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  1. Now that I seen my numbers on an LM, I have to admit, the non velocore 5r shaft may not be all it's cracked up to be. I hit it so straight because My spin rate is avg 3400 or more. I'm losing distance because a use of the softness of the tip. I am going to try an RDX Blue 5.5 in a ping g425 max head and what I get.
  2. Last winter I was fit for the Cobra Forged TEC irons with graphite shafts. I tried them for 3 months and three different shafts and was never comfortable with them. I bought a used set of TM 2020 P770 and found a shaft I like and have been using them ever since. I also started the year with a Cobra SZ Extreme driver with a custom fit LA Golf shaft. On a whim, I bought a used Sim 2 Max driver with a Ventus Blue stock shaft which I hit longer and straighter.
  3. Sept 8, 2020 surgery to repair torn rotator cuff, torn labrum, shave bone off end of clavicle (I think), smooth humerus head and move biceps tendon. 6 weeks immobilized in padded sling and months of PT. Was playing allowed to hit full shots by February and was playing rounds of golf by April. Didn't feel totally confident in it until August. Still need to get back to full strength as I have lost 10 yards per club. Doing the PT to the fullest extent and ALL exercises is the key to a full recovery. I have no pain and can do everything I want to do. I'm 57.
  4. They are some of the softest feeling irons I have ever played. I need to thin the herd. Mine will be going up on BST soon.
  5. Sim2 Max without a doubt. With a stock ventus blue it is perfect for me. As do a shaft fitting over the winter to see if it can get better.
  6. I have an Olyss shaft as well. It is very consistent, but I found that a stock Ventus Blue 50 was just as consistent and about 10-15 longer for me. That shaft just works. I haven't tried a Velocore yet.
  7. I am finding the e12 Contact to be a great ball. Distance is same as the Totleiat Tour Speed and the feel is great and the spin is great also. I spun a full PW back 15 feet last week and had a 5 wd shot rollout only 10 feet or so. At this point, it is my ball going forward.
  8. So, for those that have had the made for Ventus Blue and went to the Velocore version, what better numbers did you see? Longer distance, better dispersion, both? Trajectory changes?
  9. Bought a dozen yesterday and played 18 with one ball yesterday. Have been playing the Titleist Tour Speed most of the summer. E12 Contact is very straight, trajectory is about the same, distance is equal I would say and I found spin on full shots to be excellent. Greenside chips, I'm not sure about, I didn't have enough of them to make a judgement. Putting, it felt great, not clicky or mushy. I was 1-over thru 7 holes on a very difficult course in northern Michigan. Distance control was equal to the Tour Speed. So, for now the E12 Contact is my ball of choice. At $30./doz, I say you can't beat it as an all around good ball.
  10. I started the year with a custom fit set of Cobra King Forged tec irons. By July u bought an almost new set of p770 and once I found the right shadt I haven't looked back. Are they perfect? No. Are they as good or better than anything this 10 hdcp is going to find...yup. when I hit the middle, they feel great. They aren't the longest irons, but they work for me and are gorgeous. We I'll not be changing irons for a while.
  11. Maxfli Revolution(non midsize). Great feeling iron, almost no offset. Simple cavity back design.
  12. That's one player's opinion. I have the new 770 and I think it's a terrific iron. It's better than either version of the 790 and the Cobra King Forged Tec. If you want a true player's iron then it is not for you. For those of us that like less offset, some forgiveness and a little help in the distance dept it is a great club.
  13. I played for 1.5 seasons. I liked it, very consistent and forgiving. Then, on a whom I bought a Sim2 Max. The Cobra hasn't seen the light of day since. Sim2 Max is 10-15 yards longer and is more forgiving.
  14. I have played many TM irons over the years. My favorites for feel were the Japan release of the Burner TP irons. I played the RAC LTs for years as well as the Forged 300s and the Burner Tour irons. But now I play the 2020 P770 and they are the best feeling and performing irons I have ever played.
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