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  1. Selling a shot....a putt....or a score. "He can sell that birdie for a lot of money...ha, ha, ha"
  2. Golf Tech Plano Texas I have Matrix Ozik, Stability, Stroke Lab, and UST Frequency Filter putter shafts. I want to see if Fujikura can help me make more putts. Firm shaft.
  3. why do just one thing? do option 2 and option 3 and option 3 and option 3.
  4. Which club is standard length for the 5/16 gap between clubs?
  5. can you post a pic that shows how a putter is clamped on the machine? preferably an anser or newport puter.
  6. Wow that's a lot of information for a club head. Thanks for the education.
  7. FA: 1 (is that open ?) What does CT, HT, T, CF, H, and LH stands for?
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