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  1. I beg to differ, but hey to each is own. I can post the emails back and forth to show.
  2. I am in FLORIDA so if you can pick up I'm in Lake Nona
  3. Bridgestone golf bag 150. PM'd Srixon bag 175 Stuart golf 800 Includes staff bag as well Sold Masters binoculars 10. Sun Mountain golf push cart 75 Sold Send email please.
  4. Mizuno. JPX 900 tour. 3-PW. STANDARD LLL and grip. $700 shipped DG AMT S300. Used 10 rounds. No dings. Very small bag clatter PING IBLADES. 4-PW. Stanfard blue dot Length and loft. Never used. Project X 6.5 standard grip. $825 shipped I have 4K images of clubs. Please PM me and I'll send photos. Size limit will not allow me to post.
  5. Hello guys. I have been really busy the last few weeks with a new job and playing the amateur in Pennsylvania. Clubs are still avail if anyone is looking
  6. If you'd look at my previous sales all have been expedited and all have great reviews. For you to try and bash me publicly for something I had no control over, nothing short of immature! So after reading what you've said here. Find another person to buy from. I agreed to an offer from you but my pay pal was hacked. That means I have to set up bank information all over. If you can't seem to wait all of a weekend then I'm sorry.
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