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  1. 1 . 3 NIB Rhoback extra large polos. all 3 for 175$ shipped or 60$ per shirt OBO. SOLD 2. New with plastic Titleist MB 3 iron , Project X 7.0 shaft , 1/2 inch long and 2 degrees upright. 200$ 160$ shipped OBO. There is no grip currently installed. 3. Fujikura Ventus 10X black . tip to butt 41.5 inches , Perfect for Fairway wood. Titleist tip, hit on range only........250$ OBO shipped. SOLD 4. New Tensei AV raw White driver shaft new , 75G X Flex.......45 inches with Titleist tip..............150$ Shipped OBO SOLD 5 . Speeder Evo 661 X flex shaft ( DJ shaft ) 45 inches,
  2. So which provides more short game spin ? Not pitching but chipping.......
  3. " White Cap " colour. New is bag. Asking 45$ shipped. Makes an excellent Xmas gift. ..........SOLD
  4. Thank you , taking the plunge with the 30% off code for today. Will report back with review.
  5. Hi , does anyone have any experience with either of these bags ? Any and all feedback appreciated , thanks.
  6. Hey guys , just picked up a new phantom x5 putter . Love everything about it expect not in love with the mustard yellow headcover . Can anyone suggest a site where one can shop for authentic Scotty headcovers? Thanks in advance !
  7. 1. Scotty Cameron Fastback 1.5 putter measuring 36 inches. Used a handful of times, condition is 9.5 / 10 . Headcover included........ 350$ shipped OBO. 2 . TM Tour Issue ITSY Bitsy limited double bed putter measuring 36 inches. New , used indoors only . Headcover Included. .......250$ shipped OBO XXXXSOLD 3. Ventus Black 80 X-stiff FW shaft with Titleist tip measuring 43", Used handful of times.............225$ shipped OBO SOLDXXXXX 4. Diamana LTD white D+ LTD 70x 45 inch driver shaft with Titlesit tip........200$ shipped OBOxxxxxx SOLD 5. NIB White Footjoy 5 pocket " sli
  8. 1, ITSY BITSY Limited double bend putter, 36" , condition is new , headcover included. Asking 225$ shipped.
  9. Hi , I have the footjoy lightweight short and although they are lightweight I find the material kind of cheap . Has anyone tried the flat front shorts ? Like most of us this year summers get super hot and sticky in the northeast , are the flat front shorts light enough in hot weather ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Went out and practiced it today guys with my 56 and my 52. Bottom line is aggressiveness and keeping speed up through the shot is key. Longer backswing with a shorter yet speedy follow through. I think the moral of the story is there are many different way to hit this shot , needs to be practiced to see what works for you. Thanks for all the feedback, hope I will be more prepared next time I am faced with this (-:
  11. Thanks guys , great feedback.......Yes , it is a blind shot and have been meaning to go to the hole on a day when our club is empty and hit the shot over and over, really no other way than that to practice it. I feel like I probably should walk it off , and if it was a course I have never played I would do that for sure. Bottom line I have been a member for 4 years and would feel silly walking it off. I think the club being used does play a role, but bottom line no matter which club I am chipping with I should be able to carry it to my landing spot, but when it's blind my " feel " for my landi
  12. Standing below the green where only the top of the pin is visible........I have left this chip short , in some cases very short all year long. Pin looks closer that it actually is , what keys do you guys suggest to make sure you get it all the way back there. I use a sand wedge for 90% of my chip shots with success , except with this one.
  13. Hey guys , giving some serious thought to trying an arm lock putter . I used a belly putter quite effectively pre ban but have unable to find much success with my 35” Scotty Cameron . My question is , I am 6’4 , how long should my arm lock putter be ? I use clubs that are 0.5 over std ......I believe my local golf shop has 40-42 inches . All feedback appreciated , thanks.
  14. Its been hit off of mats a handful of times. One strike on an oil can wedge will leave a mark. Its mint.
  15. Thats what they have been selling for on ebay ( if you are able to find one ) , oil can is hard to find. In any event, price has been dropped to 200. Thanks for the feedback.
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