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  1. I have a set with 10 rounds on them, just not my liking at all. They are 4-p NL MODB Irons, Standard Length, Standard Lie, D5 Swing Weight, DG 120 x100's. Grips and shafts have been used for 3 rounds in total. $450 OBO
  2. Ordered Mine May 14th, was told then that shipping would be on May 30th..... pray it comes sooner!!!
  3. Ive played with the 50g and 25g and never had the issue. Love the grip
  4. Did anyone else see that his Facebook Page has changed to JP Wedges today????
  5. ​Current USGA handicap 3.6 State the goals for your golf game in 2017 Hitting iron shots closer to the pin or making more 20 ft. putts. Find a go to chip shot. State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at Callaway Golf Callaway for years has been one of, if not the top, custom club builders in the industry. If anyone would have this opportunity to be fitted and better their games they should take this offer up and simply respond. Having a new bag a Callaway clubs would start 2017 off to a great start!
  6. GolfWRX has the most up to date data on clubs, they also have great photos of what tour guys are out playing. BST is also something not many sites do well, but GolfWRX does it GREAT!!! Thanks Guys!!!
  7. ABOUT YOU =========================== CITY, STATE:Flandreau, South Dakota HANDICAP:3.7 ROUNDS PER YEAR: 100+ HAVE YOU TESTED FOR GOLFWRX BEFORE?No CURRENT DRIVER MODEL================ BRAND: Titleist 915 D3 LOFT:8.5 LAUNCH CONDITIONS=================== SWING SPEED:114 MPH DISTANCE:295-300 BALL FLIGHT========================== LAUNCH EXAMPLES: MID CURRENT PREDOMINATE SHOT PATTERN: Straight DESIRED PATTERN: Draw BALL SPEED: 165 CARRY: 285 LAUNCH ANGLE: 13-14 TOTAL DISTANCE: 295 SPIN: 3100 SHAFT================================ MODEL: MITSUBISHI DIAMANA D+ WHITE 70 WEIGHT: 73 gram
  8. Im selling my set of Ping I Irons. after 15 rounds im going back to my Titleist. $720.00 Ping I 4-PW Std. Length Green Dot Midsize Z Star Full Cord Grips Project X 6.0
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