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  1. After a few more phone calls and emails to Ping I finally just sent the club in directly to them. Got a call back today and they are going to send me a new G400 Max as a replacement free of charge! Sorry I ever doubted Ping and glad it worked out!
  2. I agree with the discount on the new driver, and the fact that I bought the club off eBay. I just feel I have gotten the run-a-round from them through this process. Have called, emailed and had Edwin Watts contact them. Each time I have been told something different. Talked to someone yesterday and they told me to send the club in myself next week. I was told to do that when I first contacted them about a month ago, but then was told to take it to a retailer. Maybe my expectations from PING were too high as I’ve heard many great stories and have had great experiences them in the past. Hopefull
  3. Took club into Edwin Watts to have them contact Ping, as the customer service rep suggested for me to do. A week later they (Edwin Watts) call back and tell me that I can simply purchase a replacement...G400 $200/Max $300/G410 $350. Not too thrilled about the pricing on those. A rep I talked to a few weeks ago gave me prices much lower than that. May just pick the club back up and play it as is. Any chance that sending it into PIng and contacting them again myself would help at all. Disappointed in Ping and this process as of now. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  4. I purchased a G LST off eBay a few weeks ago. Yesterday morning I noticed a small crack in the hosel just above where the shaft adaptor and the head meet. I’m pretty positive it was not there when I received the club. Must have happened recently. I’ve only played one round with it and hit balls on an indoor simulator. Anyway, I called Ping and they said all I could do is take it to a local retailer and replace it with a newer driver for a prorated charge because it is over 3 years old and they do not make that model anymore. I really don’t want to spend more money on a new club considering I
  5. > @iteachgolf said: > > @buffheel2 said: > > Thanks for the reply. More down my foot line on the way back? > > Hands should literally work in as you turn. Away from target line I feel when my hands work in on the takeaway the club gets behind me and I get really flat. Maybe I am over exaggerating and keeping the hands away to prevent this. Thanks
  6. I have fought a hook for a long time, and then the occasional block/shank due to my very shallow/under plane angle of attack. My iron play has always been by far the weakest part of my game. I’m trying to get steeper/more upright and down the line going back to help be more on plane coming down. At least that is what I am thinking. I am no pro either, so I could be way wrong. ?
  7. Thanks for the reply. More down my foot line on the way back?
  8. Just put my swing on video within the past 6 months and noticed that my shoulder plane gets flat on the way back, and I am laid off at the top. I’m sure those two things are related. I also think my issues start on the takeaway as well. This laid off/flat shoulder position causes me to get stuck and way under plane on the downswing. Since seeing my swing on video I have worked hard to get a steeper shoulder turn and get the club more down the line at the top. I have improved greatly with this, but am still not where I need to be in my backswing. My downswing is much closer to being on plane th
  9. buffheel2

    Iron Help

    Need some solid advice on irons. My iron play has been the weakest part of my game for a while. I drive it well, hit woods/hybrids well and have a decent short game, but really struggle to hit greens and give myself birdie opportunities or easy pars. I have played the G series for the last 5 years or so and currently play the Ping G irons with XP-95 shafts. I like the irons, but I have issues consistently squaring up the face. I hit them solid, but shots are usually off line. I keep tinkering with the idea of playing more of a players iron to possibly get some more consistent iron play. Mayb
  10. Just bought some new irons off of eBay. Seller said they were 1” long, but they were actually 1.5” long. Played a round with them and really struggled with them for most of the round. Since I’ve been practicing with them and gripping down about 3/4” to approximately what I have played in the past and what I have been fitted for. Results are much better. I’m thinking about cutting them down to match what my previously irons were. What effects would take place as a result of shortening them? I’m 6-5 but an 1.5” long is too much for me. Any feedback would help. Thanks.
  11. Does anyone know where you can get the Callaway pom pom headcovers that Phil Mickelson uses? Thanks
  12. Does anyone know where you can get the Callaway pom pom headcovers that Phil Mickelson uses? Thanks
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