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  1. Would assume T100 34 T100S 32 and T200 30.5 in the 7i like current. The U505 will probably come in 2-3-4i.
  2. I like my TSi3 a lot. I have just a bit of trouble turning the ball over to the left when needed which is weird since it's my normal shot shape. Took some getting used to actually aiming down the middle instead of the right edge of the fairway but I tend to hit it very straight to a 5 yard cut at most and consistently around 270. SS around 100.
  3. I have IZ in both my hybrids. I hated the DI hybrid shaft but something about the IZ just matches perfectly with my swing. I get mid flight that tends to fly flattish. Gets to the apex quick and then just flies.
  4. I've wanted a solid copper dh89 for years now. Just never found one that I liked enough to pull the trigger on, usually because the ones I liked sold very quickly.
  5. 1. City and State? Winnsboro LA 2. Handicap? 6 3. Mystic Creek Golf Club 4. What is your Home Course? Mystic Creek Golf Club 5. How could a StrackaLine guide help your game? Green Reading 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  6. I live around 2 hrs from there. By far my favorite course. Would put it up against any I've ever played and I've played a lot of good golf courses. Always in immaculate condition. Bring your A game though, it's no joke. I'm around a 6 hdcp and play it from 2 up at 6900. I've broken 80 once and shot 80 a couple more times.
  7. Tried both in driver and fairway. Ended up being fit for TSi3 in driver, TSi3 16.5 in fairway. Bought the TSi3 16.5 but found it too low spin on the course even though the LM numbers were outstanding. Ended up with a SIM 2 5 wood turned down. Zero regrets going with TSi3 for driver though. Love the shape, love the flight, but most importantly love the sound/feel vs my old TS3.
  8. Sure. I will take some better pics when I get home and PM you.
  9. I putted around with the 2 Ball Ten with the White Hot face this weekend. I'm a Newport guy, NEVER go for double bends. But darn if I didn't make just about every putt I hit from 10 feet and in with it. Something about the White hot insert made it way more fun to putt with than the cheese grater insert. I was pretty impressed. Except for that red shaft.
  10. That SIM TI 5 wood turned down to 17 is an absolute monster. I had one in the bag all last year. Just upgraded to SIM 2 this week.
  11. 6.2 hdcp just upgraded to SIM 2 5 wood turned down to 17. Testing between Ventus Blue and Red 7S.
  12. I guess I would, but I have no use for the shaft so I'd want to get 275-300 for the head.
  13. Yes but unfortunately it's sold. It's a 2 ball Ten S where the S represents a tiny slant neck.
  14. I can't imagine the duties on a $2000 item being 50+% of the purchase price but you can't ever tell. I'd find yourself a shipping buddy. Or go to GolfSimulatorForum and see if you can find one used there. Not sure you'd save much though as they are a pretty hot ticket item right now.
  15. SIM 2 TI 15*- Tensei Raw Blue 65S w/ Z-Grip. Basically indistinguishable from new. Hit 5 balls inside. Is an absolute rocket launcher just think I want the 5 wood instead of the 3. -SOLD AD IZ 6 & 7S- These have been my gamer Driver/Fairway shafts for a while. Both have MCC +4 Arccos Smart grips in them. Decided to upgrade to Ventus. 6S Measures 44.5" with Titleist Tip, plays around 45.5. The 7S measures somewhere between 42.5 and 43" with Titleist tip which seemed short to me but it is precisely the same length as the Tensei Blue that's in the above sim 2. Plays around 43.5 w
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