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  1. I had Putter Lounge refinish my Bettinardi in fuel. I chose red and white.
  2. I tried the g410 irons with project x and while they looked and performed great I ended up with Mizuno 919 Hotmetals with Project X. Both were very similar results wise for me while demoing, but I ultimately went with Mizuno because of less bounce.
  3. I’ve walked into to Golf Galaxy and PGA Tour Superstore and asked if they had any spare wrenches and they just give them to me and tell me to have a great day...
  4. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but have a quick question. I’ve searched here and through google and haven’t had any luck finding the answer to my question. Has anyone stripped the blue cavity paint off the badges of JPX900 Hotmetals? I know the white is permanent, but would like to get rid of the blue. I have always just used acetone or industrial stripper on any other club I’ve done, but don’t want to have any issues stripping the finish off the badge or affecting the rubber underneath. Thanks in advance.
  5. Any rumored releases from Golf Pride this winter into spring? Specifically an oversized MCC+4 align or more colors in the midsize?
  6. > @HoosierHacker89 said: > Shout out to jgc9512ss and all of his help with my club work this week. We played tricounty last week and those greens are just so pure. Loved it! No problem, buddy. Glad you could join us.
  7. The women’s bags used to be either 1” or 1.5” shorter. That was the only difference.
  8. Any of the Speeder 661 models would be a good option to try as well.
  9. Played 27 at Winchester a couple of weekends back and each 9 was in very good condition. Always kept very well. I've also played Albany a couple of times this year and it was in good condition as always. Played it after some of the heavy rains and the greens were still like putting on ice. Very receptive, but always roll lightning fast.
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