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  1. Looking to shed a little extra equipment, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like more photos. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I can ship out tomorrow (Wed, Nov 25th), but then next window i can get things shipped out would be Monday (Nov 30th). All prices include shipping in CONUS via FedEx ground. Miura CB-301 4-PW - $old Specs: Standard lofts, +1/4" , 0.5* flat Grips-Miura UTX + 1 wrap, logo down Shafts- TT DG Tour Issue S400 Used 2 rounds and 1 indoor session, 4 iron has never seen the golf course. Srixon Z585 4-PW - $old Specs: Standard L/L/L Grips: GP Tour Velvet 360 Shafts- Nippon Modus 105 Stiff Stock off the rack, used 2 rounds and 1 indoor session. Scott Cameron Special Select Flowback 5 35" - $old Stock specs, putter is brand new, never seen the course, maybe rolled 3 putts on indoor putting green. Comes with matching stock headcover. Mizuno HMB 3i & 4i - $old Specs- Standard L/L/L Grips- GP z-cord +1 wrap, logo down Shafts- GD AD IZ 95g Hybrid Stiff 4 iron maybe used 6 rounds, 3 iron closer to 4 rounds, plus range time. Great clubs, easy to swing, but just can find a spot for them in the bag.
  2. Got my Blackjack armlock today, took a little over 3 weeks (not complaining, just providing some info). My initial thoughts, I agree with the dense description of the feel. Not insert soft and not hard or clicky. Sort of like the feel. I am going to play around with the weights, maybe put a little more in the back and go from there. 2 things: First, I took the weights out and all 4 weights were 10g- unless my math is off, that would be 10g heavier than what PXG lists as stock weight. Should there have been a pair of 5g in there instead? Second, the grip they installed was a Superstore XL, not nearly long enough (at least for me) for an armlock ( I think these are 14") I found that odd they used that as the grip. Had to remove and install a 17" grip instead (on a side note, trying out the Rosemark 7teen grip,I have to say it feels great)
  3. Have you considered contacting PXG to see if you could exchange for the heel shafted? Sounds like that might have the toe hang you are looking for.
  4. On lower lofts, I softened the leading edge. On 56 and 60, toe and heel relief.
  5. Been testing both for a few weeks now, they are both nice wedges, I think it comes down to preference on feel and grinds. I liked the F, D and LB K grinds in the Vokeys, ordered the raw custom grinds from Cleveland to match, albeit there isn't really a comparable LB K grind in the 60 for the zipcores. While I have not fully committed to the zipcores yet, that is the direction I am leaning towards. Not that they have a distinct advantage vs the Vokeys, just been working for me a little better lately.
  6. If you are not already, follow Scotty Cameron on social media, like Instagram. They usually give some heads up.
  7. Thanks, I ordered an armlock around the same and in the same state of sobriety, they are saying Nov 12 it will be assembled, fingers crossed it's an under promise over deliver....
  8. Just curious for those who have ordered, how long did it take to receive the putter? 2 weeks?
  9. While you said you love the feel of both, I found the ER8 to be a bit dead of off-center hits, sort of a metallic ting which i did not care for. Other than that, I thought it was a good looking head. R-line is nice, softer than the ER8, if I had to pick one, would be R-Line, but taking feel (which is a highly personal choice) out of the equation, they both line up nicely.
  10. Black PVD. The brushed is a little more matte than the regular BLack PVD which has a little bit of a shine to it.
  11. Couple of things to think about before you ditch your irons- Do you like the way the Apex Pros feel on a flushed shot, do you feel you are getting the type of feedback you want on off center hits? If yes, maybe consider going to a fitter to see if a shaft change will benefit your dispersion/consistency. Likewise, if yes but don't have the option for reshaft, how would you assess your putting/short game? If your goal is to break 80, it sounds like you are pretty close. Not knowing your game, I know for most folks (myself included) there are a bunch of strokes to be gained by tightening up the short game. Again, not knowing your game, but missing fairways and greens will happen during the round, how effective would you rate yourself in limiting the damage? If the answer is nope, don't like the feel and not confident in these irons when I am at address, then drop them and find something (hopefully with a fitting) that gives you that confidence. And finally, if you're just plain bored with the irons and ready to move on, go for it. Life is too short to play equipment you don't like. Good luck!
  12. Higher bounce 56 with some heel and trailing edge relief is my everything club (chips, pitches, bunker) have a lower bounce 60 for really tight lies or really need to land something really high and soft. Depending on loft of PW, will then dictate how i fill my gaps, but I have pretty much stuck with 56/60 on the end of the bag.
  13. Was thinking of putting together a cold weather/winter iron set for this season. These would primarily used for late fall/winter/early spring here in the Northeast. Couple of questions: 1) are there folks out there that do this (this is golfwrx so assume there are)? 2) any general tips/factors to consider? I am thinking stronger lofts, and more on the forgiving side. While I would think forged might not be the ideal route (maybe more susceptible to dings due to harder turf, exposed rock, more painful on mishits), not sure if i am overthinking it. Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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