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  1. I have asked myself this same question over the past couple of years as I considered a MLM (Mevo, Rapsodo). And at the end of the day, I always defer, due to 2 factors: (1) Inability to measure face and path (2) I'd be using it at a range with balls that bear no resemblance to the ball I play on course, so it would be of questionable use for locking in my distances. That said, I spent some good time at an indoor facility with trackman this winter and it really identified the flaws in my swing (path) and showed me what I needed to correct.
  2. Max waist size 36? GTFOH. Otherwise, I would have pulled the trigger immediately.
  3. I have gotten really good results with the SIM2 Max (coming from M5).
  4. Just to be clear, use a power chop saw, not a hand hacksaw, for a far cleaner cut and less splintering. I suspect a dremel w/ cutting wheel would work as well. As Tex said, tape is key.
  5. Totally agree on "unmowed areas". It's completely insane and indicative of laziness/unwillingness to properly groom the course and/or manage the pace of play. If the course doesn't want to work hard enough on proper conditioning, I'm not going to spend my money there.
  6. FWIW, the impression we got when we were there (from Shoe) is that they preferred people transport their own clubs, but I suspect that they will, if you ask, because they'll pretty much do anything you ask. We had our own car, and wanted to drive from course to course, so it wasn't an issue whatsoever.
  7. That's it. That's the sale. No head cover. SOLD
  8. I'd agree with this take wholeheartedly. But for the Straits being the "tournament" course, I might rank Irish over the Straits.
  9. Titleist? I always just assumed you had a 13 club deal w/TM.
  10. LOL. I always make sure to advise my caddie that it's not that I am not trying to follow his advice, it's just that I can't actually hit the ball where he is telling me to.
  11. We flew as a twosome in October. Had no problem with any of the people we were paired with (and we were paired with a couple twosomes for multiple rounds). I think played with probably 10 different players over our 8 rounds. Only outlier was "I came all this way, I might as well play back" guy (we were all playing greens), but it really wasn't too bad. I think your instincts are spot on. The travel and $$ required limits the "Brads and Chads" who just want pound beers and hack around.
  12. Planning a full 18 tomorrow. Havent played since October and am 100% committed to a single thought (which has never seen the light of day on a golf course). It's gonna be wild......
  13. Let's talk. I have a PTO day I need to burn next week.......
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