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  1. haha Yes, so I am a little biased. Do they truly outperform others? Prob not, but everybody has a different interpretation of performance. What sold me on them was the attention to detail and the story & process behind the father & sons working together. I am a sucker for stuff like that as my brother & I joined the family business once we were of age. CP
  2. Here she is in all her beauty! CP
  3. 10hcp Callaway Epic Flash set to 16* Hazardous Green
  4. i normally use my SW--56* for 100 & in. i just find i'm much more comfortable varying my shots with a SW than hitting full LW at say 90yds. CP
  5. FYI i ordered my SIM2 Max driver on April 10. Original ship date was 6/11 Called and had them remove the grip i selected (that was the hold up) Was then told 5/20 date. Got an email yesterday that said my item had shipped. CP
  6. 2 years ago I found a cobra baffler on the used rack for 39.99. that’s back when they had just come out 6 months or so before. scooped it up and ran to the register. CP
  7. Went to local PGASS today and was able to buy the last midsize Z grip they had. So I’ll have it ready when my driver comes in. I was blown away by the lack of grip availability! CP
  8. I owe you one @IUPGolf Just called and had them send stock grip and it took 3 weeks off build time. I'll just put preferred grip on at golf shop once it gets here. Thanks again. CP
  9. I ordered a 9* Max on April 10th AV Raw blue X flex with Z grip midsize Nothing special. Everything else is standard. estimated to arrive June 10th I'll prob forget I ordered it by the time it gets here... CP
  10. I’ve had the F9 for about 2 years now and have never gotten along with it. Just didn’t suit my swing I guess. I went back to an LTD head and it’s just so much better for me. Think the main reason was I put a low/low shaft in the F9, but have a mid/mid shaft in the LTD. I’ve got a SIM2 on order, so we’ll see how that goes... CP.
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