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  1. Which club is standard length for the 5/16 gap between clubs?
  2. can you post a pic that shows how a putter is clamped on the machine? preferably an anser or newport puter.
  3. Wow that's a lot of information for a club head. Thanks for the education.
  4. FA: 1 (is that open ?) What does CT, HT, T, CF, H, and LH stands for?
  5. $299 Head weight: 201g Trade: TM M3 460 9.5 head only Callaway Rogue 9 head only US only
  6. If the caddie doesn't know the rules, what good is he/she?
  7. SOLD. Great feedback for working on my swing. Unfortunately my space setup doesn't allow total freedom in swinging the driver.
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