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  1. Conversely, I’ve wondered if the British press follows Harris English?
  2. Hey y’all. I’ve got a 33” Odyssey Stroke Lab (black, late 2019) R ball putter for sale. Good condition, white grip appears a little dirty, and there are a few very small flecks of paint missing on toe and heel from doing the tee gate drill. Comes with original headcover. Let’s start with $150 shipped. Reasonable offers will be entertained. Price drop: $115 shipped
  3. Yep! I’ve been lusting after some of the newest stuff but I’ve had such good results with it that I just can’t justify the expense. I think it’ll be staying in the bag till it the next round of releases, or until it cracks.
  4. I’ve got 47-> 54 -> 60. I really prefer hitting 120-126 with my 47 than with my 54 or a hypothetical 51. I recently realized I don’t really have a 130 shot and need to work on shaving only 8-10 yards off the 47.
  5. I don't mind a 4-4.5 hour round at all. However, in my opinion, the number 18 is not sacred and I routinely dip out after 12-14 holes (which is made convenient by my course's layout) on weekdays unless I'm playing really well and/or need to post a score. Helps keep the mrs happy. I'll take this one further and suggest that the slavish devotion to the 18-hole golf course doesn't make sense to me. If you could have a great 15-hole course or a cramped 18-hole course, why wouldn't you want that? If the course isn't/won't be used in a USGA, PGA, or NCAA context, it doesn't matter.
  6. I put a Vokey 60* T in the bag a few weeks ago and I am very pleased. The club itself will certainly never prevent you from getting the face under the ball. Haven't gotten to take it anywhere with shaved areas around the greens, but I look forward to it. As a bonus, I only waited about 2 weeks to receive it, while I'm still waiting on a 54 F.
  7. Also, honestly, for a golfer with a certain amount of skill, it’s just not that hard to use as long as you’re not playing in super soft conditions. I’ve started using mine on full shots with good results
  8. I didn’t play for nearly ten years, and while I hit really good shots on the range within a few weeks, on-course performance has been a long road. Still haven’t carded anything better than 75, but I went 3 under on the back nine the other day after missing two weeks of play and putting up a +7 on the front. That’s golf!
  9. I switched last year from the r7 tp’s I’d had since college to Apex 19 pro. Honestly the biggest difference was going from s300 shafts to PX 6.5, which I love. All things equal, I bet the 4 iron is 5 yards longer but for the most part, if you’re hitting the middle of the club face you’re hitting the middle of the club face and it doesn’t matter. That being said I love the new irons and no regrets on switching
  10. Recently at Chambers Bay on the 12th hole I blew my drive off the planet to the right, but I ended up with a decent lie on packed dirt/gravel up on on the access road. Couldn’t see the green, didn’t really know the yardage, so I took a 47*, thought hard about where I believed the flag was, and swung away. I hit it to 10 feet and made the putt.
  11. I think the thing to learn is that short game magic is awesome and a huge asset but runs out and if you lean on it too hard, it’ll crumble more often than not.
  12. I’m in the process of making a similar change, because I lost control of how much I was closing the club face while having an idea of rolling my wrists closed in the swing. Jake Hutt, an Instagram-famous golf teacher in California, recommended the idea of thinking about throwing a frisbee to give you an idea of what your hands are doing with the bowed wrist approach, which I found really helpful.
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