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  1. I recently heard that the late Bob Rosburg used a baseball grip throughout his career.
  2. Perhaps it wasn't evident on TV, but that house has two arched windows facing the green. One was clearly visible to the right of the pin, and the other was partially hidden by the camera tower right behind the pin location. Perhaps Tesori and O'Hair were in agreement on which window was the target, and the player pulled the shot towards the pin. While it was happening, though I thought " I hope he means the window on the right". But what if O'Hair thought his caddie meant the window to the left? Just a thought.
  3. I agree with Orange County National. Great courses! Check out Northshore Golf Club near the airport. It would be considered a "Good" course for the layout. The condition is very good and the greens are always some of the best and fastest in Orlando. Eagle Creek is near Northshore (close to the airport with good expressway access), and is also a "Good" course and a fun layout. Grande Pines is very challenging and located nearer the Parks. Recent Faldo / Smyers touch up has made it a good test. Grand Cypress New Course is a blast and would be considered an indulgence. Harmony Golf
  4. Thanks to all who have responded, and thanks for the offer NCNickentguy! I'm not sure what day or days I will be able to play, and I'm probably going to play with a friend from the Charlotte area, so we'll probably stick to Ballantyne, but since he is an area resident, I'll bring up some of the courses you all have mentioned to see if he knows them. Someone said Ballantyne recently "reopened"....What was done to cause it to close?
  5. Looking for something different.I'm looking for some suggestions for a couple of rounds in Charlotte next week. In the past I've enjoyed Ballantyne and Springfield (?) just across the border in South Carolina. Both were enjoyable. I'd prefer not to have to travel too far or spend huge sums. I'll be playing during the week as opposed to a weekend day. I've perused EZ-Links, but am not too familiar with the courses listed. Suggestions of good courses as well as ones to avoid would be welcome. Thanks!
  6. I'm currently playing them and love them! I've had them in the bag for the past 4 years or so, and haven't gotten tired of them. I'm using Rifle 6.0's in mine. I've been thinking about the new MacGregor MT Pro-M's as a replacement, but since I still enjoy these things every time I play, why change? Still a very classy looking club!
  7. We got an interruption here in Central Florida, too. Only it was out of control brushfires. Our NBC affiliate handled it well. The tournament was reduced to a PIP-type box and the news anchor took over the main screen. This only lasted about 10 minutes, and was not too intrusive. Unfortunately, some people lost their homes here due to the fires. The good news is nobody was injured or lost their life. LPGA headquarters and the golf club in Daytona were in the path of the fires, but were saved. Think about dry brushy fuel everywhere, on fire, and being spread by the same type of wind
  8. Welcome to the forum, Caddyguy. With all the discussion on GOLFWRX regarding equipment, an insight into what tour players go through to get that extra performance out of their equipment would be interesting. Also, I've always wondred what a caddy's week is like. We all know about the hard work you guys put in on the course, but what is the rest of the typical week like...Pro-Am days, down time, etc... Perhaps you can give us some insight without names or obvious clues that might not be in your or your player's interest. A few members have played in PGA Tour events as competitors and h
  9. Wonderful pictures and a wonderful story.....You have a lucky daughter. She seems to have a great Dad! Totally unrelated to golf...That's a sweet AMG SL!!!!
  10. Hi Rusty; Neither course is a cake walk, and either plays dramatically different depending on which tee you play from. That being said, Crooked Cat is more open off the tee than Panther. Why not start early in the morning and take advantage of the replay rate? World Woods is a treat, especially the Pine Barrens course! Have a great time!
  11. Thanks for the great deal, Ken. I just placed and order for a 56*! I may have to rethink the other wedges in my bag and maybe add another.
  12. I also have an old 975D with a Rifle 5.5 steel shaft ( plays much stiffer than normal due to the bore-thru head). I loved it and the Cobra SS 380 I used after it. One thing you might consider is the shaft length. A 3 wood is a bit shorter than a driver anyway, and today's 460cc drivers are coming with 45" to 46" shafts. Perhaps a 460cc head with a slightly shorter shaft would allow better control of your swing, and at the same time give you the forgiveness of a larger head. I currently use a Cobra 400cc SZ Tour at 9.5* and a 44" NVS65s with very good results.
  13. List of old brands and models you've playedWith all the talk by analysts and the golf press describing the transformation of the game due to the latest technology in golf balls, I thought it would be interesting to hear about all the "old" brands and models WRX'ers have played in their golfing past. At the risk of dating myself, here is a sampling of some of the old models and brands I've played over the years: Acushnet: Finalist Acushnet Titleist ( Just plain Titleist, no "Tour" or "Wound 90" ...Just plain Titleist) Spalding: DOT Execitive Royal: Royal ( the first ball I remember
  14. I don't know what kind of outside work he accepts, but Randall Doucett at The Faldo Institute on International Drive reworked my irons. I went to him for a fitting session and had him reshaft my Mac's. He fitted them with Rifles and matched the swing weights, etc. Great work and a great guy. He builds Nick Faldo's clubs as well as alot of LPGA players like Se Ri Pak, M.Y. Kim, Janice Moodie, etc., so I'm sure he knows his business. His shop is affiliated with the golf school, and even though I didn't register with the school for any lessons, he still re-worked my clubs. I did pay for a
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