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  1. Playing extra shots is getting full value for your money. Isn't the whole point hitting balls round a field with a club.
  2. Why on earth would you write a rule that has a grey area by design?
  3. I agree with all that. But the decision has to be made when you get to the scene. eg An obscured area surrounding the PA may usually be rough but today it is closely mown. Or vice versa.
  4. I think this is it. Stand equidistant between the balls (re & blue). Extend arms to point at balls (line AB). Face straight forward - not at flag (line CD). If flag is left of line, left ball is nearest. If flag is right of line, right ball is nearest.
  5. My impression is that most clubs over here do not use the LR.
  6. Why would simply marking it Red from all tees be a problem? However I see no technical reason why the PA shouldn't be different for different tees. I would suggest pairs of red & yellow stakes or one stake with two colours. But the situation should be clearly explained on the card in importantly a prominent notice on the tee.
  7. Not sure that I see the point of comparing with par. Your resultant handicap is based on the differential which does not involve par.
  8. Given that General Play rounds are a fundamental part of WHS then all should play according to the course as marked and any legitimate local rules. My course's green keepers maintain the course in the same way regardless of what is scheduled for that day. Members expect the conditions but not necessarily the set up to be consistent. That is what we, visitors and the public pay for.
  9. But the rules don't make provision to do that. They do say however, play the course as you find it. If you are playing in a tournament/competition are you suggesting that each competitor decides what is and what isn't GUR?
  10. Why do you suggest the video implies the GUR doesn't have to be marked? The artificially surfaced path is an Immovable Obstruction. Under the 2019 Rules both are defined as an Abnormal Course Conditions. Abnormal Course Condition An animal hole, ground under repair, an immovable obstruction or temporary water.
  11. Does Equipment Rules Interpretation 5d give some leeway?
  12. Thanks but what about - Exceptions may be made for attachments that do not affect the performance of the club.
  13. Thanks. But which Rule (of Golf or Equipment) says it is non-conforming?
  14. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/ben-crane-handled-an-eight-stroke-penalty-better-than-you-would-have Is this still a penalty? I can't see anything in the Equipment Rules
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