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  1. Thanks for all the help. I was able to get him a set of the current Tour Edge Hot launch at a great price. Can’t wait for him to try them.
  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I’m bidding on some tour edge hot launch now. If they fall through I’ll check into all these options. Keep em coming if you know of any more.
  3. My wife has a set of Tour Edge JMax hybrid irons that my son really likes using. What is available in an all hybrid iron set these days. Her set is too short for him and he needs his own anyway. I’m just at a loss of what to even search for. Thanks for any direction.
  4. My G425 irons had an initial ship date of Feb 22 but I got notification that they shipped today and should be here by the 10th.
  5. I’m not sure how they determine what is available. You could email discount Dan’s and ask if they are available. If you know all the specs you want let them know and they give you the price.
  6. I wonder if the shafts aren’t holding up the order a bit. I ordered mine on 1/13 with the same LZ 5.5’s and have an estimated ship date of 2/22 when others ordering at the same time and after were told they’d receive around launch day. Not a big deal, not playing much or any golf here in PA in Feb.
  7. I’m sure there is a pdf but I use TGW’s website. Go to G425 irons and click on customize. The shafts come up in a pop up box along with the charge for each.
  8. Yep, you can order just the even irons, or odds or whatever combo you choose. I needed up with 5-UW and I’m thinking about adding the SW
  9. You can order whatever irons you want from Ping. Same price buying per iron as buying full set.
  10. I really liked the looks of the G425 irons but was going to save considerable money getting the G410’s (even though I have an irrational hate of red) then was quoted as 10-12 weeks and was not made aware of any backlogs with the G425 so I chose to go that route. I got an email last night stating that the grips I chose were no Ionger available and asked if another model was ok in its place so I hope that’s a good sign.
  11. I was thinking the same thing about the Apex line and I had the specs all lined up more than once. I just couldn’t do it, lol, don’t blame anyone who does though. I really like the looks of them. I went with Project X Lz shafts in the G425’s.
  12. They look great and I was considering the same combo you were 5-7DCB and 8-AW regular, until I saw the price. I saved a couple hundred and ordered Ping G425’s. I know the Pings work for me and we’re the safe bet.
  13. So no noticeable improvement in sound/feel than G410? That’s mainly what I was waiting to hear about. The only other reason that I was holding out for them (and it’s a foolish reason, but this is GolfWRX ) is the badging on the G425 looks better with the shaft graphics on the Project X Lz. That’s half kidding, btw.
  14. Is sounding similar to the G710 a good thing or bad thing? I haven’t hit a G710 so not sure. I want to order a new iron set real bad, but won’t get to demo due to Covid. I’m not so patiently waiting to find out when these will be released to make my decision. Hoping to get more input from guys who get to hit them.
  15. I haven’t gone through each and every post so apologies if this is in here somewhere. Do we have an order date for G425 irons in the US yet? Thanks
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