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  1. OP mentioned he got it used from Edwin Watts, Very possible that the previous owner damaged the face or flattened it and traded it in hoping they wouldn't notice(which they didn't). I know he mentioned that he had good shots initially, but maybe he was missing the flat spot on the face for those shots... Just my conspiracy theory CP
  2. Ordered last Thursday and I just got email saying it has shipped. When I track it, it shows out for delivery today. CP
  3. Parents bought me a set of Cobra SSi 3-PW my junior year of high school. 2002-2003. I graduated to these from a set of Ping Zing 2 I borrowed from my uncle. Think they were $699 or $799. About a year later I got a Cobra 380ss driver. Man I miss that thing...JK its in the garage. maybe i'll give it a whirl next round. CP
  4. Ordered Thursday 10/21 and still shows Order Processing....
  5. Same. I ordered Thursday and still says order processing. I selected NDMC white midsize grip, so as others have said maybe that is holding it up... I'll be damned if i'm gonna call and inquire out of fear that they pull my order upon realizing their second no upcharge mistake. CP
  6. you SOBs..... Order placed for 19* CP
  7. Can someone enlighten me on the whole Ventus shaft thing? Is callaway going to offer at no upcharge? Did PGASS mess up and offer at no upcharge? I was originally confused at the RDX black stock shaft as I wouldn't expect a club like the UW to be paired with a "Low/Low" shaft. I would have assumed it would be paired with the RDX Blue Thanks CP
  8. I'm curious on how similar this plays to the baffler. I have a baffler in the backup bag and am wondering if there is much to be gained by going for the UW... CP
  9. I'm curious on how similar this plays to the baffler. I have a baffler in the backup bag and am wondering if there is much to be gained by going for the UW... CP
  10. Good Morning everyone. Has anyone had a chance to hit the Callaway UW? (apologies if already a thread, did a quick forum search and found nothing) From pictures this club looks like it would be great as a 5 wood, and i've been searching for something compact to swap out with my DI. CP
  11. I moved from Stiff to X about 4 years ago in everything. Helped my game tremendously. Could i play a stiff flex? YES, but i like the added stability of X. Although like others have mentioned above, there is no standard for flex....
  12. OP you're speaking my language. I yearn for straight leading edge on a wedge. I'm due for some new wedges and that is pretty much my main criteria. The new TM MG3 wedges look to have a pretty straight edge to my eye. Anyone have experience with the MG3??\ CP
  13. I would play them, BUT I would prefer a little less offset and a thinner topline. Maybe a little more squarish toe as well. I'm very particular. CP
  14. I am about to make the switch to the TM MG3 wedges from Vokey SM7. I prefer the straight leading edge & more square toe shape of the MG3 to the "roundish" shape of Vokey and other wedges. I should add i'm starting off by replacing my 52* first as its the oldest. SM6 CP
  15. OP, I play the MB-001 4-PW. Currently play to a 7-8 HCP. I have no issue hitting these at all. Coming from Mizuno MP-64. Not a whole lot of difference between the 2 in terms of forgiveness. IMO Do yourself a favor and get the Miuras, you will not regret it.
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