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  1. These videos are kinda blowing my mind a little. I'm a low single digit, but really don't ever "throw" the club at the top.... I do struggle the most in my game with the longer clubs. Going to def give these feels a try.
  2. Hi All, Is this just one specific video? Where does one get it? Cheers.
  3. 1. City, State. Garnerville, NY2. Handicap. 1. 3. What do you use for distances on the course? Leupold range fonder4. If you use a laser rangefinder, what model do you use? GXi i believe it is.5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  4. I really enjoy it tbh. It was a happy mistake if I'm honest. It used to be setup for a driver. I tried pulling a tip off and inadvertently destroyed the tip of the shaft. So it went from a driver shaft to a fw! lol. It has been really great for me. For reference, I swing at about 110mph with driver if that helps you. It feels linear but quite smooth.
  5. Been struggling with driver consistency this season and I think it could be partly from playing a driver setup that is too long. May I ask you, what is the length of your Max LS shaft from grip end to tip and the finished playing length? Just curious. Thank you!
  6. I've seen and hit the New T200, T100S and T100. I currently play the T100S from 2019/20. In my humble, non scientific eye...... the T100S head seeeeeems (at address) smaller to me than the T100. I'm guessing.....this is a visual trick due to the lower 2 degree loft. My real guess is the heads are essentially the same size. It kinda surprised me a smidge to look down and perceive the T100S head as being smaller. SIDE NOTE: I've only hit and seen the 7 irons.
  7. Great update! Funny, my local head pro also played in the US Sr Open and also missed the cut.
  8. Club Champion White Plains NY I have a stability tour in my backup putter and I’m super curious as to how this shaft plays! Sounds like some great new tech. Firm model. Thank you.
  9. Titleist has been killing it lately and I have no doubt these will be epic new sticks.
  10. Practice with your right hand (assuming you are right handed) on the club only and hit pitches and chips. You will be forced to release the club to use the bounce. After a healthy amount of practice chips, add your left hand back on but retain the same right hands feels and release.
  11. I wouldn’t dare disagree with you, just find your info very interesting. Been fighting a few random driver hooks myself lately. They can be devastating to the round, as they not only crush your given hole but it sneaks in the old noodle. My club face is mostly shut through my swing, so I’m guessing that I’m a different case then you describe here.
  12. Too open when? Sorry, trying to understand at what point you are saying a club face is open and results in a hook? I would assume we are always concerned with the moment of truth, impact.
  13. "Too open" for a hook? Please expand on that....
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