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  1. They’re more than I would spend on golf shoes normally to be honest. They probably wouldn’t look too cool when I’m constantly in the bushes, ponds, etc.
  2. I wish! Every time I’ve ever checked they always sell out so fast. I just grabbed a couple random sizes. cram into the 10, fashion is more important than comfort. ???
  3. Picked up a few of these. BNIB. These sold out quick. mens sizing 7.5 9 9.5 10 x 2 looking for $350 OBRO
  4. moved a couple pairs. Here's what's left. Prices are best offer and shipping is from Canada. Can accept PayPal or trades. Oakley Two Face Ferrari - worn once, way too big for my head. Excellent shape. $125 Oakley Jupiter carbon - great like new shape. Also way too big for my head. Comes with Oakley hard case. $150 Ray Ban new wayfarer white 55 - excellent shape $100 Could be open to trades for Scotty Red X/X2, futura phantom mallet CS. Players CB irons with light weight regular shafts. etc. Would also be interested in a TM driver head. 9-10.5 degrees.
  5. Picked these up recently and they aren't the right fit. Someone can use them I'm sure. Tried one shoe on once. $70 firm. http://www.puma.com/golf/products/cell-fusion-2# http://www.overstock.com/Sports-Toys/Puma-Mens-Cell-Fusion-2-Black-Silver-Golf-Shoes/6622844/product.html#product-detail Could be tempted in a trade for a nice cart bag or 60* TM XFT wedge. These gotta go!
  6. I'll take the nike polos at the asking price plus $5 extra for shipping to Canada. PM me and I will send PayPal ASAP.
  7. [quote name='pauleywauley' timestamp='1343913379' post='5395502'] sent PM [/quote] Never received.
  8. Wrote a long post and my phone ate it. Awesome. Coles notes: 20XI-S 5 dozen Come in 2 ball packs (you can see them behind the drivers, this listing is all for S model) I'll post a picture of the whole lot when I get home. $100 plus actual shipping OBO Trade interests: Cameron futura phantom mallet CS with HC Cameron las Vegas cover (with LV sign only, not slots or whatever else) Polo shirt - premium small/medium TM R11s hat Rocketballs headcover for driver Newer model 4/5 wood. Regular or stiff with high launch 56/60 wedge set. Would really like scratch with the skull logo stamped
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