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  1. As in Massachusetts? If so yes. I’ll ship USPS Priority at that price.
  2. 3rd pic top to bottom - 4, 5, 6, 7 irons 4th pic top to bottom - 8, 9, P, U irons Last pic shows box end with specs as ordered from Ping ship date of 5/8/20 less than 10 rounds on these
  3. Right handed Ping i210 4-9,P,U. Blue dot +1/2” Nippon Modus 105 stiff, standard loft, Golf Pride tour velvet cord grips in Ping’s gold color code (+1/32). Very little use on these. No nicks, dings or dents. $645 shipped in lower 48 states.
  4. How does the black finish typically hold up on steel iron shafts? Particularly Ping AWT 2.0 matte black, but in reality any of the shafts with such a finish. I’m thinking about a set of G710 irons and like the look with black shafts. I understand the iron heads will wear and I’m okay with that, I just wouldn’t be thrilled if the shaft finish wore off from taking clubs out of the bag. Thanks.
  5. Nice set of right handed Ping G410 irons 5-UW. Blue dot, Modus 105 regular flex, gold Ping cord grips, standard length. The 5&6 iron were ordered shorter to keep the 1/2” progressions between clubs. No major marks, just some brush marks on the sole and normal marks on the faces. $550 shipped and insured in continental US.
  6. I agree. They were my favorite of the series. I really liked the G15’s as well but they were hideous.
  7. I do this all the time. Play 18 holes and always trying to beat previous scores. I bring all my clubs though. I tend to hit bump and runs with my 8 iron or 50° wedge. Use my 56° or 60° for flop shots or from the bunkers. I always play at least 3 of my 18 “holes” from the bunker.
  8. Strictly performance based I’d say the G15’s. They were by far the easiest set of irons I’ve ever played. Just giant and butt ugly. I recently went back to G series with the 410’s and they are showing a lot of promise for me. Can’t take down the 15’s yet, though. Looks wise. I’d go i210’s all day.
  9. After a couple of years with the i series I placed an order for some G410’s today. Can’t wait to get some shovels back in the bag.
  10. Ping G series with clean cavity like the i200/i210
  11. Ping i210 4-UW right handed +1/2” green dot, Nippon Modus 105 stiff shafts, Lamkin crossline cord midsize grips (logo down), set was ordered power spec but I took the bands off when I got the irons. Great shape, no nicks, dings, etc... ***sold*** Glide 2.0 wedges right handed +1/2” green dot, Nippon Modus 105 stiff shafts, Lamkin Crossline Cord midsize grips, standard lofts. 54° ss, 58° es, some brush marks on bottom from bunkers but no nicks, dings, etc... ***sold*** Ping G400 19° hybrid right handed, standard length/loft/lie. Tour 85 stiff shaft, Lamkin Crossline midsize (non cord).
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