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  1. Looking for ladies flex hybrid 3 and 4. Clean top line also please.
  2. PM please if anyone has a valid code they don't need, thank you!
  3. Looking for a pxg 3 wood clean top and top line. Stiff flex or XS
  4. 0211 DC irons are really good irons for the price really hard to beat right now. For a cast iron the are pretty soft feeling compared to other cast irons. They also have more of a muted sound. If you want something with a smaller profile the 0211 ST is a good choice. I have only been gaming them for about 2 months after a 5 year break from golf due to career.
  5. Ordered full set of irons July 19th shipped today 10 days not bad.
  6. Anyone know long orders stay in the Items Picked / In-Assembly stage? Or how after that they move to shipped?
  7. Anyone have pics they can post of the 5 and 4 iron at address? Is the back of the club visible at address?
  8. 10.5 head set to -1.0 has been amazing so far for me. Been a F7 user since it came out I did try to replace the F7 with a G400 max and LST both were sold and went back to the F7 hoping the F9 stays so far so good but only one round so far and a couple times at the range.
  9. Just ordered F9 driver 10.5 Tensei blue 60 XS. Second time demo'ing it outside and it was a beast...
  10. I use a 17 degree cause 5w's hate me
  11. I owned the G400 MAX and LST sold both and went back to my F7 might the only person to do that. I demo'ed the F9 at demo day at the local range and it but up some great numbers for me with Tensi blue CK XS a shaft I would never thought to give a shot. But I also loved the Epic Flash I demo'ed the other day great numbers and I never played a Callaway drive in my life. I may hold out till summer when prices start to drop off.
  12. I tested the new F9 3w non-tour with Tensi XS blue and its 10-15 years longer than my F7...
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