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  1. As long as I have an insulated vest (ZR, North Face Thermoball are my currents), I am good all winter long. My arms just don't get cold, so I am fine with a LS compression shirt, whatever 1/4 zip I would wear when its 55 and the vest. Up top: a gaiter/buff and a touque. My issues are my hands. I bought a bunch of disposable handwarmers at COSTCO and am thinking about one of those handwarmers that football players use (https://www.titleist.com/golf-gear/accessories/winter-gear/hand-warmer).
  2. IMO, Sheep Ranch just needs to grow in a bit, but it is 100% must play for me. If I was planning a trip, and SR wasn't available, I would find other dates when it was.
  3. That includes time "waiting" to check in to get your car.
  4. Pro-tip: there is a packie with an even better selection of NW crafts across the street, but it was closed when we rolled in around 9pm.
  5. Paging @dcmidnight as your go-to for Scotland trip info.
  6. This is true. Caddies surely made a big difference, and moderation (however you define it) in extracurriculars will go a long way. For me, a few beers and lights out by 11 was plenty. Traveling with only one other person, and us both falling on the misanthropic end of the socialization scale, it was pretty easy.
  7. If you walk 99% of your rounds here, you will have no problems with conditioning in Bandon. I don't know what it is, adrenaline or something, but I can't recall ever feeling tired in our 8 days/4 rounds, even with the mental stress of all the fog we got. I can't recall ever even thinking about it, except after round 8 when DC I both agreed we would have no problem playing another 36 the next day. The place is that exhilarating.
  8. I think a vest is absolutely essential. Keeps the core warm and doesn’t restrict you whatsoever.
  9. Best Round: 78 at Bandon Trails including a double on the driveable par 4 14th. Day 1, round 2 of the trip and really the only nice weather round we got all trip. No birdies, but the wind was down and the course was playing firm and was striping the 3 iron off a good number of tees to get in position for easy pars. Probably lipped a half dozen putts that round. Best Course: Would be easy to say one of the Bandon courses, but I'm not sure which I would pick (SR or BD probably). So I'll pick Hyannisport, a turn of the century Donald Ross design on Cape Cod. Clubhouse is at t
  10. That's unfortunate. I love my PQ pants, and their customer service was top notch.
  11. Ha. Nope, haven't played it. Tend to gravitate to the the older courses out there. And by "gravitate" I mean, "my old man knows people."
  12. Yup. Those are most of the exercises I was given in my post-surgery PT.
  13. I have aligned the line on my ball to the target off the tee forever, which just goes to show it isn't a panacea. But it helps my OCD.
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