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  1. Great question! I have been itching to hit the i210s. I am current ZX5 full set owner. I can tell you that that are so super easy to hit (for me). I hit them outdoors on a trackman and experienced the same; easy distance, optimal height, and great decent angle. Lower spin, but I hold greens no problem. My only ‘gripe’ has been the sole widths on 7-PW. I hit them just fine, but usually prefer a little thinner sole on my scoring irons. The natural response is to combo with ZX7s, but I prefer to play a uniform set. Having said that, from what I have read and seen, the i210s look lik
  2. Hoping someone has some experience with gaming, hitting ZX5 short irons. More specifically, as it relates to the wide soles when compared to more of a players iron (ZX7). Thanks in advance
  3. Anyone have experience with hitting/gaming 4-6i on the ZX7? I currently play ZX5 full bag and love the long irons but find lower irons far too wide in the soles. I know I can play combo, but usually prefer to have one uniform set. Am considering switching to full ZX7 but the long irons look much less forgiving than ZX5. Thanks in advance
  4. The ZX5 definitely has more forgiveness across the face and I kinda prefer that for my notsogreat ball striking days. I would say that in a perfect world, I would prefer the sole width of the 565 (narrower than ZX5 and wider than ZX7) and the looks/appearance/feel of the ZX5. Since that’s not an option, I have to choose between the chunky soles of the ZX5 or the narrow soles of the ZX7. Or...combo.
  5. Anyone that goes with ZX5 all the way through the bag? I am coming from full 565 bag and have really enjoyed them. I went with a full ZX5 setup but if I had one gripe it would be the sole widths. They are noticeably wider on 7-PW than the 565s. So much, that I am starting to question going to ZX7s…but when I looked at the zx7 soles, they were also too thin for my liking and certainly way too thin on 4-6i. I know combo is prob the right choice, but I really like the forgiveness of the ZX5s.
  6. Yes. These are still available. Rowey- I will let you know first thing tomorrow.
  7. Up for sale is a gently used set of 2019 TM P790s. Standard L/L/L New Golf Pride tour corded grips (two wraps) Project LZ 5.5 Shafts Very minimal signs of use I am the second owner of these clubs. The original owner purchased them new in Jan 2020 from Roger Dunn and did not use on course because of Covid shutdown. I purchased in May and have only seen about 10-12 rounds and about 10 practice sessions (range and indoor) since. I have the original receipt and shipping box - will include to keep TM 2yr warranty in tact. $825 shipped.
  8. I agree that prices will not be dropping now that TM is using the "sibling rivalry" marketing. However, fair deals are able to be found. Keep an eye on BST. I will possibly be listing my set there in the next few days.
  9. I have been gaming P790s for a little over 6 weeks. I hit these in a controlled indoor fitting with quality balls. Overall they have been a good fit so far. Distance, dispersion, forgiveness have all been spot on. The only issue I have with these is the sound (and feel). More specifically, hitting at the range. I have been a single piece forged iron player for quite some time. I went into Srixon 565s a while back and took time to adjust to the sound and feel of a multi material iron. I went with 790s for the reasons listed above. My only compla
  10. Bridgestone J40 Dual Pocket Cavity. For me, hands down best feeling irons.
  11. As I get a little older and less flexible, I am looking to keep my distances as best as I can. As used to play single piece forgings (j40dpc, Srixon ZTX) but noticed I could use the help on distance. I am currently giving P-790s a try but I am always missing that single piece forged iron feel and sound. Is there such a thing as a forged single piece players distance iron? I do know it has more to do with the lofting, as more and more manufacturers are making stronger lofted irons, but I dont want to simply bend an iron to get more distance.
  12. I own both the P790 (2019 version) and the Srixon 565 (previous version) and have hit the i500s. Not a fan of Ping. Was a huge fan many years ago, but their newer stuff just doesnt suit my eye or swing. Feel goes to Srixon - but even then, since its a bonded (welded) face that is designed to provide higher ball speeds and more distance, it doesnt have that buttery single piece forging feel. Z785 will definitely provide more of that. Forgiveness goes to P790 - can mishit the center of the face quite a bit and not be penalized as bad as the Srixon. Same multi materi
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