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  1. Im 112 as well but I prefer X for control, I be all over this if that White was 65X or a Raw Orange 65X, plus I'm in Canada lol
  2. I switched from Vokey to S18s 50 54 and 60, I recently sold them with my mp18s (getting JPX919 Tours) but I picked some Callaway Md4 54 60 and so far so good, I like em so far, I'm just tried them stock but putting in KBS shafts tmw and see how they feel. I admit I do regret selling my s18s, and after playing the MD4s I decided to order T20 gap wedge to match up with my 919s, I can see myself getting more T20 lol I think mizuno wedges are very underrated , strength of my game is my short game, saves me more than my putter haha Feel pretty subjective and I don't find them any less soft than any
  3. The JPX line is now on Sale, I just ordered 919T for 125 per club so something is coming soon !!
  4. Correct, I find KBS Tours 130 are a soft X flex as they more mid kick shaft than the traditional x100
  5. I ordered 2 Diamond... SS 112-113 my setup is usually 8.5 with good launch numbers, so if need be I could go to 9.5 but I think I have to take spin down, trying to get 2200 spin rate !!
  6. I read the 2 and 3 diamonds are both fade bias but 2 diamond is lower spinning head vs the Triple Diamond
  7. Of course I was intrigued to buy triple diamond as i'm looking fade bias driver but after reading a few other threads , I decided on the 2 Diamond head as my spin rates around 2500 still with Atmos Black TS 6x They say this is most fade bias driver Callaway offers and lowest spinning as well, I did read that its longer heel to toe which again doesn't bother me but not sure if its true.... Just curious what other 2 Diamond owners can share on the differences the 2 Diamond head offers vs the other heads Again mostly just want to hear from players who own or tried 2 diamond head
  8. I am also curious on some of these reviews, I tried the 919 Tours and seriously wonder why I am playing blades (7-Pw only) but the 919T were so soft. They honestly felt just as good as my Mp-18s MB and with more forgiveness.
  9. I have Atmos black 6x and would be interested in Ventus as its mid launch vs mine low launch, so keep me in mind on the shaft as well
  10. Oban Limited 60X with TM Tip ($400 Upgrade I believe last year) Oban Devotion 85g 05 TM Tip (42.5 playing great HL 3w) Aldila Silver 60x TM Tip Looking to sell as Bundle of $200, not really looking for trades at this moment
  11. I think will order the ST190 3w TS My gamer is my M3 15*, but I recently bought my old gamer 913fd 15*. Finding right the right 3w for the bag this year.
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