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  1. No. But if you are faced with two different issues, you make take relief in any order. If that coincidentally gives relief for the other, so be it - all good. Sometimes it is worth thinking about the relief you are taking. The drop from a problem may give you another problem. But taking relief from the second may give an even more advantageous outcome. Think of taking relief from individually staked trees and progressing umpteen yards onto the fairway.
  2. The latter. Our pro gave me an old Titleist brass headed two faced putter. Something like this
  3. I 'caught' the yips a few years ago. After trying all sorts of 'cures' I found that putting left handed did the trick. I still putt right handed (yip free) for anything over about 15'.
  4. So why is it included in the Rule named Performance Characteristics Deliberately Changed which includes the words The purpose of this Rule ...... and ..... during a round ? The words do not say what the drafter seemingly intended
  5. This puzzles me. Performance Characteristics Deliberately Changed The purpose of this Rule is to penalize a player that purposely modifies his or her club during a round If the condition in red applies how can the statement at the end of the rule also apply if the deed was done before the round started? Any type of tape or similar material added to the face is not permitted for any purpose. Which rule deals with this when the round starts?
  6. So 4 HANDWRITTEN NOTES permits drawing any lines, instructions, aimpoints etc, relating to greens; providing steps 2, 3 and 4 are satisfied.
  7. Don't such things come under 4 HANDWRITTEN NOTES of the Infographic and are therefore permitted?
  8. I simply quoted the Definition of Equipment "Anything used, worn, held or carried by you or your caddie. is Equipment" Any device which satisfies the definition is Equipment. As to "why only a clarification on green reading books and not yardage books?" That is a quite different question which has been answered elsewhere
  9. Because R4.3 is concerned with Equipment not 'devices'. ie Anything used, worn, held or carried by you or your caddie.
  10. In that case you will need to remove something else. 3w ?
  11. I know a couple of ex club pros who had left the industry some years previously and applied for reinstatement. In both cases the R&A (in this case) granted the applications pretty well straight away.
  12. My son and his wife just spent the weekend in the Old Course Hotel at a friends wedding. Their room overlooked the 17th fairway and green. Neither play golf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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