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  1. Also worth noting....technically if you add more weight to the head, you are increasing the MOI.
  2. You can get these values from the GolfTec guys on Youtube....
  3. I agree. I have the T100S (playing them a bit weak) and the are fantastic all around. Maybe not the absolute best in feel but overall they crush it.
  4. Would love to see some pics when you get it
  5. Anyone buy one of these???
  6. Try the Flatcat Pistol....sooooo good.
  7. The modus 120 has a softer butt and very stiff tip. Very odd shaft to me, coming from Ctaper or $taper. I’m about to put MMTs in my Apex Pros. I bought them blind for giggles...
  8. I just double checked the EI profiles and definitely the modus 125 is a better match than the modus 130 to the $taper. The 130 butt section is so stiff, it makes the shaft feel ver stout. Then you get through the strike zone with it and the soft tip makes it feel like butter. The modus 125 has a bit stiffer tip section than the $taper. PS: I have personally played all of these shafts. I’m currently about to switch to the MMT 125g.
  9. Modus 130 is NOT similar to $tapers. The 130 has a very stout handle and soft tip. The modus 125 is definitely closer to the $taper in my opinion.
  10. Owned one: my two gripes 1. Feel is a dull thud 2. Head size could be just a bit larger. They fix those and I’ll buy the next one.
  11. I was trying to dial in a heavy Sik putter and it taught me a few things. With a heavy swing weight, my short putting was great but my lag putting suffered. With a heavy counter weight and low seing weight, I found lag putting was much better but them my short putting performance seemed to decrease. Moral is - try your best to test out different swing weights with your putter. You need to dial it in for your specific use case.
  12. The toe side forgiveness is some form of magic in the Max LS. Not sure I've ever tried a driver with so much toe side forgiveness. If your miss is toe side.....you'd be a little crazy not to try this driver.
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