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  1. I think a lot of it just mental and course management. A year ago I was just living and dying by every shot. After watching Dustin Johnson last year shoot some 80s in competition and also play some of the most sublime golf I've ever seen, I wanted to learn from him what was transferable. See ball, hit ball - the last shot is in the past and doesn't matter, so be present and focused on every shot. Also I was having a really hard time last year being comfortable on the course because I was too invested in the result. Of course I want to shoot around par every time, but now I try to take the a
  2. What amazes me is the number of balls people hit. I see people who don't appear to have any specific aim to their practice sometimes doubling up on 120-ball buckets. Sounds painful.
  3. I'm swinging Callaway Apex Pro 19's (no dots) in 4-9 w/px 6.0 in 4-6 and 6.5 in 7-9. I like the setup - based on a 43* 9-iron, distance is good and I'm hitting them plenty high throughout the bag. I paired them with a Bridgestone tour BXS last season to good results. The one thing I will say is that the feel in the 8 & 9 is not anything special. I kind of prefer the very solid thwack from the cupface in the 4-7, though I think it makes it a little hard to tell the difference between a pretty good strike and dead effing center.
  4. I also go 46(to 47) - 54 - 60 in vokeys. Far prefer the look of a vokey 46 to a set PW. One thing I like is if I'm using the 47* to cover a 110-120 shot its easier to give the shot a little shape to the right or left, and easier to hit something with lower spin that will land below the hole and release a little. 105-115 can be a little tricky to get exactly right, but its a skill that isn't so hard to learn.
  5. The first time I tried to use mine, I had it positioned so that the bottom of my phone leaned against an edge at the front of the device and as a result it was pointing too far up -- it really has to fit in that notch with the sticker on top. I don't know what else to say except read the manual again, make sure you've updated software and firmware, and call customer support if all else fails. I think its a pretty good product for what it does.
  6. Around July I began losing distance, the longer the club, the bigger the difference, and I couldn't identify the source of the problem. I was going through a career change and unable to justify the time and money spent on golf, so I was only getting out to play once every 3 weeks. By the end of October, right before the end of the season, I could play a bit more and was hitting the ball solidly, but struggling to touch 280 with driver and 215 with my 4 iron. While those are certainly workable numbers, I knew I had a lot more in the tank because I always had, and as recently as the spring w
  7. I hit a fade from the time I was a small kid and after an uncle gave me his original 1970s copy of Jack Nicklaus's book at around 13, I cultivated it. About 15 months ago, I decided I wanted to hit a draw. In all those years I played a fade, I never suffered the control issues I developed hitting a draw. When it's going well, its really powerful, and I'm sure if I played golf for a living I could keep it under control, but when its going badly, the feeling of standing on the tee and not knowing where the ball is going(high push/block? pull-draw? snap hook?) is really tough. On
  8. What has come naturally to me since I was a kid was an out-to-in swing path. My torso just wants to unwind from the top in a way that delivers the club like that. I always played a fade because of this, but when I started chasing the higher AOA, I found a draw worked pretty well with that (plus it seemed sexy) but even then, I would often come down from the top in a way that would deliver a flight that started dead straight and then moved left a bit. I also took note of how, during the Masters, DJ seemingly eliminated the left half of the course and thought if my body wants to hit a cut, ma
  9. This is great stuff. A year ago I started playing after years away, got up to speed on the buzz of current thought on hitting the ball, got myself a modern driver and trained myself to hit way up on the ball with a very inside-to-outside path. I'm not sure where my AOA was, as I never had access to a launch monitor to track it, but launch was really high and I had my M5 turned down to ~7.5 and I couldn't understand why so many pros were using 9-10* of loft on their drivers. Especially Rory, who seemed like the poster child of this style of driver swing. This worked great at ti
  10. I think there's a real question of frequency vs amount. I heard a teacher say once that with practice, like medicine, you want the minimum effective dose. Every time I go to the driving range a the muni near my house, I see guys pounding literally hundreds of balls, and I don't think they're doing themselves any favors, especially when its just ball after ball. I hit 35-70 balls in most (4-6 times a week) practice sessions and try to spend a lot of time rehearsing parts of the swing or feels I'm trying to achieve. Those slow movements also don't cost your back anything.
  11. 2001, one of my first tournaments in high school at a course I liked. Shot -3 on the front 9, feeling great and ready to go out and get my first win. There was a backup at the turn; a group on the tee and two in front of us waiting to go. I ate a hamburger and waited. I shot +7 on the back 9. I was devastated and it destroyed my confidence for the rest of that season. I'll never eat a hamburger, or anything heavier than a PB+J, during a round ever again.
  12. Do I need a lob wedge? No. I started the year with a 46, 50, 54 vokeys and a 58* TM milled grind, which I bought because I had literally never played another brand of wedge besides vokey in my life. I didn't care for the TM so I gave it to my brother. I ditched the 50* around August because for the yardage I hit that club, its easier for me to take a short swing with the 46* and control spin by swinging faster or slower. My 54 M grind is a fine club that can do nearly anything pretty well, but in late summer the ground is hard here and on some courses with tight lies around the
  13. TM M5 9* set between 7.75 and 9 depending on what’s going on with my swing. Never had much trouble hitting up on it enough to deal with lower loft, mostly thinking about opening the face to help avoid a left miss.
  14. I was experiencing something very similar for most of this year. I got fitted into some irons with PX 6.0 and that helped, but I was still hitting the ball too high and not far enough. Moreover, if I needed to get a little extra juice out of a short/mid iron, mostly the ball would just go higher/spin more. So I worked on presenting less loft at impact and my 8 iron carry distance has gone from ~155 to near 170 and the gains go all the way up to about the 6 iron. The steeper attack angle has also helped my ball striking overall. Flight was still a bit high, so I got some PX 6.5s for the
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