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  1. Are you an attorney? I am although I am in Colorado. And I used to specialise in traffic as a defense attorney and in injuries in civil cases. I looked at the California law briefly and it is not much different from Colorado. And at least here most of us would have received a speeding citation under similar cirumstances. In fact such speed would often result in a reckless driving citation. The notion that he accidently hit the accelerator instead of the brake is pretty unlikely.
  2. The law of speeding has nothing to do with intent. It is strict liability! Not many defenses for driving twice the speed limit.
  3. Law enforcement has accident reconstruction experts and I have utilized many and have some such training myself. You saw the vehicle?!!! Plenty of proof there!
  4. So law enforcement says it was an “accident” and will not issue a citation. I practiced motor vehicle law for 41 years and typically there WOULD be a citation for speeding or careless or reckless driving. Possibly an animal or something appeared suddenly on the roadway which could be a defense, but the accident still involves significant speed, possibly twice the speed limit.
  5. I started playing again about twelve years ago. The irons I used were MacGregor Tourneys from my youth! I got some new irons and based largely on what I read here, I bought Mizuno irons. And they have served me well. I also use Callaway driver and 3 wood, a wonderful Ping hybrid, a Titleist wedge and Cameron putter.
  6. Man I wish I could get a ruling like that when my ball ends up under a tree.
  7. Why was't that Reed's third shot on the first hole?
  8. I try to get to the course as much as possible but it would also be great to have a practice net for both chipping and driving. They are not expensive but I was wondering what size, features and/or brand folks recommend?
  9. I have now played a few rounds with my Ping G400 hybrid. 19*. The club is sweet!
  10. When I first got mine I had similar issues. I pushed the lower right button, got some message about the “bin” or something, and then the watch charged. Have the issue when the battery is drained.
  11. Have a buddy headed to Vegas this week. Gave him some money to put on Virginia, my son’s alma mater. Think I’ll redirect that and put it on Rory in the Masters. After all the college basketball tournament is an amateur affair!
  12. He’s pretty young, a ripped jock and full of himself (which is a requirement in big money sports). Whadda you expect?
  13. Someone described Furyk’s swing as an octopus falling out of a tree!! Gotta admit that although I’m a huge Rory fan, if Furick had won I would have been happy! The second shot on 18 was sensational and you gotta give the announcers credit as the comment was made that if you wanted anyone taking that shot, Furyk is the guy. Happy St. Patrick ‘s Day.
  14. Another thread here involved a senior that wanted more distance. At 73 I found instances last year where I was not getting my 8 out there 150 like I had the year before. So I explored the graphite shaft option. And as in another thread here I honed in on the Mizuno MP 64 that many loved. I saw a set in reasonable condition on eBay that the seller represented as having graphite Project X shafts. I bought them but the shafts are not graphite! I have kept them though because I love the look of the clubs and I swear the shafts are slightly lighter than the set I was playing, MP 59.
  15. Golf waterproofs typically do not have pit zips, no. Not really sure why though, to be honest with you. Golfers often times walk, and that builds up heat inside the jacket. Pit zips would be a good way to dump that heat. As far as a hood is concerned, golf waterproofs typically don't have them either. Again, not sure why. I do have a few Outdoor Research waterproofs that I will rotate into my golf gear, that have both pit zips and a hood. I really like the hood option, as it (obviously) keeps my head dry when walking and playing in the rain. Of course I pull it off/back when hittin
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