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  1. Anyone have any recommendations to get work done on a putter? Looking to touch up a Scotty and add a black finish. If anyone has any recommendations for NE Florida - even better. Thanks in advance.
  2. Stitch makes a great duffel but it's pricey at $300 - https://stitchgolf.com/products/ugb-brushed-black-1 If you're interested - I already have one of these and just got another brand new bag as a tournament gift and have no use for it. Shoot me a PM if you want.
  3. Taking a trip to Sweetens in a few weeks and looking for another place to play near the Chatt area. Have four players all under 5 handicaps and looking to play a high quality course in the area if there are any options. Any insight would be appreciated!
  4. Anyone have a good recommendations for stay and play in the SE? Could include SC and FL in there as well but looking in that region for solid options. Thanks
  5. Anyone know any good/affordable clubs in the Jacksonville area or anywhere that has junior memberships options?
  6. Thanks all appreciate the help. I'll do some research but got some options for sure.
  7. Heading down to Orlando next weekend, any courses that are must plays? Probably looking at three rounds total unless courses allow for 36. Thanks!
  8. I know they have a great deal at $300 for a night and two rounds (I think you can still do both on Ocean), anyone know how long you have to book in advance for that? Can't be too nice up there weather wise, so wasn't sure if anyone had any idea. Thanks
  9. Thanks guys appreciate the help.
  10. Any cause for concern with this one?
  11. Thanks I'll definitely check that out.
  12. What credit card did you book your flight on? If it was one with built-in travel insurance (like Chase Sapphire Preferred, many Amex cards, etc.) it will cover lost luggage up to several thousand dollars and the process will be easier than dealing with the airline. May be of little use to you now if you don't have one of those, but good to know for the future (and worth paying an annual fee for almost solely for that insurance if you travel a lot with your clubs). Thanks it was Bank of America so I'll look to see what they have. Airline tried telling me they need every receipt from all my clubs....
  13. Good to know thanks but it's been 6 days after a quick direct flight.
  14. Just lost my clubs thanks to JetBlue. Anyone ever have this happen or is anyone familiar with any kind of reimbursement process they have?
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