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  1. On a whim, I bought a Ping Piper Armlock putter to mess around with. Come to find out, my left wrist is messed up and I’m an idiot and cannot figure out how to hold the putter. However, in messing around I’ve decided that it may enjoy a nice life as a counter balanced putter, I enjoy the head shape etc and just think it could be a fun experiment. It is 41-41.5? Inches long with a 21 inch Winn grip, it has a double bend shaft with ~6 degrees of loft. Is there anything particular the the head that would not lend itself to adjusting the loft to 3*, chopping the length to suit and putting a 17 inch grip on it? I know that the shop I frequent can bend the shaft appropriately. Counter weighting can be done via grip w/ weight core or lead tape. Just wondering if I’m missing something. Has anyone done this before?
  2. I just put MMT 105 TX’s in a set of older blades (681’s) which have heavier than (now) normal head weights and they feel plenty stiff enough for me. As I understand it, the MMT’s are supposed to match the profile of the X100. I have been a long time Brunswick Rifle/PX type but I like goofing around with graphite and by the flight it seems accurate enough. I am not suggesting the 105’s, if you like that 125 range go for it, if I had come across some Stiff’s I would have done that myself. Bottom line, I do think the tech and consistency is there, whereas it may not have been 5 years ago.
  3. The 990B’s I grew up playing are probably #1. Will eventually get another set for nostalgia. Have multiple 975D’s from my HS days and my bore thru PT15 w/ Steel. Recently acquired a nice set of 681’s I need to shaft and play my 86 Tour Models quite a bit.
  4. “Time for a 5th major” No, no it isn’t. My opinion I guess, obviously they have stature ($) and tenure, but the four they have is quite enough for me. How would you back catalogue the wins? They didn’t think winning the players in 1988 was the same as winning a US Open or Open. They came down the home stretch thinking about money, nothing much more; exemptions perhaps, I guess. But what do I know.
  5. I’ve had or had Pro Orange, EVO II, and PX Yellow and find they all play similarly. PO probably felt the best, EVO II stiffest and PX Yellow somewhere in between.
  6. I will preface this without having hit the MMT but I have great interest in them as well. However, I do have the F5 prototypes and they are quite stout and feel more linear, like a PX 6.5 (which I have historically preferred.) Due to the age of the F5 proto’s (they aren’t still a current product, are they?) and your location you may well be better off to go with the MMT’s. The reviews have been glowing and many have said they are a very close comparison to the X1’s.
  7. At the end of the day, it may just not be a good fit. I have a tipped 6x and hate it. Sometimes it’s great, others not. Consistency, for me is not there. Almost snapped it and then realized I should probably pass it along. (No BK flex was involved.)
  8. I was under the impression that the custom shop didn’t do an authentic refinish to oil cans and TeI’s. That they would refinish in pro platinum? Either way, looks wonderful.
  9. Previously off +2 but now a 0. ‘86 Tour Models 714 MB’s soon to be 681’s. Sometimes I play with persimmon. It’s doesn’t really matter what’s in my bag, I’ll try to beat you with whatever I have in mine.
  10. I ordered a WW Low bounce K and even with the 4-6 week delivery quote I received it in 3. Perhaps they are being conservative in their delievery times.
  11. I play a lot of golf with 86-90 Tour Models, 4-P (49*.) Lots of Fun. To compliment previous statements about sharp edges, less bounce etc, I think that for me they battle some bad habits that sometimes creep in, mostly ball too far back and steep etc. plus, there really isn’t any faking it with these.
  12. Scott Stallings and Cameron Smith maybe? Definitely seen a video WITB of Stallings with $-Taper; Smith used them before, not sure anymore.
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