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  1. I have been gaming P790s for a little over 6 weeks. I hit these in a controlled indoor fitting with quality balls. Overall they have been a good fit so far. Distance, dispersion, forgiveness have all been spot on. The only issue I have with these is the sound (and feel). More specifically, hitting at the range. I have been a single piece forged iron player for quite some time. I went into Srixon 565s a while back and took time to adjust to the sound and feel of a multi material iron. I went with 790s for the reasons listed above. My only compla
  2. Bridgestone J40 Dual Pocket Cavity. For me, hands down best feeling irons.
  3. As I get a little older and less flexible, I am looking to keep my distances as best as I can. As used to play single piece forgings (j40dpc, Srixon ZTX) but noticed I could use the help on distance. I am currently giving P-790s a try but I am always missing that single piece forged iron feel and sound. Is there such a thing as a forged single piece players distance iron? I do know it has more to do with the lofting, as more and more manufacturers are making stronger lofted irons, but I dont want to simply bend an iron to get more distance.
  4. I own both the P790 (2019 version) and the Srixon 565 (previous version) and have hit the i500s. Not a fan of Ping. Was a huge fan many years ago, but their newer stuff just doesnt suit my eye or swing. Feel goes to Srixon - but even then, since its a bonded (welded) face that is designed to provide higher ball speeds and more distance, it doesnt have that buttery single piece forging feel. Z785 will definitely provide more of that. Forgiveness goes to P790 - can mishit the center of the face quite a bit and not be penalized as bad as the Srixon. Same multi materi
  5. @Spellman I had originally gamed these for a few years. Absolutely loved them. Loved the larger head size for some forgiveness and the soft feel of the forged iron. I went into Srixons since (565, 765) and loved the feel of those forgings as well. Recently tried Apex 19, TM P790 and a few others and settled on P790s. It would seem I was looking for "players distance" category. Reason I went with P790 is for the little bit of added distance and face forgiveness for off center strikes. They are not "buttery" smooth as a single piece f
  6. Literally worn for 1 preround range warmup and 9 holes. Got them for Christmas. I usually fit between an 11.5 and a 12, so my wife took at shot at 12's and they are just a touch too big. Living in FL, not going to double up on socks to make it work. My loss is your gain. These are absolutely gorgeous shoes. Please feel free to ask any questions or for specific pics. $120 shipped (US only). Will listen to reasonable offers.....but please, no lowballers. No trades at this time.
  7. Anyone have any experience or recommendation with a quality instructor in the West Palm Beach area? I need a teacher that can commit to helping me with my golf game. Thanks in advance.
  8. I have heard this as well. PXI are even less available right now. Plus its a pricey upgrade from bridgestone.
  9. If you dont mind me asking....why do you not like DPCs? I am currently looking at these irons and everything I have read and experienced says they are a solid club
  10. I am also finding that the optimizer "enhances" your issues. I also hit the ball a bit high, but only because I flip at impact (its a work in progress) and it adds loft to the club. DGS300 works for me now...but I will definitely say that the extra flex is affecting dispersion.
  11. Thanks to all for the replies. My swing speed was anywhere from 85-89. And I typically hit 170 with my 6i. To be quite honest, the whole project vs. DG has got me very confused. I have hit the projects before, but only a few shots on a friends set. I wasnt blown away....but then again, I wasnt hitting them with the thought of looking at them for myself. Also, while I would love to demo the J40s, there just arent many places that carry these irons. I would hate to experiment with buying a set of J40s with the PX6.0 only to get them completely reshafted. Anyone have any experience
  12. After taking a few swings on the optimizer, I was selected for the following: X100ss Project 6.0 KBS Tour I have always played dynamic golds. I current hit Srixon ZTX with DGS300 and love the feel, but also find that dispersion is a little inconsistent. Among my friends I am always told I have a nice even tempo, but was surprised to find out that on the optimizer I was a "9", which apparently is the highest. I also would have never guessed that I would even come close to X100 but I guess I am since this is the same result the two separate times I tried it. I understand that the optimizer i
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