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  1. Not sure re lefty, but only one shaft option DG105 Black.
  2. Heard they are coming out in June.... if anyone has any pics, please share....
  3. Any news if TM will release a black version of its Gen2 P790 irons, like they did in 2019 for the previous generation P790s?
  4. Hoping Taylormade finally lets us customize the drivers, like callaway and their own putters and wedges etc.... maybe they should let the consumer to that to irons as well. Fingers crossed.
  5. Heard PXG is skipping Gen 3 Drivers and Fairways (due to proto drivers); GEN 4 Drivers and Fairways to be released soon? ANY INFO?
  6. Any info on release date for the public?
  7. ZipCore!!!! Yes. Can't wait.... pics whenever anyone can get their hands on some, pahlease.
  8. Well the G410plus prices were just reduced....usually a sign of a new offering on the horizon....
  9. Any news, pics, info re Ping's new driver offering?
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