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  1. Hey guys , gonna be out on the vegas strip for a few days and would like to his up a driving range with launch monitors available. Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Holderness and Bourne …. Classy / good fit but expensive and I don’t find it that breathable on hot days . Rhoback ….. length of shirt runs a little small , I think they are more designed to be worn untucked , quality is good though . adidas climacool ….. best shirt out there on really hot days but I find gets mangled after a few washes . FJ very solid all around but the styles and colours I find to be a little on the “ old man “ side . For me best overall shirts are the RLX polo shirts . Great styles , great on hot days and great fit ( for me anyways ) and I am in no way a mr universe body .
  3. Vijay in his prime was a poor putter by tour standards, he just hit it longer and closer more often than anyone else.
  4. 1. Scotty Cameron Newport prototype 1.5 RH 35" . Black pearl finish on shaft and head. I believe there were 2003 made of these in 2003. Has been used a few times in play , is in excellent shape would rate 9.5 / 10 . Original Proto headcover included ! Asking $1100 $900 $825 $775shipped to USA or Canada. FYI, putter coming from Canada so American buyers could be responsible for duty / taxes. 2. Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5 RH 35" . Putter is in excellent shape but missing some cherry paint-fill as seen in photo. Would rate 8/10 . New Scotty grip installed recently . Asking $340 $220 shipped. SOLD 3. Tiitleist TSI4 head 9 degree. Head is in as good as new shape, would rate 9.5 / 10 . Hit on range a few times. Asking 400$ shipped. SOLD 5. Project X Hzrdus smoke green 80G " small batch " TX FW shaft. Playing length will be 42.5 inches with titleist tip . Not sure of tipping but believe it has been tipped 0.5. Shaft is basically news , asking 300$ $230 $200 shipped. SOLD 6. Graphite Design Tour AD XC 80X FW shaft with Titleist tip . Playing length is 43 inches, has not been tipped. As good as new, asking 325 $ 275 $225 $200 $175 shipped. 7. A set of 4 NWOT FJ pants. Size 36x34.............Colours are Being, Navy , Grey and Stone . Would prefer to save on shipping and sell all together , asking 210$ shipped.SOLD pin 9/23
  5. Project x shafts are back ordered . 2 months for me on some CB irons was told .
  6. 1. TSI 2 hybrid 21 degrees. Playing length is a hair under 40 inches, call it 39 7/8. Fujikura Ventus Black hybrid shaft 10 X W/ Titleist tip. Club is mint , hit maybe 10 / 15 times. Asking 375$ shipped. SOLD 2. GD Design AD DI 95X Hybrid shaft tipped 1.5 inches. Playing length when installed is 40.75 inches. Titleist tip , asking 150$ shipped. Shaft is like new. SOLD 3. GD Design AD DI 95X Hybrid shaft tipped 0.5 inches. Playing length when installed is 40.5 inches. Titleist tip , asking 150$ shipped.. Shaft is like new. 4. GD AD IZ Driver shaft 7X playing 45 inches , untipped. Shaft is like new , titleist tip, hit on range only. Asking 325$ 275$ 195$ shipped. SOLD 5. GD AD GP Driver shaft 7X playing 45 inches, untipped. Shaft is like new , titleist tip , hit on range only. Asking 325$ 275$...........195$ shipped. 6 . Stitch Golf Monte Carlo tour driver headcover, NWT. Asking 80$40 shipped.SOLD 7. Lot of 10 Iomic sticky 2.3 black / black grips. New in Plastic. Asking 100$ shipped. SOLD 8 . TS2 3 wood head , 15 degrees. This head has had a full season of use. Asking 90$ ,,,,,,,,60$ shipped. SOLD pin 9/7
  7. Just switched from VB to this, both 7x . Spin and launch is similar but the M9003 is just way smoother and easier to work the ball . I could only play fades or cuts with VB , if ever I try to turned it over the duck hook showed up . for me M9003 clear winner .
  8. Which brings up another questions , will a titleist FW adapter fit into a hybrid head ? I thought it would.......?
  9. Thanks guys …. I have a black 9x wood shaft in a 5 wood and instead of buying the hybrid version was just gonna put the 5 wood shaft in my 18 degree hybrid and for the life of me can’t find anywhere on the Fuji website what the difference would be . When talking about head weight , I assume a hybrid head is quite a bit lighter than a fw wood head .? Thanks .
  10. There is a 9x black ventus and a 9x black hyrbid. Lets assume I made them both 41 inches........what would the difference be between the 2 ?
  11. I have used them both , for me the GD was much more consistent and easier to hit while maintaining low launch and spin .
  12. In the same flex and same weight, what would the difference between these two shafts be ? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hey guys , anyone know what the difference in head weight is between the 620 MB and the 620 CB irons ? Appreciate the help on this , thanks.
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