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  1. Yeah you have to take Ping woods and hybrids for what they are. If you're very feel conscious Ping isn't for you, they tend to have a higher pitched more metallic sound at impact. But man they flat out perform. Not to say Titleist doesn't, I have a very Titleist heavy bag because they perform for me, and in irons there's not a chance I'll play Ping as I just don't like the feel, but long irons and fairway woods are where I struggle generally so I give them a little bit of slack.
  2. Did you buy the G425? They were the favorites of mine that I tested this year. The feel is distinctly Ping just like all their woods, but the performance was there.
  3. Played a few rounds now with the new T100S 6-7 and T100 8-G. Upgraded from the original T100S bent 1 weak which I liked a lot. If anything these are slightly more demanding, have a tendency to fly just a touch higher and maybe 2-300 rpm more spin on well struck shots. The feel while good is a bit firm but feedback is great on mishits. Doesn't really have that buttery soft Mizuno/Miura feel but is a very good feeling club in a different way. Have shot a couple of 74's at my home club and headed to a tougher track tomorrow to test their mettle.
  4. I just got the new model myself! Yeah apparently I priced them too low as they sold in about 3 minutes. Oh well somebody got a good deal at least.
  5. Got these right when they came out directly from Titleist. The T200 5i has been hit maybe 5x total. The specs are as follows: T200 5i bent 1 weak 1.5 flat T100S 6-PW bent 1 weak 1.5 flat T100 50* 1.5 flat $OLD OBO for heads, can add PX LZ 6.0 shafts with brand new MCC+4 grips for an add'l $OLD Ventus Velocore Black 6S. Basically brand new bought to try out but too low launching for me. Titleist Tip MCC+4 grip brand new. Plays to 45" in TSI3 driver. TRADED Will consider trades on this for: Ventus Velocore Blue 6S, Ping G425 3 wood (preferably LST but will consider Max with Raw Orange 75S) I'm the worst photographer so if you have anything you want to see in better detail feel free to shoot me a note and I'll take some more pictures! Thanks guys!
  6. Was really bummed with TSI hybrids. The TS2 has been my favorite hybrid ever and was looking forward to replacing my 23 and 27 with TSi2. but they stopped the line at 24 and TSi1 is too closed for my swing. Really bummed me out. Will be in TS2 til I find something better.
  7. Any ideas when these will be available for fitting at retailers? Are people seeing them yet?
  8. So pretty much this is IBBK but they can't call it that since he's not a staffer?
  9. I'm thinking I might upgrade and combo them this time. Been in T100S bent 1 weak since they came out except PW which is 2 weak. Then a T100 50*. Think I'll go 6-8 in T100S bent 1-1.5 weak and T100 in 9-GW. Having hit the T100 a lot there isnt really any forgiveness difference from 8i down, but 6-7 are markedly more forgiving in my experience and I have no idea why.
  10. On second look these irons really don't look that much different than the current models to me. Would have to see them in person I guess.
  11. Would assume T100 34 T100S 32 and T200 30.5 in the 7i like current. The U505 will probably come in 2-3-4i.
  12. I like my TSi3 a lot. I have just a bit of trouble turning the ball over to the left when needed which is weird since it's my normal shot shape. Took some getting used to actually aiming down the middle instead of the right edge of the fairway but I tend to hit it very straight to a 5 yard cut at most and consistently around 270. SS around 100.
  13. I have IZ in both my hybrids. I hated the DI hybrid shaft but something about the IZ just matches perfectly with my swing. I get mid flight that tends to fly flattish. Gets to the apex quick and then just flies.
  14. I've wanted a solid copper dh89 for years now. Just never found one that I liked enough to pull the trigger on, usually because the ones I liked sold very quickly.
  15. 1. City and State? Winnsboro LA 2. Handicap? 6 3. Mystic Creek Golf Club 4. What is your Home Course? Mystic Creek Golf Club 5. How could a StrackaLine guide help your game? Green Reading 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
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