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  1. Not much up here in the Bradenton area. Cool clubs at IMG has been around a few years but I don’t think I’ve ever heard one positive review of that place, indoors as well. Club champion just opened at university but they can be hit or miss depending on who they have working at the facility. I’ve heard there is an outdoor fitting at true spec in St. Pete but not heard any reviews. You can call around to a few of the nicer clubs with grass ranges but a lot of courses down here have ranges into ponds and hit floating limited flight balls or they hit off mats.
  2. Thanks, that was what I was hoping it would do. So far so good, lots of happy buyers. I only had to refund one payment and the member was very understanding since it was straight forward.
  3. A couple items up for sale tonight. With some of the drama I've seen occurring on the BST I am going to try something others have used but I have not. My paypal address is [email protected] ... 1st to pay gets the item, any subsequent payments will be refunded. All I ask is that if you send payment you make a post to let others know. I will mark items sold as quickly as I can. 1.) Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro heads, 4-PW, Standard loft and lie. .355t hosel. Good shape, only normal wear from play. At the request of a few I have added face pictures of all the
  4. Sik golf relocated out of Orange County national last year to shingle creek so there is an open building/space there currently. They talked earlier about the location they were moving to was pretty much a move in ready location.
  5. I only had ball data to go off of so no recorded SS to get smash factor. I wish I would have saved some of the numbers but I was not happy with the results at all so I deleted them all and moved on. I do recall a few 7i shots that I nuked with the B RSX’s that went like 180 and only had 4000 spin.
  6. So first off I wanted to thank all that replied with constructive information/advice. I hit the LM today with my 7i, driver, a sleeve of prov1’s, Tour B RXS’s, and TP5’s. The short of it is I set my driver to neutral settings as I previously played it lofted down to open the face. The prov1 performed great as usual, the tp5 had slightly more spin but launched lower for me than the prov1, the B RXS was stupid low spin off irons and driver and I hated the feel and results. I’ll post driver comparisons for the prov1 and the tp5. The end result is I made the determinati
  7. Decent angle on my 7i is usually around 46*. I’m headed to the LM tomorrow to try a couple of these balls and see if that does the trick but if I don’t see the increases I’m looking for on the driver I will end up trading my 9* tsi3 head for the 10*. I haven’t lofted the current head up because I’m not a fan of closed club faces as I play a strong grip and from address it just looks like the ball is going to go 45* left immediately with it closed.
  8. Thanks! I’ll add the tp5 to my list to try. I’m headed back to the LM on Friday and I’ll grab a sleeve of tp5’s along with the Tour B Rxs’ that were recommended. I will let you guys know my thoughts after.
  9. Driver mainly but if I gain some on full iron shots it wouldn’t be the worst thing. I hit a 32* t100s 7i 160 carry at 5500 rpm
  10. I was incorrect on this then, thought you were talking about the most current retail offering.
  11. Fragile, no. Call it as I see it, yes. The question the thread was premised on was straight forward, some balls spin more than others. I ask, got some good responses and one that was not helpful at all...I’ll let you guess which one that was. Thanks for your insight and your wasted words. I’ll be done replying to you now and in the future.
  12. Apparently not. Care to throw any other thinly veiled insults whilst pumping yourself up?
  13. Lol. How dare you besmirch me. I think you hit the nail on the head though that I am just not wanting to do. My current setup is a TSi3 9* with autoflex sf505. Launch and spin are both low and going to the 10* head will probably solve my issues. Launch avg is about 12* and spin avg is about 1800. If I could get to 14* and 2200 I’d be happy.
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