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  1. Sounds like most staffers will be trying them out for the first time at the American Express later this month
  2. 112 SS, 4.8hct, TP5X Yellow Played white ProV1X for 10+ years prior but switched to the yellow ball last season and really like how much easier they are to pickup. The ProV1X yellow covers feel much harder/clickier than their white counterparts so I switched the the TP5X and haven't looked back
  3. One month update - Decided to let nature run its course with the raw finish and couldn't be happier. I love how no two irons look the same. Next step is to go over them with a bit of gun oil and steel wool 0000 (Patrick's recommendation) to clean them up a tad and lock the look in. Performance wise I couldn't be happier with the turf interaction and the feel when struck well is unlike anything i've ever hit - think Mizuno but a tad crisper. I came from Cobra Forged Tec Black (Players Distance) and haven't missed a beat even with the weaker lofts on these. I also cannot recommend the MMT 125 TX shafts enough.
  4. I have a Speed TD. The MV SV was a demo from the club so I never really owned it. Overall I like the Speed TD's feel and performance significantly more
  5. I noticed today that the TM site no longer allows Customization. Is this a new thing? I swear I built one with a Raw Tensei Blue X a few weeks ago
  6. I had the MZ SV before going with the Speed TD. Overall the Speed TD is hotter across the face and significantly more forgiving. Best way I can describe it is to take the sweet spot on the MV and expand it 1/4in out in all directions. Any strike in this new area doesn't lose distance whereas a shot with the MV would lose 5-10%. I've hit a number of low-center strikes that I was shocked at where they ended up
  7. Figured I'd lay out my experience and some tips for those considering taking the plunge Process: Consultation took ~3 weeks from first email to purchase. I would recommend spending some time on the Instagram determining the details of what you want like top line, offset, toe shape, and personalization (stamping, logo location, iron numbers, lofts, etc) It could have been faster on my side but Ari was incredibly patient. From purchase to delivery was just over 7 months. Patrick's communication was great throughout Tips: Plan ahead - The iron heads are going to take months to get. With how crazy the golf business is right now make sure you order shafts, grips, and ferrules (BBF&Co is Patrick's other company) lined up in the month or two before your heads arrive Find a local shop (if you can). I was lucky to have a great local club builder that has worked with Scratch/NCW so I ordered shafts ahead of time and had the clubheads shipped directly to them to build out. Made the process really easy Observations The CB's really aren't that much bigger than the MB's - I went with a combo set to get some help at the top of the bag and I'll just say that they are almost indistinguishable from the MB's. The CB 4iron is tiny so if you are on the fence I'd start your set with a 5 iron
  8. Ari, Patrick, and Don absolutely knocked it out of the park with these. 4-6 CB and 7-G MB with Mitsubishi MMT 125TX and Lampkin ST+2 Calibrate grips. I was a bit concerned with going back to traditional lofts AND blades but so far distances have been pretty close vs my previous gamers (Cobra Forged Tec Black). The feeling when struck well is just so damn pure its hard to explain and the turf interaction with the DW grind is remarkable. I feel like it can finally take a divot again
  9. Just picked my dream set up yesterday from @National Custom Works @FairwayFred . I've been very fortunate over the last year and look forward to having these for years to come. Eventually my game will fade and I will need to get something more forgiving but until these dream irons will stay in the bag 4-6 CB 7-G MB Mitsubishi MMT 125-TX Lampkin ST+2 Hybrid Calibrate
  10. Irons have arrived! Currently being built out and should have them tomorrow! Was able to see them yesterday and they are gorgeous
  11. Have you been in contact with Patrick and Ari? I was told 2-3 weeks a month ago but I also have a pretty standard buildout (combo set - Small CB + Machine Milled blades) so hopefully it'll be soon? If its another 6 months out that's going to be pretty disappointing as it'll be in the middle of winter but oh well
  12. I have a 9' Epic Speed TD that I ordered right after they were announced. The rep said the TD heads would originally be a limited run but It's my understanding that the .5' heads are tour issue
  13. Order date was mid December so my project should be hitting DW's wheel pretty soon. Excited would be the understatement of the century!
  14. Interesting. Do you recall if that was part of your fitting? We never discussed weights in mine so I'm wondering if 8/8 is default. Seems like 10/6 at least gives you the option to move them around
  15. Curious what everyone’s TD came with weights wise? Mine had 8/8 but I need to get it on a swing weight scale bc with the Ventus Black 6X and MMC Midsize 4 (66g) grip and feels super light. Would Callaway adjust the weights to meet their stock swing weight (I know TM does)?
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