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  1. Dude, its Wikipedia. https://www.lifeinnorway.net/scandinavian-countries/ Norway, Sweden and Denmark are the three Scandinavian countries. Finland and Iceland are sometimes included in a broader definition by some, but the correct term for all is the Nordic countries. https://www.scandinaviastandard.com/where-is-scandinavia-a-guide-to-the-scandinavian-countries/ Finland and Iceland are not considered part of Scandinavia geographically. If you’re speaking of a specific current geographic or political context, “Scandinavia” means the region that includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the Faroe Islands. If you’d like to include Finland and Iceland in that same context, use the word “Nordic.” I think thats enough about that topic.
  2. No, it isn't. Scandinavia is Sweden, Norway and Denmark. I guess you didn't even read that wikipedia page.
  3. Finland isn't part of Scandinavia.
  4. Rahm and Na 266, playoff incoming!
  5. 1 hour and 53 minutes for Niemann, 6 minutes faster than Na.
  6. Trying to make new record:
  7. Well Brooksy is already 12 shots behind so propably not him...
  8. JT starting to take that champion form.
  9. Not really, they make drama about everything even when there isn't one. But i get it that it's made mainly for americans to get them get excited about F1.
  10. This is like watching Redzone, everyone making scores!
  11. Nice butterfly birdie from Koepka
  12. What a shot from Hovland!
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