least Norman won a ton of tournaments around the world and was #1 in the rankings for the equiva
  9. > @"Brock Savage" said: > > @pinhigh27 said: > > the levels of competition old tom morris faced is like high school golf compared to what brooks and rory compete with. silly stat. > > > > I disagree that it's silly to post these stats, and I really appreciate the effort that Golfnutgalen puts into his posts. Swapping opinions is fine, but you need some facts in order to have informed opinions. > > That said, you're right about Old Tom's competition. In fact, your comparison is an insult to high school golf. Most golf fans realize that competition
  10. > @Hawkeye77 said: > I forgot, if I knew, lol, Reed and Cantlay have played Zurich together three times - I’d guess they will be together. Oh, that's interesting. Thanks for posting it.
  11. > @Hawkeye77 said: > My thought also, pretty surprised Reed got picked but thanks for the reminder about Fowler's wedding. Guessing without knowing maybe Fowler wasn't expecting to get picked and conversations were had, who knows. After France I'm not too interested in a Tiger/Reed pairing and hope he doesn't set that up as some kind of redemption thing - there has to be someone on there who would play with Reed (and several other guys who would likely pay that person to do it). If he shows up with his match play mojo he could be great, but Rickie isn't bad at match play, either IMO.
  12. > @straightshot7 said: > > @tsecor said: > > Tiger is super analytical too..... > > Tiger's on-course demeanor is EXTREMELY calm compared to Jordan's. > > Both may be analytical, but Jordan is fast talking, anxious, and fidgety. Tiger has always been quiet, collected, and calm on the course (besides the occasional outburst of anger, then followed by more calmness). > > I'm not saying one demeanor is even better than the other. But those two guys clearly have two totally different personalities on the course. > > Also, if you listen to Tige
  13. > @cklee8 said: > I feel for Anthony Kim. From a young age no one ever gave him an out. His parents sold their house to get him a condo near a golf course at the age of 16. Talk about pressure. I come from an Asian household and I cannot imagine the inner turmoil he must have faced. Has instant success at the junior, collegiate, and tour level. Gets bound by contracts, ect. He gets injured preventing him from the playing the game he loves/hates. Now people won't stop bothering him about it. Hard to feel bad for a guy who is probably above $20M in net worth. He is living the dream if
  14. > @dlygrisse said: > > @Irishman1979 said: > > Say what you want about Norman and how he was mentally weak. What people forget is that he was beat many times by shots that would have never been made twice in a row. For example Larry Mize at the Masters, Bob Tway at the PGA and also by Paul Azinger who putted out of his a$$ to beat him in the PGA as well when Norman didn't do anything to lose that tournament. > > > > There were moments where Norman did play poorly the last day of an event for example hitting a shank on 18 at the Masters to lose to Nicklaus by on
  15. > @puttingmatt said: > Stated this before, it is very hard to compare golfers from different eras, > There are equipment differences , course differences, etc.... the other > Difference is, these golfers participated in the tourneyments that were > Available to them in that era. Snead has had a great run as a player, > Look at who he has played against. > Hard saying if Tiger would have even played in the early part of Snead's era . Tiger wouldn't even be allowed on the course during those days.
  16. > @Golfnutgalen said: > I hope I'm not boring you guys to tears with these stats and tables! > > I've been comparing win percentages for players up to age 40 or so to make if more fair to the older guys who competed in events well past their prime and realized not many people have done the same for majors. I thought it would be interesting to find out the specifics, especially just how much fewer majors the guys around the turn of the century played in. I decided to go up to age 46 because that's the point where nobody in this list won any more majors. I had gone to age 40 and
  17. > @"Darth Putter" said: > > @HoosierMizuno said: > > curious but do most of you think that the next announcer needs to have pga tour experience. i'm not sure i'd agree, there are some knowledgeable guys web experience with big personalities that would come at lesser cost and actually shake up the coverage and go younger.....instead it just looks like we're replacing awful with bad. i'm happy to see mccord go, and willing to give dl3 a chance, but do these network executives have any ability to think outside of the box when it comes to hiring and golf coverage in general. maybe
  18. By the same token they could take away a bunch of others currently credited to him. 82 is the number and that's that.
  19. They announced DL3 as a full-time guy today. Wonder if he will be in McCord's spot or walking the course like Kostis.
  20. > @tbowles411 said: > > @bladehunter said: > > > @Kevinnz said: > > > Tiger shouldnt be picking himself for melbourne, hes got nothjng to prove anymore but leading a team to win as a captain. Let the young talent like wolfe or collin to experience and be proud of tigers generocity. > > > > If Wolfe or Collin had just won you may have an argument. Those guys won weeks ago. And now poof. Gone. > > > > 82 wins and a recent wire to wire against a very deep field equals an automatic pick. > > > > All this “ let the kids
  21. > @"Darth Putter" said: > Gary McCord with further details. > > Keep reading to the end for the Cronkite part. > > https://www.golfdigest.com/story/gary-mccord-speaks-outloudlyabout-being-dropped-from-cbs-golf-team-bottom-line-they-fired-me > > > Immelmans (both) and Love possibly moving in Immelman plus Faldo. Seems like they want to keep that yearly contract with Augusta.
  22. > @Potatohead said: > > @redfirebird08 said: > > > @Christosterone said: > > > Byron Nelson retired at age 34...his win % was ludicrous when he retired... > > > I have Lord Byron, Tiger ad Jack as tied for the greatest ever when at their peak... > > > And I don’t think it’s close...Bobby Jones is in second... > > > > > > Nobody curb stomped people like Nelson, Tiger and Jack... > > > > > > -Chris > > > > > > > @Golfnutgalen said: > > > > > @"Darth Putter" said: &
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