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  1. The MP-68's were $749.99, and the MP-58's were $849.99. This was at a Golf Galaxy in Naperville, IL
  2. Any idea as to what clubs are gonna replace them? I haven't heard or seen anything, and would be very curious to know whats coming next.
  3. I have recently been making my rounds at the local golf stores trying out various irons. Today when I went in to a Golf Galaxy, they had the MIzuno MP-68 and MP-58's marked down. I asked a guy who works there why they were marked down, and was told that they are discontinued. He said they haven't heard yet when new irons are gonna be released. This was the first I had heard of either of those clubs being discontinued, so I was wondering if anybody else had heard this, and maybe has an idea of what Mizuno will be replacing them with.
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