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  1. Mike at Perfect Swing is great! I still drive down from NYC to get my stuff fit from him.
  2. Just bought the kando shorts and agree that they are perfect for a round of golf. The fabric is very light and feels high tech. Also I believe Uniqlo offers free tailoring at their stores, though you cannot return once hemmed.
  3. I love GolfWRX because it's the most comprehensive golf resource available. While I'm sure many of us would love to be professional tour players and earn money (as opposed to burning it) via golf, it simply isn't the reality for us. This site allows us to connect to like-minded people who come together for a passion of ours and get immersed in the golf universe. Whether it's tour equipment, club making, or swing theory, there's something for everyone here who's into golf. Personally, I'd much rather be on tour than at a desk all day, but that simply wasn't in my cards. This forum helps keep th
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies. Living in NYC makes it difficult to test out these things, but I think I'll bite the bullet and take the plunge on bumping my wedge lofts.
  5. I'm looking to upgrade my wedges this spring and was wondering what you all think about playing a 6 degree gap between the 9 iron and pitching wedge. I play Mizuno MP 64s, which as you may or may not know, has a 46 degree PW. I've been thinking of going to 42-48-54-60 from the 42-46-52-58 I play in my current set up. My reasoning is that I play a variety of courses where the bunker conditions can be either fluffy or packed sand, and I like having a grind with heel relief on my lob wedge. This is fine out of the bunkers with packed sand, but when I need something with more bounce, the 52 is
  6. June 8th 1990? Thats class of 2008 over here. Since you guys start march and end december and youre already 17, Im going to assume your year starts later than ours, not earlier. Edit: If you were to move over here now you'd be class of 09. If you had lived here starting before you started kindergarten then you'd be class of 08.
  7. Take control immediately from the tee. Tell him what ball youre playing and everything all before he has a chance to even think about doing it 1st. Set the pace of play. If he moves fast, dont try and keep up. Just keep up your own pace just as long as its not ridiculously slow. Him having to wait will frustrate him and may cause him to get a little distracted. Umm... thats all that comes to mind. One kid on my team acts gay sometimes; its pretty funny. I dont recommend you do that though.
  8. last week I bogeyed the 2nd hole and then quad bogeyed the 5th hole. I dont even know how it happened, I just walked off the green in shock. The amazing thing in all this I parred all the other holes. :lol: ah it could have been a personal best for me. Instead 5 over par 41.
  9. We get blue and gold Hoofer 3's that we have to return at the end of the year. Also our school has a contract with Nike or something so we get really terrible looking blue and gold DryFit shirts that also have to be returned. Then we get one sleeve of NXT Tour's with our school name printed on it.
  10. Its a shallow faced version of the 425, it launches higher and spins more than its deep faced counterpart. Similar to what the R7 Quad HT was to the original R7 Quad. There's more information on the forum, just search R7 425 shallow or something along those lines.
  11. 17 and i'd say about a 12 or 13. I dont have an official handicap. I'd like to be a doctor
  12. Cleveland Launcher Steel's best for me. It has a nice shallow face that makes it so ridiculously easy off the deck.
  13. How do they compare in spin?
  14. So my lob wedge is pretty much dead and I've been looking to get a new one. So I was wondering how the 58* compared to one another. Any information regarding how they compare in spin, feel, or playability (opening up the face for flop shots, from the bunker, etc) would be much appreciated.
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