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  1. Its saying you can't accept messages (Like bigharge said) I will take the 3wd and shafts. Send me a PM with your paypal info.
  2. [sup]Do you have the weights for the Big Sur?[/sup]
  3. [quote name='docholiday128' timestamp='1377026774' post='7714104'] how much for that chewed up femur next to the pink driver? Good seller here guys...he just sucks at his day job...lol GLWS [/quote] Damn dog kept wanting to be nosey and in the pictures.
  4. Transmission go boom now I must purge some things that may help ease the pain Will ship next day after payment. First up is a Titleist 910d3 8.5 w/ project x 7c3 73g 6.0. Plays just over 45in. No topline marks. Sandy ball marks on face. Sold! Next is a 3wd Ion Diamana Kai'li 80x5ct X-flex. I wanted an ahina and the pro shop ordered the wrong shaft. I used her for a small range session then had it pulled. 42 1/4 length and 1 1/8 prep and a little left over glue from the ferrule. Golfsmith idiot didn't clean up very well. $75 shipped Next is a aftermarket 910/913 adapte
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