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  1. From the wear on your Mizunos...looks like you could use a little more upright lie angle. Really nice gear though...
  2. Looking for a good price on pulls
  3. Or 4-6 Can even be the "S" version.. Let me know if you have any.. Shafts don't really matter. Thanks, Troy
  4. 4-PW Titleist T100S with AMT X-100s Standard length 1° up Great condition, hardly any chatter. Black has faded on the leading edge and a little on the faces. This happens really easily on titleist black irons. Orange paintfill on numbers. $1055. SOLD 34" Toulon Portland. 7-10 condition, couple dings on the leading edge. Been used a bit. Very soft feeling. $200 9° Cobra RadSpeed head only.. 8-10 condition.. Face wear, small paint chip near hosel. Head cover.
  5. 34.5" Bettinardi Queen Bee 12 Rose Gold PVD Finish. Not used much. Looks perfect. One of the best looking putters I've seen. $400 retail. $290 SOLD
  6. Only trade interest would be Scotty Special select 2.5.. Thanks for looking. 1. 33" 1. Bettinardi Inovai 7.0 center shaft. Like new, with head cover. Great putter with easy alignment. $old 2. 9° SIM Driver with Tensei Raw Blue 60g regular flex shaft. 9-10, no flaws Standard length 45.5" $old 3. 15° Epic Speed fairway with Tensei White 70g X-flex shaft. Standard length.. Perfect, hit only a couple times. I need a 13.5° $225
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for looking. Only trade interest would be a Bettinardi inovai 7.0 center shaft. 1. 34" PXG Blackjack plumbers neck. Perfect. $old 2. 33.5 Odyssey Stroke Lab white hot OG 1W - Looks brand new. Stroke lab shaft and oversize grip.. $old 3. 14° Taylormade M6 Rocket fairway, minor face and sole wear, pop up mark. $125
  8. 1. 4-PW Titleist T100 irons with AMT White S-300 shafts. Standard loft, lie, and length.. ~Brand new~ Winn Dri-tac midsize grips. ($55 value) Condition: these are in great condition. Haven't been used a lot.. The 8 iron shows some bag chatter but the others look like they haven't been used a lot. The guy I bought them from said he only used them for 5 rounds... I only used them for one... The AMT shafts are some of the best out now in my opinion. $850. SOLD... With new grips I'm trying to keep loss to a minimum. Going for more on eBay,
  9. Hi guys... Thanks for looking. Not really interested in trades right now. Maybe a ER2B... 15° Titleist TSi3 3 wood head and head cover- perfect condition. $215 Sold 33.5 Evnroll ER10 Outback Has a small nick on ttip top. I never noticed it while putting. But if you look for it you can see it. Read the reviews on these. These have really good technology and very easy to start online. $290 Ventus Black 7x with titleist fairway tip. Plays 42.5, tipped 1" I can add
  10. Thanks. Just a couple minutes.. didn't take long... They get gold after a minute and then quickly turn colors and then back to gold if you go too long.
  11. Hi guys, Not really looking for trades.. Maybe a PXG BlackJack or Ping Prime Tyne 4.. 1. SOLD 4-AW Raw Callaway Apex MBs. Heads only. 8 iron heads.. These are the tour issue heads. 9-10 condition. These have been played a little bit, but have been polished to get any rust off. The torching, as done on putters, turn the raw metal a blue/purple/gold coloring. I did this in my previous set and the coloring holds up pretty good but will eventually wear off. The groves are in great shape. Obviously, they've been used but never anything clo
  12. Sorry Mark, I can't go that low.. I just bought this for $225 for my buddy to try out. It's probably$30 to ship. Thanks for offer though. Have a great Christmas.
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