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  1. Interesting question. I don’t think I feel the need to look at anything - I’m looking at the club face and ball before I start the swing but I think my intent to swing or the shot I’m trying to create consumes my focus once the swing starts.
  2. I’ve never been a great iron player, but I want a compact shape and while I hit the ball reasonably far, a little extra pop in the 4-7 is nice. Callaway apex pro 19 just ticks all my boxes and doesn’t punish slight misses too badly
  3. I have the Gapr lo 3 (predecessor to the UDi as I understand) turned down to 19 and I really love it off the tee but do not love it off the turf - it’s fine for advancing the ball down the fairway on a very long par 5, but I don’t feel good about trying to hit a green with it. I have an extra spot in the bag and I was thinking to try the Callaway Apex ut 19* in that spot for attacking par 5s & the longest of par 3’s. All of that to say that I’m thinking they may be nicely complimentary if you have the bag space, so I’ll be interested to hear comments here.
  4. Yes, in theory, there were some considerations - you could book an hour but couldn’t go into a second hour unless there was nobody waiting or some such. Don’t remember how fittings figured into it. I went to the store in East Palo Alto, which was 5 minutes away from my house and 5 mins away from the course I played at (Baylands) and it was amazingly convenient. I never encountered any issues walking in and starting straightaway. I may have waited five minutes once. IIRC, they had 7 bays.
  5. In my opinion, it’s more of a feel thing, but I have PX 6.0 (19 Apex pro’s) in 4/5 and 6.5 in 6 -> wedge and I like that a lot. I don’t find a ton of difference in the 6.5 and the 6.0 - I notice the weight difference a little (only 5g) and I do prefer the feel and flight on the mid-short irons with the 6.5 I think this setup is getting me the best distance and flight throughout the bag - I picked up a few yards on the 7/8/9/PW by going to the 6.5.
  6. They used to (at least as of a couple years ago) have a $150 annual “membership” for unlimited practice bay practice, which was a great value. If I had one nearby I’d definitely do it.
  7. I needed this thread as a support group. I’ve been holding fast on my M5 - I find the weight tracks useful and last year I’ve had the strongest driving performance of my life with this club. Dying to buy a stealth, but by the time I fork out for retail, plus the shaft I’d want plus a fitting fee, I could drive down for a short trip to Bandon or play several rounds at Chambers Bay - and that’s probably money better spent. I’m going to try to wait until the second iteration of Stealth and whatever Titleist comes out with next and pick something from that group.
  8. I go 47.10f, 54.14 F, and 60.4 T (vokey) and I really like it because I find it makes me feel a lot more committed to the shot because there aren’t a lot of options. I also feel like I hit the shot that a 50 wedge would be for better with the 47* than I do with the 50, and it’s a easier to move the ball left or right with the 47.
  9. What confuses me a little about this sort of theory of the swing is, what is the role of the trail foot in the downswing? Is it to push (imagine you’re standing in a clock) to 4/5? If so, when? In practice it feels like once the right pocket is all the way back and you’re recentering/shifting pressure to lead foot, it’s hard to do anything much with the trail foot.
  10. I fully expect this driver will increase ball speed, swing speed, height, income, credit rating, as well as lower mortgage payments, and cure male-pattern baldness.
  11. Anybody gone back to the thread on what we later learned was the OG Sim in late 2019 and compared the claims on forgiveness and ball speed? I’m sure it’ll be a great driver and I’ll probably upgrade from my M5 but if the increases were what the gossip says, you could hit 180 ball speed with a 115 swing speed by now.
  12. I generally always hit off mats (almost no grass ranges in WA) and last summer I bought a pair of NikeCourt (actual) tennis shoes and they really gave me what I was looking for in terms of structure. They don’t roll at all when I torque my foot or push laterally - very pleased with them.
  13. Even for those who can reach a 280-320 yard green, a question is, “how much does it really matter?” I can hit the ball pretty far, but in a normal round if there’s a 300-320 yard hole, I’ll just pull the driving iron or 3 wood and keep it moving. I’ve still got a pitch shot into the green - who cares? It’s not like I’m in US Open qualifying. Also, personally, if I’m on the green on a 300 yard hole and someone’s tee shot dribbles onto the fringe or front, my only reaction is to turn around & clap. If you can carry it farther than that on the regular, that’s a little different but there aren’t that many people out there that can.
  14. I had looked at this place last year, but it looks like they’ve updated their website since then - it wasn’t clear to me that this was something they offered. thanks!
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