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  1. Have been playing 919 hot metals and a 919 forged gap wedge for a few years now. Extremely confident inspiring behind the ball, but not obnoxiously large club heads. Personally, I think they feel great and perform very consistently. I’ve never had any outrageous fliers out of any lies that were unexpected. Haven’t owned a set of ping irons since the G15 so can’t compare, but at least in demoing irons I much prefer the feel of the hot metals.
  2. G410 flat- setting Evenflow Blue 85 6.0 105ish 215 41.5”.
  3. Is the KBS CT Tour putter shaft on this model the .370 model? Thanks in advance.
  4. Saw a few people removed today. His caddy would point them out to the cop with the group and he’d go have them escorted out. Was great to watch. He wore headphones all the way up the 10th tee because people were chirping at him on his walk from the club house. You can see his caddy walking towards the cop in the picture I attached to go point someone out. This was on 14.
  5. Extremely clean set of Rifle Satin Project X 6.0 pulls. Tips are prepped and free of any epoxy inside and outside. Labels are in very good shape as well. Played to a 38” 5 iron in a set of S55s, and raw lengths are as follows: 3: 37.325” 4: 36.875” 5: 36.325” 6: 35.875” 7: 35.325” 8: 34.875” 9: 34.325” W: 33.875” US Only. No trades. Looking for $140 shipped OBO. PM with any offers.
  6. I had Putter Lounge refinish my Bettinardi in fuel. I chose red and white.
  7. I tried the g410 irons with project x and while they looked and performed great I ended up with Mizuno 919 Hotmetals with Project X. Both were very similar results wise for me while demoing, but I ultimately went with Mizuno because of less bounce.
  8. I’ve walked into to Golf Galaxy and PGA Tour Superstore and asked if they had any spare wrenches and they just give them to me and tell me to have a great day...
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