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  1. Another vote for Sharkbite Cafe. Sick fish tacos.
  2. Had a couple iron lofts adjusted at Golfdom (Tysons) last week (I do most of my own work, but don't have a loft/lie machine). Guy doing the work was very meticulous and even offered to clean up a couple sloppy ferrules for me.
  3. Like DC, I ranked OM as my least favorite of the 5, yet regret only playing it once, b/c I am about 95% sure I'll love it next time I play it. Personally, I would want to give it 2 cracks before playing a third round on one of the other courses, if only to make sure I gave it a fair shake.
  4. Yes. Garmin worked perfectly fine, and from what I could tell, my caddie appreciated that I could think about my shot before he arrived at my ball and that he could he could occasionally confirm the ballpark of the number he was getting. I also appreciated that I could always quickly get the number to the front without having to ask.
  5. Under usual circumstances, I'd agree. Bandon is just different. The vibe, the courses, the views make it a lot less taxing. The most indispensable thing I brought (other than my IDGAF attitude toward my score) was a foot massage ball (like this).
  6. +1 on Shark Bite in Coos Bay. The pizza at Bandon Brewering Co. is more than servicable (or was 2 years ago).
  7. I played the XTD A-Tours for 3 years and moved seamlessly into Titleist Ap2-716s and then Cally Apex Pro 19 with little to no problem (though the Apex Pro 19s we're LONG so I had to recalibrate my distances). I would think that any decent low offset players CB would work. I have to admit, I stubbornly stuck with the A Tours because of their uniqueness. Once I switched, realized how "hard" they had felt.
  8. Big ABC fan here. I've tried all the imitators and, IMHO, none compare (ie fit me as well) except maybe Rhone Commuters, which are almost at the same price point.
  9. This jacket is sick. If it’s the least bit waterproof, it’s a steal of the century.
  10. Nobody likes a quitter, DC. Maybe you should apply that principal to putters.
  11. Yeah. I have probably 10 LS pieces and have never paid 50% of retail. I find their sizing a little inconsistent, but I saw the rain jacket reviewed as running big, so I pulled the trigger. If it doesn't fit, there is no chance I don't make it back on Ebay or somewhere like that.
  12. Nice. I got the same jacket and a vest. $38 OTD.
  13. Paging @ALTSean Linksoul Garage sale! /edit. Should have known he'd be on it.
  14. I suspect that they can't sell them online due to MAP from Yeti. If you can get one online from BD for $20, why would anyone buy them for $30 anywhere else? Not that I have checked out the BD website every other day since the announcement. Which may, or may not, have resulted in yet another pro shop purchase that may or may not have included one of the aforementioned buffs (and a couple packs of the new branded Western Birch tees). I'll surely be hitting up the crew headed out in the fall for a couple Yetis.
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