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  1. I ordered a Speed TD last Friday through our clubs Callaway rep. Same cost of retail ($529)
  2. I ordered mine through our clubs Callaway rep. He said that both are pretty limited releases. Not sure about retail
  3. Curious how this one stacks up against the Snell MTB-X. In the last 5 years I've switched from V1X, to V1, to TP5X, to Snell MTB-X because of the low launch, firm feel, and performance in the wind. I'm a high spin player that prefers a firmer ball, especially with the putter, so the LD may be the next one to try
  4. Have to agree with everyone here about the MTB-X's wind performance. Into the wind the ball cuts through better than any ball I've ever played. When playing in a side wind the ball tends to hold up against it rather than ride it which is exactly what I want. Two other features that I'd like to point out is that the shade of Optic Yellow is by far the most visible ball on the market. The second is that the cover material actually feels similar to the White offering. This isn't the case for Titleist, Srixon, Bridgestone yellow balls which are a duller shade of yellow but also have c
  5. Mother of God that is good looking
  6. I had very similar issues with both the Sim2 and the Sim2 Max. Tried 8,9,10' heads turned down and up with a number of low/mid shafts and wasn't able to get the same efficiency that I was getting from other 2021 heads. Our head pro is a big TM guy and he said that I should 100% go in a different direction
  7. I had the option to order (what I now know as) the TD or LS TD. When I will get it is still TDB but I believe the release date is later this month. This will be my first Callaway driver and I'm pretty excited from what I was seeing on Trackman which was confirmed with ball flight on the outdoor range
  8. According to the Callaway rep who was fitting me in a TD last weekend Xander is in the Speed TD (not sure about V2?) and Rahm is in the Speed LS TD. I ended up with the Speed LS TD
  9. Has anyone seen pictures of the top? Curious if the crown treatment is the same as the regular Speed line
  10. Spoke to the Callaway rep at a demo day on Saturday and he said they should be out around April 19th
  11. Sorry to report that the Sim2 just isn't working for me. After working with the pro here on trackman to dial it in the Max head just spins too much. I knew going in that this may happen but if anyone is interested in a Sim2 Max 9 head let me know!
  12. Got my Sim2 Max 9' with Ventus Black 6x out on the range yesterday. Really like the feel and sound. Performance was in line with expectations. The Black 6X (stock) tipped 1' is.... STOUT
  13. If it makes you feel any better the same happened with mine but then it was sent 2 day (not sure if this is normal or was because i bugged the hell out of them) and arrived on the estimated date when the label was created.
  14. I've had the Stability Tour in my Evnroll ER7 for about 6 months now and love the confidence it give me on putts of all lengths. Was it revolutionary? No - but it gives me the peace of mind that there is one less thing that I need to account for when putting. I chalk it up to playing a wood shaft that is slightly not stiff enough. You can feel it move so you need to adjust your swing to accommodate. With the stability tour the head gets delivered the same regardless of tempo and for me that is a huge win both on longer putts and shorter ones.
  15. Sim2 Max 9' - Ventus Black 6X arrived Friday. Happy to report it is correct and I'm excited to take it to the range tomorrow
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