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  1. Merry Christmas! Lot of (13) NO1 Grips - Brand New Black with White Caps My loss is your gain No trades please $140.00 STYD Perfect Feedback Email and PP Gift are same @ [email protected]
  2. Greetings WRX'ers. Up for grabs are a few items that have been sitting around looking for a new home. All prices are shipped domestically via USPS. Feedback is perfect. No need to worry. Local pickup available, and I mean real local. Might need to repair meniscus - Ouch! PP and Email = [email protected] 1.) Lot of thirteen (13) NO1 grips. Black with white caps. 48-series. $150.00 obo 2.) Fujikura Rombax 7Z08 in S-flex. Iomic grip. One-time pull. No tipping. Measures 43-inches. Ready to install. $110.00 obo 3.) Harrison 65g Saga in R-flex. OEM TM RBZ tip. NO1 grip. One-time pull. No tipping. Measures 43-inches. Ready to play. $80.00 obo 4.) Harrison 75g in R-flex. GPMC grip. One-time pull from my 5-wood. Tipped about 1.5-inches. Measures 41.5-inches. Ready to play. $50.00 obo 5.) Harrison 65g in R-flex. Brand new Iomic grip. One-time pull from my 5-wood. No tipping. Measures 41.5-inches. Ready to play. $50.00 obo
  3. you can always bend them, and they would look even sexier in your bag! [quote name='manhattan01' timestamp='1358444534' post='6246797'] Oh man those Miura's are sexy. I'd take a pair but I'm looking for lower lofts. GLWS. [/quote]
  4. Happy New Years WRX'ers! Cleaning out the closet and I came across some new and pre-owned items that need a new home. All prices are fair, but sensible offers will also be considered. Low ballers need not reply. USPS Shipping is available until this Saturday (01/19), and will resume on the following Saturday (01/26) due to the PGA Show in Orlando. Not looking for any trades, as cash is always king! Perfect feeback here on WRX and on the bay. Email is the quickest way for a response - [email protected] Fujikura Rombax 7Z08 driver shaft, S-flex, gently gamed for less than a whole season, one-time pull, Iomic grip, untipped, measures about 42-7/8 from tip to grip and played just under 45-inches in a TM SFTP2.0, ready to be installed. asking $110.00 MRC Diamana Ahina 3-wood shaft, 80g, X-flex, one-time pull, Lamkin Crossline grip, played a little over 43-inches in an Adams FW, ready to be installed. asking $80.00
  5. nike sounds like they sure have a ton of money! i wonder what rory is getting from them?
  6. i had gamed the LY for a little bit, but it wasn't for me. i am not sure how many people would appreciate the 80T carbon used in these exotic shafts. these shafts are not recommended to be tipped. good thing these shafts have a cult like following, or i would have been stuck with mine. sold mine overseas and the present owner couldn't be happier. i would definitely IM idrive for better reviews. i think he has gamed some of the most exotic shafts on the planet!
  7. those are some nice looking sticks. i would recommend a lighter color bag to show them offer better? haha, now i want to return the PP's i have sitting here for some black ones!
  8. i prefer the fourteen v5 wedges over the miura and yururi wedges. i haven't tried the new rm-11 yet, but i hear they are real nice. the yururi damaged too many balls for me. miura wedges were really soft, but the v5's have better response for me.
  9. i use them. i figure you might as well keep them chatter free for as long as possible, in case you want to sell them later. i have always used covers on my miuras, and the ones that i have sold, have always fetched good resale due to the physical appearance. just my 0.02!
  10. i agree with Neverfaze. the tc have a more active tip that the other shafts you mentioned, and will not do you any favors in windy conditions. these shafts are practically flighted. i would look into the c-taper's if you want something with a lower flight that the std kbs tours. if you're into the px brand, the old px satins (stepless) are also real nice.
  11. Ilima 60x sold ... thanks Drew! [quote name='Drewsm2' timestamp='1342497451' post='5290292'] Paypal sent on the Ilima 60x. Thanks! [/quote]
  12. forgot to mention the woods shafts are all .335-in tip diameter, and the iron shafts are .355-in tapered tip diameter. i am responding to PM's in the order received. keep em' coming!
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