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  1. That's one player's opinion. I have the new 770 and I think it's a terrific iron. It's better than either version of the 790 and the Cobra King Forged Tec. If you want a true player's iron then it is not for you. For those of us that like less offset, some forgiveness and a little help in the distance dept it is a great club.
  2. I played for 1.5 seasons. I liked it, very consistent and forgiving. Then, on a whom I bought a Sim2 Max. The Cobra hasn't seen the light of day since. Sim2 Max is 10-15 yards longer and is more forgiving.
  3. I have played many TM irons over the years. My favorites for feel were the Japan release of the Burner TP irons. I played the RAC LTs for years as well as the Forged 300s and the Burner Tour irons. But now I play the 2020 P770 and they are the best feeling and performing irons I have ever played.
  4. Switched to the Titleist Tour Speed because of the test results and wh a t it showed about my old ball the Bstone rxs. I'm hitting more greens and fairways and I have picked up 3-5 yards with my irons.
  5. Another update on the stock ventus Blue 5R I am playing in my Sim2 Max. I played my league round the other night and hit 7 out of 7 fairways and I'm consistently 10 to 15 yards longer or more than the LA Golf shaft I was fitted into for my Cobra SZ Extreme in May. Put the LAGolf shaft in the TM and it was definitely shorter hitting than the Ventus.
  6. I ordered recoil in my new Cobra King forged tec irons, couldn't get used to the lack of weight, switched to steel and then ditched them all together and went New P770 and have Project X LZ and I love them. Should have done that to begin with. Cobras gonna get sold
  7. I had a couple yesterday of 270 or better. What I found was that I was about 10-15 yards longer on average than with my Cobra SZ Extreme and I hit just as many fairways. I don't swing out of my shoes, but I don't make a passive swing at it either.
  8. I have to disagree with the blanket statements that all non-Velocore ventus shafts are garbage. I just played 18 with a new to me Sim2 Max with a Ventus 5R. My clubhead speed is around 94-99. Unless I tried to kill it, that shaft worked very well for me. I am a smooth swinger, almost deliberate. The ball seemed to really come off the face hot compared to my Cobra SZ Extreme with a fitted LAGolf Ulyss shaft. The LA golf shaft is definitely more consistent, but for now the Sim2 Max has replaced the Cobra in the bag. If the Velocore is that much better, I need to try it and if it's worth 350. That would need to be a very long hitting shaft over the made for shaft.
  9. The Masters The US OPEN THE Open The Players THE PGA
  10. I currently own a set. They have a relatively thin sole and top line, offset is minimal. Lofts are more traditional. They have a smoke finish to the chrome. They feel softer than a traditional cast iron, but not butter soft forged feel. I need to sell mine to thin the herd of clubs I own.
  11. I just bought the exact same putter and I love it too. Feels solid, but not click and heavy, but balanced.
  12. There are a number of sets of those shafts on ebay and some are brand new. If you were in Michigan, I would reshaft thwm for youuch cheaper than 90 per club
  13. I'm 6'3", long torso, long arms and a WTF of 36 without shoes. I have played 1" over and 3/4" over and 1/2" over. I find the best for me is a pw at 36.5" and go up 3/8" increments. I don't want a 5 iron at 39+ inches. Having longer short irons feels better, but the swingweights can get tricky. I got fit for Cobra King Forged tec this year with Recoil 460 ESX and I have pulled them and replaced them them with Elevate Tour R flex. The super light weight of 45 grams in so.e of the iro s to way too light for me. I have shot worse this season than I have on 20 years.
  14. I have had several of my GO CP2 Wrap midsize grips slip at the butt end. I have tried masking tape as well as s painters tape. My solution was about 1.5-2" of double sided grip tape at the end and use air. Have had no issues since. Probably could get away with an inch.
  15. Currently, I have the SZ xtreme driver the sz 3 wood and 5 wood and the King Forged Tec irons. My only non cobra clubs are my 53, 58 Ping Glide 3.0 wedges, my TM sim max hybrid and my Cleveland huntington beach soft 11 putter.
  16. I have a similar GS scale. The notch or scratch is definitely the SW indicator. And the calibration of the scale is as described above. First make sure you surface is level and then make sure the unit is level, if not shim the feet to get it level and then add lead tape where needed to balance the scale wit the weight at zero.
  17. I'm 6'3" play to an 8.5 and despite having really long arms (37" sleeve length, 46 extra long sport coat) I play with longer than average wedges. There is an extensive post here somewhere about fitting taller golfers with no preconceived notions or something, and the main suggestion was 3/8" increments. To make a long story short, try your PW at a 7 iron length (37") and see if you like it, adjust from there to a length, lie and SW you can handle and then extend the rest of the set based on that. My PW is 36 5/8", GW is 38 1/2", SW 36 3/8" and LW is 36 1/4". I tried the LW at 36 1/2" and even 37 and was way too heavy. I ordered a PING Glide 3.0 at 36.5 with DG 120 and a SW D5. That was the only wedge that you can get in a lighter SW. The 3/8" increments allows your longer irons to be closer to normal and your short irons and wedges to be an inch or more over standard. It reduced the bending over and felt more comfortable to me. Basically, find the club that is in the middle of all your irons, get that length and feel perfect and adjust the rest of the clubs accordingly. My longest iron is a 5 iron so my middle is the 9 iron, but I knew the wedges were the one that bothered me the most so I found the perfect length with the PW and adjusted the rest from there. I just got a new set of Cobra King Forged Tec irons and ordered them 1.5" over (to be safe) with Recoil 460 ESX F3 shafts and cut them to length myself and the SW came out perfect. D4 in the 5 iron and D5.5 in the GW, they increased gradually as they got shorter so it feels normal.
  18. I have been doing this for several years now. I based it off a PW at 36 5/8" and having 1/4 between 9 and pw and then 3/8 going up to the 5 iron. I used 1/4" gaps from pw thru LW. Aside from heavy Swingweights in the SW and LW, it has helped me
  19. On GCquad I had a height of 102 ft. On the course it seems lower, but I've only had one e range session and nine holes played
  20. 1. City, State? Traverse City, MI 2. Handicap? 8.5 3. Current putter? Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft #11 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? Studio Stock #17 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  21. I have a new set of King Foeged Tec irons as well, not the one length though. I played 9 with them yesterday and found my confidence growing with them. Had a range session today in a 20 moh wind off my left shoulder. Gauging distance was pointless but I am seeing a lower ball flight as well. Need a lot more range time to dial these in.
  22. Ping - Driver, SW, LW Taylormade - 3W, 22* Hybrid Cobra - 5W, King Forged Tec irons 5-GW Cleveland - Hunting Beach #11 Soft Putter 38.5" Bridgestone - B RXS yellow ball
  23. Played my first nine holes of the year in Traverse City at the Crown as a test run to see if I want to buy a membership for 2021. The course isn't very long, 6661 from the tips with only 4 par 4s over 400y. Can anyone recommend a better place to get reasonable membership in the TC area that would be better or more challenging? The year membership is $1550 and includes anytime golf with cart, driving range and a 10% discount at the restaurant and pro shop.
  24. I didn't say it was unacceptable to me. I said to the tour. Secondly, swimmers only attire are their trunks, not so with golfers
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