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  1. Going from Bettinardi to a Pung putter would be a major step backwards. According to Fred, due to any eye injury suffered many years ago when he and Joe LeCava were throwing a baseball, Fred's vision when putting has been affected. The way he describes it, it sounds like his vision has trouble focusing on longer putts so he focuses on a spot about halfway to the hole. He was never a great putter, but the putter itself I think is immaterial.
  2. ^^^^ This is absolutely true. And his putting is directly related to his back.
  3. Very curious to see how Freddy does this week at the Charles Schwab event with the new sticks. If he has a Ping bag that would be very strange to see. Since he rarely changes clubs, this is a monumental shift. Hopefully it makes him competitive again at Augusta. If he is hitting straight bombs with the 425, it will quickly become the hottest driver of the new season.
  4. Based on his play in Houston today, I bet he dumps the 47.5" driver and he may dump the mid capper irons too. +6 with 2 double bogeys and no birdies.
  5. I use a heat gun as well. The heat can release the adhesive and make the grip easier to get off. If the grip has been on a long time, sometimes I can heat it up a little and then use an air compressor to remove it. The heat gun trick works well on the shaft after the grip has been removed to make the tape much e asier to peel off without leaving adhesive residue
  6. Duct tape is about the thickness of 3 layers of masking tape. Gorilla duct tape is even thicker, maybe closer to 5 wraps. If you use duct tape, put one layer of masking tape on before the duct tape to make remove it easier.
  7. Living: Fred Couples and Phil Mickelson. Passed: Arnold Palmer and my wife Victoria.
  8. As Geoff Ogilvy pointed out, if they keep lengthening courses, the number of potential winners gets smaller. Bryson proofing is simple, make the courses 7000 or less and the amount of qualified competition goes up. Lengthening courses to 7800 or more will eliminate the shotmakers. If they go back to 7000, Spieth could get his game back and Zack Johnson would still be competitive. Bryson could win up to maybe 6, but I would guess 3-4.
  9. In general, average duct tape is about the same as 3-4 wraps of masking tape
  10. When Bubba hit drive wedge on 13 a few years ago they moved the tee so its harder to get around the corner. When Phil hit druver wedge on 10, they moved the tee. If Bryson does the same thing,the powers there will come up with a deterrent or a "Masters" ball.
  11. when Bryson sees a problem , he attacks it and fixes it
  12. The distance Bryson hits it and as high as he hits it, Augusta won't like it if he is hitting driver wedge in to 13 and 15.
  13. I am sick and tired of watching pros shoot 20 under to win a tournament. 360 yd drives, 200 yd 7 irons, sometimes these guys need to feel what most of us feel every time we play- pars are a very good score and birdies are a luxury we only get two or three times a round. Either make the pros play a shorter ball or make the rough penal and narrow the fairways. No amateur can relate to 360 yd drives and hitting 500 yd par 4s with a driver-wedge.
  14. I also use the GP CP2 wrap. I read suggestion to make the tackiest possible is to spray them with windex and let it air dry. Crazy tacky afterward. I haven't worn a glove in 30 years and these grips replaced the Winn Dri tac for me
  15. I want to get asetof the 770s, but TM does even offer the AMT shafts. I fit well into the AMT Blacks.
  16. For 2021, I plan to rehab my newly surgically repaired left shoulder. Once I get healthy, I plan to get fitted for new irons. Have my eye on the new TM P770. They seem to be exactly what I'm looking for. In a sling for 6 weeks so I'm pretty grounded at home. And I hope to get a real driver shaft fitting.
  17. Generally, I would agree, but there are no Dicks or Golf Galaxy within a two hour drive of where I am. I plan to have GP Tour Velvet, a wrap style, maybe a Winn and a midsize on a display for fewl and sizing. Not sure if I'll stock too much. I was more curious what most players here use.
  18. I'm starting a regripping service and wondering what top 6 or 7 grips that most players use. I dont want to stock 10 or 15 different grips due to space and $$. I may expand later, but looking for the most used grips by the community. I will be using an air compressor. I have been doing mine as well as friend's grips for well over 20 years.
  19. its obvious he needs different instruction. Cam McCormick is no longer an asset. His in ability to keep a driver in play may ruin his career. He will be off the tour in a couple of years at the rate he is going. Im a huge Jordan fan, but the way je keeps beating his head against the wall is getting hard to watch.
  20. ESPN and the PGA should be ashamed. They are extorting $ to make up for a lack of revenue and handcuffing the viewing public to watch the way they want you to. 10 more years of this, the PGA will be an afterthought. Its not worth watching the way they are presenting it.
  21. Don't roll the ball back, raise the thw height of the fairways on tour and soften them up. Recreational golfers need more distance not less.
  22. 2010 TM Burner TP (Japan). Softest cast club of all time. Virtually no offset and very shallow cavity
  23. According to Callaways website, the Pri Dot irons are not available. I'm guessing it was a short run.
  24. I ended up selling it and went with a Stroke Lab EXO Rossie. The roll of the ball was much better for me with the Rossie.
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