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  1. Im looking to build a set of irons of forged cavity, or muscle back irons and looking for feedback who makes good quality heads. Thank you for input and names.
  2. So you’ve got two guys in a finals match. One is a tennis professional in Jacksonville , played in the US open at Oakmont in 2007 and was the 2007 FSGA player of the year. The other the 2017 FSGA player of the year who is a caddie at Streamsong who is out with another caddie from Streamsong on his bag. No one has said thAt the caddie who had the alleged assault was 6’7” and has been a career caddie at Brandon Dunes and Streamsong. Dull has been named by the FSGA as their Captain of the North South matches which is why the FSGA hasn’t released any statement. I’m going out on a limb and say that
  3. This player is a Callaway staffer and also in his contract plays a taylormade driver. He gets contract money for 11 Callaway clubs and taylormade driver as well.
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